Cops arrest local woman who skipped court hearings

Heroin defendant caught with Suboxone during warrant arrest, police say
Cary Ashby
Feb 17, 2014


A convicted heroin defendant who didn't appear for her bond revocation hearing was arrested this weekend.

Elizabeth B. Long, 22, of 8906 Ransom Road, Monroeville, was arrested at 5:06 p.m. Friday. Norwalk Police Officer Michael Biller made the warrant arrest at the Spin Dry Laundry Inc. on Bank Street.

"While conducting a search incident to an arrest, officers found five strips of Suboxone inside her jacket," Biller wrote in his report.

Suboxone is a semi-synthetic opioid used to treat opioid addiction.

Long was arrested on a Huron County Common Pleas Court bench warrant. She was charged with failure to appear and transported to the Huron County Jail.

Police will be forwarding a report to the Norwalk Law Director's Office for the consideration of charges.

Long pleaded guilty Feb. 4 to one count of trafficking in heroin in exchange for prosecutors dismissing a second, similar charge. Her conviction is for a July 30 transaction she arranged with a confidential informant at the McDonald's on the north side of Norwalk. The Huron County Sheriff's Office coordinated the controlled buy.

"She sold two balloons of heroin to the confidential informant. ... There were numerous juveniles in the vicinity of the sale," Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler said earlier.

Deputies recovered six heroin balloons and $120 at the scene.

Moments after Long entered her guilty plea Feb. 4, police Capt. Mike Conney entered the courtroom at Leffler's request. Long was arrested on an Erie County indictment and charged with complicity to possession of heroin.

Leffler said Conney attempted to get a urine sample from Long for several hours, but she wasn't able to provide one. As a result, she was released to the Erie County Sheriff's Office. Earlier during the plea hearing, Leffler said his office received a tip that Long reportedly was using heroin.

The defendant, who had posted bond and was released from the Erie County Jail, was scheduled to appear for a bond revocation hearing Feb. 10. Judge Jim Conway, upon learning attorneys weren't aware that Long was out on bond, rescheduled the hearing for the next morning. Long didn't come to either proceeding.

She is scheduled to be sentenced March 26.



Is this the daughter of Julie?


Yes it is


Oh you mean the drug dealer didn't obey the law and show up at court?! What a surprise! F*€{ING junkies need to be cleaned up! Lock them up! Bottom line.


Listen watched 1s it's people like you who don't know All the facts give human a bad name in other words you'd do the world a favor by shutting up and minding your own business!!

speakin' out

Really NoneTheLess? You're defending this piece of trash that plagues our streets with poison? This low life that sold heroin at an establishment where children are present, potentially putting them in harms way? I agree with WATCHED_1s about junkies ~ lock them up! Not necessarily in a correctional facility, but they need to be locked up for a lengthy stay somewhere and be rehabilitated. (Why these idiots use heroin in the first place is beyond me, it's no secret that it ruins your life!)


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