Trucker with 'road rage' punches woman's vehicle

Multiple law enforcement agencies contacted
Cary Ashby
Feb 16, 2014


2:13 p.m. Friday, Bellevue police dispatchers received a 9-1-1 call about “a road rage-type incident” at the intersection of West Main Street and Flat Rock Road.

The female caller reported a tractor-trailer driver jumped out of his blue Kenworth truck, hit her vehicle with his fists and yelled.

Police advised the Huron County Sheriff’s Office, which also notified the Monroeville Police Department.

Officers were unable to locate the truck.



Stress will get ya everytime!


LMAO...what did she do..cut him off?


Tough guy.


Yeah for some reason people thing a semi can stop on dime and give back .09 cents in change.


That's true. Semi's cannot stop "on a dime". But neither can a car. I would like to know the full details. Just because a truck is on 20 in Bellevue doesn't mean it will stay on 20. Chances are it went down 269, 18 or any other state highway that runs through Bellevue. She should have gotten the name of the truck company and reported that.


Something tells me she really didn't want the police to get his side of the story...


I would like to know the whole story or better yet a video of what REALLY happened!


If she didn't want the police to get her side of the story she wouldn't have called the police.


I made the mistake of cutting someone off one time. I didn't see him. He jumped out of his truck, threatened to hit me and then he spit in my face. He was a worthless piece of crap, but I should've been more careful too.


Not all, but most Truckers will almost run you off the road when the roads are bad. They think they are indestructible and can do 60 on a sheet of ice. It's karma when they end up jack knifed in the median due to their cocky attitude. I would like to know what really happened here. My guess from past experiences would be he was driving like an idiot and caught a bird. When he realized it was a woman stopped and hit her car instead of her lol.


I thought truck drivers were professionals?


We need more private auto drivers to be professional.