Man guilty to misusing mom's debit card

Defendant previously convicted of stealing family heirlooms from grandma
Cary Ashby
Feb 20, 2014


A former Norwalk man who stole several family heirlooms from his grandmother has been convicted of a separate family-related felony.

Gerald B. Chandler, 30, of Bucyrus, pleaded guilty to receiving stolen property. The defendant, who must pay almost $3,037 in restitution to the victim, waived his right to have the fifth-degree felony presented to a grand jury and entered his plea on a court document known as a bill of information.

Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Daivia Kasper said the case involves unauthorized charges on Chandler's mother's bank debit card between Dec. 17 and Jan. 7.

"The dates on the card coincide with the dates Mr. Chandler moved in with his mother," Kasper added.

Chandler's mother called the Norwalk Police Department about the unauthorized charges.

"She confronted him about it and told him to move out," Kasper said.

During the investigation, police obtained surveillance footage from the Norwalk Walmart and a Milan Avenue grocery store. Kasper said the victim saw the footage and identified the suspect as Chandler.

Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway ordered Chandler to spend four to six months in a community-based corrections facility for the new felony and a probation violation. A CBCF is a form of prison which focuses on substance abuse treatment and education. Chandler will remain on three years of intensive probation and will be supervised at a high level.

"I think this is a good resolution to this case," Huron County Public Defender David Longo said.

Longo said his client told him he wanted to plead guilty to the bill of information and he couldn't renew his family's trust unless "he makes a good effort." Chandler declined to speak on his own behalf Friday.

Chandler's probation violations were for being charged with receiving stolen property through Norwalk Municipal Court and testing positive at the Huron County Jail for cocaine, opiates, THC and two more drugs.

In early April, the defendant was sentenced to 120 days in jail for a theft-from-the-elderly conviction. Credited with being in custody for 71 days, he was ordered to pay $532 in restitution.

Chandler's probation officer, Andrea Cooke, told the judge that some time after his sentencing hearing, Chandler missed an office visit and told her he was struggling with his sobriety.

In the original case, Chandler and his one-time girlfriend were living with his then-80-year-old grandmother in Monroeville at the end of December 2012. The grandmother came home New Year's Eve and realized someone stole several pieces of jewelry, including some rings belonging to Chandler's mother, and some coins after she carefully inspected her house. The co-defendants later sold the stolen items to businesses in Willard, Mansfield and Toledo.

Chandler's accomplice, Rachel A. Bouldin, 22, of Woodville, has a conviction pending on receiving stolen property, but it could be imposed if she violates the terms of the drug intervention program.


swiss family

Again... are you kidding me??? look at all of the charges he has against him already, I would be willing to bet that these charges were "plea bargained" down from more serious offenses.. he stole from Grandma, he stole from Mommy, to just name a few.. if this doesn't call out for prison time or at the very least, an extended jail term, but through the wisdom of our judicial system he is going to "CBFC"??? I do not think that drugs is the problem... I believe that this guy is a thief.. and just spends his money on drugs...heck he was stoned inside jail??? send his a$$ away for a very long time...


Cbcf is prison for one swiss'''' and for two the only felonies I see are the F-5 receiving and the F-5 mis use of credit card.... Both the most minor felonies you can would be pretty normal in all counties if he wasn't on probation to reduce the charges to misdemeanors, time served , and maybe, maybe probation..I don't know why you people are so hung ho to send people to the joint for minor offences.

swiss family

your "honor" thje reason that we are so "hung (sp) ho" to send these criminals to the joint, is simply because crime is increasing at a rapid rate, and you have to ask yourself why??. Of course the obvious reasons are that the world is changing, and that unemployment is increasing, and also , and in my opinion, the real reason, is because our court system , for some unknown reason, keeps reducing them charges down, and most times eliminating many of the charges in a plea agreement so that these criminals "walk" away with hardly a mark against them, on their record..I know I am far from being the only one who is tired of seeing you and the Prosecutors make deals as to make your win/lose record look good, and in doing so, also makes the criminals record look far better than they deserve. I am begging you to do the job that the people who voted you in, expect you to do...otherwise, do as another incompetent Judge (in my opinion)did, and "retire"


Swiss it's people like you who give humans a bad name first off everyone deserves chances our forefathers fought for that and other rights so relax and worry about yourself see if others minded their own business acted professional our system will take care of its self!

swiss family

"Nonethe" you forgot to tell me that he has a "disease" and that only God can judge him...Look, I get it, you are either a friend or family of this criminal, and you have my sympathy for that.If you are either he has probably used you in any possible way to continue his crime spree, maybe he stole from you money is betting he did .
I have to strongly disagree with your statement s that say that it is people like me who give humans a bad name. To me, anyone who can sweep aLL OF THESE OFFENSES UNDER THE RUG, AND SAY THAT HE NEEDS a disgrace to their friends and relatives and neighbors.. and I hope that you are his next target, I mean if he will steal and sell heirlooms from his Grandmother, and use his Mom's debit card., I think the time for him to get "chances" has expired, and now it is time for prison... NOT CBFC, Oh and I really wish it was NOT my business... but with all of the offenses he has capitalized on.. and all of the people he has used.. I fear that when he is released he will use and steal from my friends and relatives and neighbors..keep him locked up, and I will not judge or even worry about him....pretty simple to me???