Vote to extend calamity days delayed

Legislators debate loss of classroom time, teacher pay
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Feb 13, 2014


A debate over teacher pay and less classroom time has caused the Ohio House of Representatives to delay a vote to extend the number of calamity days for schools.

A House spokesman said Wednesday that members plan to take an additional week to continue to work on the number of days in the proposal and review its costs.

Snow and frigid temperatures has led many districts across Ohio to exhaust their five allowable calamity days. Some have cancelled classes for 10 or more days.

Gov. John Kasich has been among those advocating adding extra snow days on a one-time basis this year.

Another proposal slated to get a Senate hearing Wednesday would excuse high school seniors from makeup days that fall after their scheduled graduation ceremonies.

House Republican Caucus spokesman Mike Dittoe said there is debate among Republican lawmakers over how many extra days should be allotted -- three or four -- and a concern that excess calamity days means children will be spending less time in the classroom getting an education.

He also noted that state Rep. Gerald Stebleton, R-Lancaster, raised the issue that taxpayers would be paying for teachers and school staff on more days that they don't actually work.

Former Gov. Ted Strickland reduced the number of calamity days to three from five in an effort to provide more classroom time without additional personnel costs. Gov. John Kasich, however, convinced lawmakers to bump the number back to five soon after he took office.


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I wouldn't mind getting 8 more paid vacation days this year, in addition to the 80 business days I already don't work.


Fine you then spend every day you work with 20 kids who do not listen to you, who's parents blame you for their failures, students that you have no means to discipline when unruly and then spend your evenings planning lessons and grading papers.
Now try doing that all year long without being driven insane.
My wife is a teacher and I get to see what they go through.
With what the state has added to the workload this year in bureaucratic rules and paperwork you'd probably hang yourself in the first month.

Scranton Tibbs

Quit putting teachers on a pedestal. They CHOSE that career, just like I chose mine. It's no more difficult or stressful than what I do. If it is so bad your wife should go do something else so you wouldn't have to get on here and whine. Good god get a hold of yourself. I've never heard a group of people whine and complain more than teachers. Further illustrates the old saying: "Those who can, DO....those who can't, TEACH."


Under the new state mandates we'll be losing a lot of good qualified teachers. those near retirement will have to stick it out and the newer ones will be going out to find other careers.
I have never had a problem with teachers when it comes to the cost of education. More often then not they are the first to lose when cutbacks and reductions occur.
I have railed for years on the excess administrators and bloated administrations that never took cuts and almost always got bonuses right after getting new funding passed.
Then there is the districts building new school buildings telling how much better and cost effective they'll be with less maintenance as well as less costly to heat.
Then a couple years after opening the new buildings they need emergency operating levies.
Just consider what'll happen when there are no qualified teachers to provide the daycare for your kids that you never taught morals, responsibility and respect to. Then you blame the teacher for your kids failing grades when you never helped them study or made sure they did the homework.
For decades the schools have become daytime warehouses for kids were the parents would send the kids to get them out of their hair. The kids that have done well either had parent(s) that took responsibility to raise the kid or the kid learned on their own to apply themselves so they could be better then their parents.
You want to complain about whiners just look to most all the UAW workers out there that are always striking and crying that they are not paid well till they have run the companies they worked for out of business.


I don't understand, the teachers have a contract that pays them an annual salary, if they were not paid for the snow days then they should get paid for the make up days. If they were paid for the snow days, then they should not get paid for make up days. Something does not seem right here.


As far as I understand, teachers are paid to work a certain number of days/year and that's it. I don't think that the teachers are paid for any extra days that need to be made up at the end of the year....


You're right, teachers are NOT paid extra for any make-up days. It is the cost of the support staff that have to work the extra days beyond their contract, as well as the extra electricity usage, that cost the schools so much to make-up days.


Thank you for your information. It makes so much sense now that I understand about the support staff etc. but what can be done?

Anybody have any ideas to suggest to the "powers that be"? Or is it out of our hands?

for it was mama

agreed @ fromthe419 they shouldn't get repaid for a day they didn't work! so go do your job you didn't do!! Sorry suck it up cupcakes!!

Scranton Tibbs

Can't send the kids to school, it's just too darn cold and snowy. Further wussification of this once great country. People laugh at us, and I see why. Pamper the teachers, give them more, all the while American schools sink farther and farther down the list when ranked with other industrialized nations. It's too late to be fixed. Corrupt government + greedy teachers' unions = schools systems that graduate kids that can barely read and do simple math.


Did you ever stop to think that the people of the other industrialized nations VALUE a good education? Part of their culture is to work hard in order to bring HONOR to your family. In the US, many kids don't even know WHO their father is. Besides, why bother applying yourself in school when all you'll have to do when you grow up is sit on the sofa and receive handouts from the government?