Suspected drug dealer arrested after cops use search warrant

Norwalk man already has a possession-of-drugs case pending in court.
Cary Ashby
Feb 15, 2014


Police arrested a man suspected of dealing drugs after officers used a search warrant at his residence Tuesday.

Deon C. Parker, 21, of 35 Oak St., was charged with two counts of trafficking in marijuana in connection with incidents on March 18 and 19. If convicted, he faces six to 12 months behind bars on each of the fifth-degree felonies.

"He's been under investigation since March of 2013," Norwalk Police Detective Seth Fry said.

Police used a search warrant signed by Norwalk Municipal Court Judge Eric Weisenburger at Parker's Oak Street residence at 6:24 p.m. Tuesday. Fry, Detective Sgt. Jim Fulton and Officer Larry Noftz were involved in the search.

Officers reported finding "items associated with drug trafficking," according to the police report.

Fry declined to say what those items were based on going investigations, but he said that evidence plus other pending cases against Parker were the basis of using the warrant. The detective said Parker reportedly has bought drugs off various confidential informants.

"He was charged with other drug-trafficking cases I had on him," Fry added.

The detective said he plans to send those cases to the Huron County Prosecutor's Office to be reviewed for a possible indictment by a grand jury.

After Tuesday's search, Parker was arrested and transported to the Huron County Jail.

Parker has a possession-of-drugs case pending in Huron County Common Pleas Court.

He is charged with possession of oxycodone in connection with an Aug. 17 incident. Court records indicate Parker has waived his time to a speedy trial and has filed a motion to undergo treatment in lieu of conviction. That means if he's accepted into the program, he won't have a conviction on his record if he successfully completes a substance abuse program/counseling and doesn't violate the terms of probation.



Get a clue here NPD. He bought weed off of several informants. Why ? What a waste of resources. Maybe its because I'm not from Norwalk but I have never heard of such a crock of crap. Its border line entrapment to me, but hopefully his attorney gets this garbage thrown out. You would think with all the dope on the street you could find a better way to use your resources instead of tracking down this young man and convincing him to purchase some pot off you cops.....I'm totally baffled, buy this miscarriage of funds and justice..


GET OUT OF NORWALK you looser, crack head drunk punks.



lil jannie

It's a 65 billion dollar industry, well I guess that was before Colorado and Washington started making plants legal again. Poor DEA may have to make some cut backs if the rest of the country realizes how embellished all their facts about reefer has been over the years.

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swiss cheese kat

"items associated with drug trafficking,"

Guess they didn't find much of anything. Maybe one of the snitches tipped him off.

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Probably his car. Cars are used in drug trafficking. They are also use in grocery trafficking. And work trafficking.


Oh no not that evil pot again! And now we have undercovers SELLING instead of BUYING??? I thought the whole point of a SNITCH was to help get drugs off the streets not provide more?!? What sense does that make?!?


Doesn't surprise me. All these junkies and dope dealers need taken out of this town whether it be by prison or banned from the county lol


I was gonna say at least it was just weed. But I read the bottom lol