Remembering Athena Castile

Baby would have turned 1-year-old Feb. 27
Scott Seitz2
Feb 17, 2014


Athena Castile would have turned a year old Feb. 27.

Castile, an 11-week-old baby from Norwalk, died in May 2013 after reportedly being stabbed by her second cousin at a Sandusky residence, police said.

The baby lived on Woodlawn Avenue with her grandmother, Katia Castile; her fiancé, Mike Stewart; and Castile's daughter, Jenisa Meishon Castile, the child's mother.

As a way to honor her memory, Facebook users are asked to use Athena's photo as their profile picture through Feb. 27.

"We're asking people to go to Facebook and post her picture as their profile picture from now up until Feb. 27 which was her birthday," Norwalk resident Anton Jackson said.

"This is a way to honor her life," said Jackson, a family friend.

"The family is definitely grieving still," Jackson said. "Many people are."

Jackson organized a candelight vigil last May in remembrance of Athena and also as a way for the community to express its grief together.

Jackson offered a reminder about just how precious and fragile life can be.

"I saw Athena at church on Easter Sunday last year and then never saw her again," he said.

"Athena was an 11-week-old baby from right here in our own back yard," Jackson said.

"This is also to bring awareness to our community," he said. "This could have happened to any one of our children. We still have the question, why did this happen?"



RIH sweet angel!


Well said Mr Jackson ;)


RIP sweet baby girl you are deeply missed


This is so sad. My little great niece will turn 1 the day after this precious angels birthday. I'm going to have a special cupcake with a candle in it for her. Things like this make no sense to me. Why would he do that to an innocent little angel? Did he ever give a reason? I personally don't believe in the death penalty because for one I don't think anyone has the right to take a life other than the one who gave it to you and that's God. Also I think it's too easy for them. They get lethal injection and just go to sleep forever while their victims had to die a horrific death. I think life with no parole in solitary confinement is what he needs. No tv or radio. Just a bed and the floor.