Airport owes county commissioners $67,000

In the late 1990s, Huron County loaned the airport $100,000 to build hangars.
Scott Seitz2
Feb 15, 2014


The Huron County Airport Authority board members discussed in detail at Wednesday's meeting how to resolve a large debt owed the county commissioners.

Back in the late 1990s, the county commissioners loaned the airport $100,000 to build hangars.

As part of the deal, the airport board members agreed to pay the commissioners back annually through 2012.

The airport made about three years of payments before asking the commissioners for an extension or some "time off" from making payments until finances improved. The commissioners at the time agreed to that set-up in the early 2000s.


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J Cooper

Why so bitter, someone suggest your tax supported playpen might be taken away? You prop must be rubbing you wrong.


I do not own a plane Coop.


The other departments are there for the public good and they are what we pay taxes for. The airport not so much.


Really Roger?
All that the roads and bridges do is lay there then we have to spend all that money repaving,plowing,repainting the lines but, what do we get from them besides bills?
The Courthouse costs how much a year but, of what economic value is it?
Then there is the Sheriff's department, How much do we get for all that is spent there?
How about the Huron County Development Council, what is the budget for them and why is the county losing companies so much faster then they might be coming in?

rogerthat, That is the same argument you are using against the airport turned back on you. Your's is a partisan thoughtless position that doesn't withstand a serious review of the facts



Regardless of the future of the airport, comparing the airport to the use of roads and bridges is ridicules. Shut down a road or bridge and see what an impact that would have on the surrounding community do the same with the airport and what is that impact? not much...Bazinga


Twig, You failed to see the point for you are blind to what the airport does for the county.
I have pointed out many times here the advantages and impacts of it on the local economy yet you'd wait for them all to be lost before you could open your mind to them. It would be to late to prevent a huge cost to this county in trying to reverse the effects. The businesses lost will not come back just because you said "oops we are sorry". They leave because the costs got to great to stay and it costs to move.

Read the last paragraph of the post you replied to and see the point I was making that you didn't understand.

J Cooper

" have pointed out many times here the advantages and impacts of it on the local economy " how's that working for you skychief...


Propman, I do not know who you are nor do I care. I have read your posts throughout all of this airport scandal. What information I have gleaned from it is; you are like a child on the playground that does not get his way! You throw yourself to the ground and cry like a little baby. If I were you I would stop showing my A** and move on. The bottom line is the airport is a mismanaged mess and is losing money. I agree with the majority sell it and move on! Now go away flyboy!


I do not own a plane nor have I ever made enough to justify getting a pilots licence even though that is what I'd do if I could afford it.
You have shown yourself to be willfully blind to the points I have made, proven by what you said in your post.

shovelhead's picture

I'll agree with you cropduster...I also question Mr. Essex's agenda.


"Dumpy & unused airport." Funny sad & true.