Norwalk man accused of illegal use of snowblower

Suspect tried to get rid of ATV tracks, police say.
Cary Ashby
Feb 16, 2014


A man who turned himself into police Tuesday is accused of using a snowblower to get rid of the tracks of an all-terrain vehicle.

Joseph A. Story, 29, of 19 Pitt St., came to the Norwalk Police Department at 11:02 a.m. and turned himself in on a warrant.

Story is charged with tampering with evidence in connection with a Feb. 4 incident. Prosecutors filed the third-degree felony, which is punishable by nine months to three years in prison, in Norwalk Municipal Court three days after the suspected offense.

Capt. Mike Conney said police saw someone driving an ATV on Old State Road and attempted to pull over the operator, Jeremy Lewis, 29, of 301 S. Norwalk Road. He said Lewis didn't stop when the officer activated his lights and drove through Woodlawn Cemetery and some back yards.

"He could have been charged with fleeing and eluding," Conney added.

However, Lewis was charged with operating an ATV on a public roadway.

Conney, when reviewing the officer's report, said the final sentence indicates police planned to turn the case over to the Norwalk Law Director's Office for the consideration of filing charges of obstruction of official business or obstructing justice against Story and another male subject. The other man wasn't charged.

After seeing Lewis on the ATV, police followed the tracks, which led to Story's residence. Story was outside at the time using a snowblower, Conney said.

"It appeared to the officers who responded he was trying to get rid of the (ATV) tracks," the police captain added.

After turning himself in Tuesday, Story was transported to the Huron County Jail. He later was released on a personal recognizance bond, which means he signed a court document promising to appear for future hearings without having to pay any money.



That was smart. The tracks lead to where he was/had run the snow thrower but didn't continue away from there. One of the brightest of Huron County citizens....NOT!
And it doesn't even say he was drunk.


Were you there? Do you know or heard the details from the witnesses that were? My Daughter and our friend saw the entire episode. My son in law was clearing snow prior to Lewis's arrival. The charge is a joke,the law director,I wont comment. Hey.he has a past,BFD,There has been huge change in Adam all in the positive. He has become more of a man then the boy he was. Not much I can say about you being a man,men do not hide their identity. So run your mouth,does not mean a thing. These charges will be beaten!


Ur kidding me right? He was outside snow blowing before the jackhole even came there!!! Story u better fight this garbage. If u want to sell heroin or blow out your veins huron countys the place to be I guess, but god forbid if u want to remove the snow from your property u might catch a case! Pretty sad he's looking at more time than the dum dum that was on the atv.

Imagine that

REALLY? "After seeing Lewis on the ATV, police followed the tracks"? LMAO!! This is a joke!! All the drugs in this city and county and your wasting time on this. WOW!!


It is a joke! The only thing is we are not laughing. My opinion,was the officer/capt that gave pursuit to Lewis,used personel feelings from the past in his poor judgement. You re so right a joke that can make a great burden on my grandkids and daughter. I do have faith the grand jury will scoff when they get these charges. I do know, if it does go to jury trial,which I am prepared to. the good citizens will see the farce of these charges


this story is about as clear as mud.


There just has to be details omitted.
The suspect on the ATV drove through a herd of hymn singing church patrons?
The "Snowblower Man" was using his mad man machine to distribute heroin balloons to cub scouts?
Or was this just a patented case of "disobedience during emergency".

And the Oscar for inventive charges goes to.....


When I first saw the headline I was like what the heck did he do? Mow the lawn with it?


I think this is a snow job. He really blew it! LOL


So somebody else drove a snowmobile to his house. They followed the tracks to his driveway. He was clearing his driveway so he was arrested even thought the tracks were still in a path from point a to point b? And somehow that is a felony? Gosh, I guess you should just risk the misdemeanor for not shoveling. Sounds like either law enforcement or a law director has a vendetta against somebody.


should have hidden the snowblower in his crotch like the other guy who hid the 8 needles did...not a member of the mensa society of Norwalk, obviously.


They did not catch him in the act. Could they prove it was him?


Is it April 1st already?

Clever, Refelector. You had me going,

"Illegal use of snowblower."
Good one.


His bond was set at "one meeelion dollars".


All this could have been avoided if he had just stopped for the police, gotten a ticket and gone on his way.


Exactly! Had the little punk came out of the house.ticket and end to it.Adam told the PD that the driver of the 4wheeler was in the house,and refused to come out.not a man but a boy! With friends like that,who needs an enemy?

swiss family

this story is a little confusing, but if I am reading it correctly, Lewis was spotted driving an ATV in the street and would not stop and eventually went into the Woodlawn cemetery being followed by the Police with their lights and sirens going. Then he drove the ATV in places that you can not have a car follow, and went to Story's house of Pitt street, where Story was covering Lewis's tracks... Right??? So then Story turned himself in at the Police station....and is being charged with FELONIES????? I think his punishment and charge would be far, far less had he said he was selling heroin to 2nd graders in this town.

I can not think that they are serious about this. I will also bet that our prudent Judge Conway will, in this case , refuse any Plea deals , and sentence him to the maximum.. what a joke..if the worst thing this ATV driver was doing was driving in the street, and the worst thing Story did was tried to cover the tracks with a blower, charge them accordingly, as misdemeanors and be done with my opinion


Swiss,it is a vindictive charge filed 3 days after the incident.We had heard through the grapevine that the warrant had been issued.once counsel was retained he went to the station. He was already out in the drive,lewis pulled in to our garage and he shut the garage door. The capt involved,IMO based it on Adams past. The truth will come out and these will be dropped.


Lmfao....those pigs are making fools of themselves!


what a joke wasting tax $ on some bs. lmfao sorry @$# cops. we should riot but wait that just takes 1 person now to be a riot lol

shovelhead's picture

Cops & prosecutors do this stupid crap everyday. Taxpayer, citizen, homeowner, doesn't matter. Now go find 2-3 thousand to get these trumped up charges dealt down to a M4. They will never throw it out & admit wrong-doing. I hope everyone remembers this stupidity come election time.

TheGravyWhisperer what tipped off the law? the dude was probably plowing left of center...


Sounds like a couple of WINNERS... with a lot of sarcasm!

Sitting In The ...

What's that? you ran from the cops and then show up here? just think, I got it !!!! get the snow blower to get rid of the tracks I just made when I arrived here...because otherwise they would of still been there. Who was the brains behind this plan? "Here's your sign".


Lmao the one who ran got caught but isn't getting felony eluting? But the one with the snow blower is catching a felony?! WTF did I miss here? This sounds like a copper don't like you Adam. Lmfao at these stupid a$$ charges. Good luck. Shoulda put the snow blower away and grabbed some heroin. They would have looked the other way. This system is so screwed up!