Both drivers tell police they had green light

Cops investigating Whittlesey-Washington intersection crash
Cary Ashby
Feb 16, 2014


The drivers of a two-vehicle crash both say they had a green light.

The Norwalk Police Department is continuing to investigate the two-vehicle crash Tuesday night at the intersection of Whittlesey Avenue and Washington Street.

"There is a possibility someone could get cited out of this one," Capt. Mike Conney said. "The investigation is ongoing and we would love if any witnesses who were at the accident would come forward."

No citation initially was issued in the collision between the vehicles driven by Sakeem K. Mathews, 22, of 18 1/2 State St., Apt. B, and Keyan J. Leroux, 17, of 62 W. Washington St. The crash happened at 9:29 p.m. at the intersection of Whittlesey Avenue and Washington Street.

Each person said "the traffic light was green for their direction of travel," Officer Michael Biller wrote in his report.

Before the collision, Mathews was southbound on Whittlesey while Leroux was westbound on Washington. Leroux, who didn't have any passengers, said he saw two male subjects in the other vehicle. He declined further comment.

Norwalk firefighters, who were advised of possible injuries, assessed three patients and assisted North Central EMS. The crew helped clean up the crash site and returned to station 41 minutes after arriving.

Mathews' passenger, Ian Newton, 24, of 46 Milan Ave., reported having possible injuries, but wasn't transported, Conney said.

White's Automotive Service towed the 2007 Chevrolet Cobalt driven by Mathews from the scene with disabling damage to the front and driver's side front panel. A wrecker also towed away the 2003 Hyuandai Elantra driven by Leroux with disabling damage to the entire front.


former local

Well, someone is not telling the truth. Plus, complained of injuries but refused treatment? Someone doesn't want to work any longer.


There were no other cars/witnesses at the scene? That is a pretty busy intersection for no other cars to be going thru.

unknown user

i agree with you ladydye_5 it is a busy street and i also agree with you former local someone isnt telling the truth someone has to be at fault and i would go for treatment because you never know you can be injured real bad and you dont even know it


Check and see if one or both were texting at the time.


Heck no they were not transported - to worried about having drugs in their system! Must have something to hide if reported injuries but didn't want to go get treated!

unknown user

smart thinking propman didnt think of could of happened


Neither ones parents were born in America, bet on that!

David Deerest.

What does that even mean or have to do with anything???


Just because it said they were not transported does not mean they did not receive treatment.


They would have been treated there but, had they gone to the hospital they'd have had blood tests.


Maybe they didn't need a hospital bill for some gauze and tape. All the perfect all knowing people of the reflector comment section. "Someone's not telling the truth." Mr. Obvious.


Maybe their parents' new $15,000/mo government health care plan doesn't include emergency room care except on the third Thursday of the month after the blue moon in any state that has a "Z" in its name, but only after you swear that you do not now, or ever plan to, own a firearm? LOL


Heywood Jablowme?


...stop it method man! Those are just nasty words run together to fool people!


Its pretty silly that we go right to accusing these youngsters of being liers and druggies. Ever stop and think that maybe, just maybe, they could all be good kids and the light might have malfunctioned. Give me a break. Is this really big news anyways. Wow.


Maybe one is color blind. Lol