Martin battles distance, language barrier to find love of his life

Greenwich man meets Ukrainian woman on international dating website.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Feb 13, 2014


Walter Martin believes he found the love of his life last year when he logged on to an international dating website and found Sveta Reznichenko.

The 27-year-old from Greenwich says he has always been attracted to international women and when his friends joked about finding a Russian bride online; he turned their jibe into reality.

"If a woman (on the website) doesn't speak any English they'll just translate what she is saying into English and what you're saying into Russian," Martin said.

Reznichenko, 23, is from Ukraine, a country situated between Poland and Russia in Eastern Europe. Since November the country has seen major protests against its president, Viktor Yanukovych, and his policies in favor of closer ties to Russia.

Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union until its dissolution in 1991. Now it faces internal conflict as the eastern portion of the state favors diplomacy with Russia and the western part looks to establish accords with the European Union.

President Yanukovych agreed to a pending $15 billion trade deal with Russia President Vladimir Putin in November, sparking outrage in the capital city of Kiev which quickly expanded to nearby cities.

But the problems Martin and Reznichenko now face did not begin until last month when Yanukovych announced the implementation of anti-protest laws and extensive limitations on free speech and communication.

Because of the new restrictions Martin hears from Reznichenko only once a week through email. In recent weeks he has grown increasingly concerned about her safety in the ideologically and culturally torn country.

Marin says, "She scared because of how complicated the situation is becoming. You know because they have all heard that there's going to be a civil war."

There is widespread understanding in the international community that if military force is used to curb the protesting and the initiation of martial law civil war could occur, although its highly unlikely according to most diplomats.

Martin does not speak Russian like Reznichenko does, and Renichenko does not speak English. He says with the help of translators and translation websites they have been able to not only communicate, but also actually fall in love with one another.

"I do know with our relationship we're trying to do whatever we can to remain together," Martin said.

Ukraine's political alliances and trade deal discussions have taken a back seat in recent days due to Russia's hosting of the Winter Olympics in Sochi. Putin has threatened the country in past months to join his Eurasian Customs Union, and many believe he will advance his efforts once the international spotlight is no longer cast on Russia.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This story was written by Jeremy Wiedle.



If that's the real photo of the real girl ...Watch... she'll start hitting him up for money.

Any guy who falls for this stuff ( with as many scams as there are) deserves whatever they get.

How dumb.


She isn't for his money... She actually helped him out with his entire stay when he was there. Her family is of the higher class there. Not everyone you meet who is from another country is out to scam.. Walter is not rich, as he works currently at a movie theater.. Walter however does have a few books published also "they can be found online".
His family has a history of marrying from different countries and so far have had no complaints.


shameless plug to sell books and so not related to this story.

Good luck with that, though.


Just stating that he doesn't make much.. So not like she would gain much from him, or that he could support her whole family like everyone seems to think. I put found online, for those who might want to question his books since they are not found in local book stores.


Nothing to gain but citizenship. Why would she want to stay where you have limited rights? Snap out of it PLEASE!


For all of you that are hating right now you need to keep your rude comments to yourselves. I personally know Walter, we went to school together and I still keep in contact with him. He really has gone and met this woman, he spent some time with her as well. I was suspicious at first and had some concerns for him myself but its seems legit.If by some chance it turns out not being what he thinks it is, after everything, so be it. He will learn from it, but he doesnt need to see all the rude jokes and negativity from other people who dont know him or anything he's been through in his life. If he's happy, thats all that matters.


Could not agree more justareader87..
Walter and I talk all the time. We also went to school together. I know that he does worry to an extent of what could happen as it is common, but at the same time she makes him happy "for the moment" they both are taking things very, very slow and just see where things go from there.


This is about HER not him so much. If you were suspicious and you are a friend why wouldn't others be? He's gonna learn alright! Sounds more horny than happy!


good luck with that my cousin did that about 5 years ago and brought over a woman from the Ukraine, named Svetlana, and though she was very beautiful, she took him for everything he had, ran up phone bills of $500/month .... be ready to be broke mr. martin


Napoleon, don't be jealous that I've been chatting online with babes all day.

Now The Rest of...

Ok I know love is blind, but serious?


I have been so worried that norwalk and Huron county were losing ground in status,but
this is so uplifting,one of our very own having an online fantasy and the local paper reporting the news.
I suppose this ranks right up there in the local boy makes good category

JMOP's picture

I'm not so sure if this is an uplifting love story, since he is concerned for her safety. Actually I'm not sure what this story is about, other than its Valentine's Day.
I give a kudos to the Reflector for running a different type of story, other than the run of the mill of drug abusers, pediophiles, and thieves.


her famous last words will be , as she walks out the door with her green card .......ME LOVE YOU LONG TIME !!!!!! LOLLOLLOL


I'd hit it!


It sounds like he has his head on straight... I hope it works out for him...


The wrong head is "straight"?!


Good.... For...... You, Mr. Martin. Hope she treats you well because she's beautiful.


Time will tell. Look at the owner of Hunter's Haven. (E.T.) When his 1rst wife Isabel died of cancer he married a Pilipino. They are still married after many years.


Not trying to be mean but there are prolly a lot of people finding their b/f or g/f on the dating sites.and I'm sure he isn't the only one. That is interested in someone from another country...why do a story on him because he is interested in a chic from another the newspaper that desperate for stories they are turning to these kind just so they have something to write about???. Why not do a story to try and help raise money for the homeless shelters or food pantries..something worth writing about..don't get me wrong..if he loves her great but its not really news..there are more important stories on the media sites such as facebook..twitter..pinterest etc....why not pick one of them stories...all the same I wish him luck

Dr. Information

Amazing to see all the miserable puerile in miserable marriages on here criticizing a man who found love.


since when is getting a mail order bride front page news???


This story isn't about finding love... Maybe you all should actually listen and follow the news of what's going on in Ukraine. Its about a guy who fell for a girl "online or not" and their relationship is now a scarce one as the girlfriend is now being closely watched just for having contact with him. She was ill for some time and he wasn't even sure if she was alive or what.. Then finally she messages him or what not to say she is ok, but because of the limitations over there she is now seen as a threat. Walter is worried for her safety as what will happen next with their relationship from all of this...
This has nothing to do with mail-order-brides... As there is nothing that points to them getting married at this time. She does not want to leave the Ukraine nor does he want to move there.


what else is he doing on international dating sites if not to look for a mail order bride??? next thing it will be for so many dollars she can quietly escape....

Dr. Information

Why do you people really care what he does with his money and his heart. Again, not your business