Martin battles distance, language barrier to find love of his life

Greenwich man meets Ukrainian woman on international dating website.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Feb 13, 2014


Walter Martin believes he found the love of his life last year when he logged on to an international dating website and found Sveta Reznichenko.

The 27-year-old from Greenwich says he has always been attracted to international women and when his friends joked about finding a Russian bride online; he turned their jibe into reality.

"If a woman (on the website) doesn't speak any English they'll just translate what she is saying into English and what you're saying into Russian," Martin said.

Reznichenko, 23, is from Ukraine, a country situated between Poland and Russia in Eastern Europe. Since November the country has seen major protests against its president, Viktor Yanukovych, and his policies in favor of closer ties to Russia.

Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union until its dissolution in 1991. Now it faces internal conflict as the eastern portion of the state favors diplomacy with Russia and the western part looks to establish accords with the European Union.

President Yanukovych agreed to a pending $15 billion trade deal with Russia President Vladimir Putin in November, sparking outrage in the capital city of Kiev which quickly expanded to nearby cities.

But the problems Martin and Reznichenko now face did not begin until last month when Yanukovych announced the implementation of anti-protest laws and extensive limitations on free speech and communication.

Because of the new restrictions Martin hears from Reznichenko only once a week through email. In recent weeks he has grown increasingly concerned about her safety in the ideologically and culturally torn country.

Marin says, "She scared because of how complicated the situation is becoming. You know because they have all heard that there's going to be a civil war."

There is widespread understanding in the international community that if military force is used to curb the protesting and the initiation of martial law civil war could occur, although its highly unlikely according to most diplomats.

Martin does not speak Russian like Reznichenko does, and Renichenko does not speak English. He says with the help of translators and translation websites they have been able to not only communicate, but also actually fall in love with one another.

"I do know with our relationship we're trying to do whatever we can to remain together," Martin said.

Ukraine's political alliances and trade deal discussions have taken a back seat in recent days due to Russia's hosting of the Winter Olympics in Sochi. Putin has threatened the country in past months to join his Eurasian Customs Union, and many believe he will advance his efforts once the international spotlight is no longer cast on Russia.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This story was written by Jeremy Wiedle.


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Blue? The map looks purple. Maybe I'm colorblind.

Bill Hilly

Try a Thailand website next time, lots of Greenwich men are doing it now days.


Oh my.....isn't that the truth. Seems weird to me but I guess considering who you're talking about.....those are the only women that could stand those two guys. ( well until they run off)


I love you marry me and move me over there. Now move my family over here. Thank you, bye.


BINGO! We will see this story on the ID channel.


This is exactly what happened to my cousin years ago. She met this guy through a lonely hearts club ad in a gossip magazine and he moved here from the Philippines and they got married. Eventually his adult son too came over here and met and married another one of my cousins. They also had a child together. Well the marriages lasted long enough to get a green card and then it was over. Turns out the man was still married and left his wife and kids back home till he could become a citizen then he dumped my cousin, filed for divorce and then brought is family over here. NEVER EVER ANSWER A LONELY HEARTS AD FROM FOREIGN COUNTRIES!!


Lucky guy!! Next, he'll be told he won the European lottery by some Nigerian prince.


On second thought, the headline for this story looks like it was written by a writer for "The Onion"...(online parody)...sadly though, it's "real".

Everyone is fam...

These foreign women prey on lonely men for a free trip to the US. Then they sucker them into getting married with promises of treating them like Kings. They'll be the man's personal slave. All to become a US citizen. Sounds like she's already started with the sob story of how scared she is over there.

More power to the guy if this is true love, but I'm doubtful. Pretty soon she'll be here sending money to her family.


They posted this story yesterday.

"Looking for love in all the wrong places may cost you."

A cautionary tale.


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Lonely guy, meets attractive foreign woman on the internet, object romance.

It 'could' be a scam, but this time it's different. Uh, huh.


"implementation of anti-protest laws and extensive limitations on free speech and communication"....That excuse blows "I'm washing my hair", out of the water!


What a bufoon! Its not different, she will be gone w/ the wind at 1st opportunity. SUCKA!


You all HAVE to watch this video!! Soooo funny and related to this article


Too funny ferball!


Yuk !


i would marry her too but im already booked up..


I think before anyone places judgment on someone they should get to know the person. Walter is not lonely, just does not find himself falling for an American woman. He has met her.. He went and spent a week with her last October. She also has no interest in moving to the US.
Ferball14.. that video is not at all linked to this article.

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How did they communicate? Google translate?

I wish them luck.


I am not exactly certain how they communicate.. I just know its online, and believe me all of his friends have questioned everything about this relationship, and we all worry for his safety.
At the same time we can not tell him what to or not to do, we just support his decisions and stand behind him. If this would become a scam we would be the first to take action to ensure he does not become a victim in it.

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You're being a good friend.

My question was regarding when he was visiting her.


They had a translator "actual person" very expensive, but they split the bill from my understanding.


You sound naïve CDK. Men always make the worst decisions when they think with the wrong head!


You just don't know Walter or where he comes from. His family is spread out with relationships like this, and all have been successful. He isn't at all thinking with the wrong head, as all this relationship is to him is communication. He does not expect or want more then that at this time.


You are correct, I don't know Walter but c'mon, get real. If he isn't thinking with the wrong head he isn't thinking at all. Guys, I love women too, but don't get played by a pair of boobs and a sob story.

Everyone is fam...

Oh I'm sure he had met her! That's how the scam goes. Many men travel to visit their overseas "love". And if she is scamming him she isn't going to come out and say "hey, let's get married so I can move to the US". She's grooming him. Making him love her and trust her....and once he's in her web she'll voice her need to be closer to him.

I'm not judging him. I really hope she isn't scamming him, but like I said, I'm doubtful. This has been going on for a very long time and what I've predicted commonly happens in this situation.

He's a grown man, he can do what he wants, but I predict he's in for a world of hurt and a thin wallet.


LMAO! So now the rejecter is praising what equates to a mail order bride? Love it! The rejecter should have done a little research. This scam with Ukrainian women has been going on for quite some time. It starts out as a romantic thing while they groom their victim with sob stories. Then when the time is right, they hit them up for money to help them out of their situation. Once they do, the victim never hears from them again. This little tart is probably grooming at least a dozen men along with martin.


There is nothing that says she will be a mail order bride... There has been no talk thus far of marriage, and we don't know that it will ever escalade to that.. It might! Some of us are hopeful for them both, but at this time it is not something that they have thought much about as she does not want to leave her country nor does he his..