Facebook page helps cop nab suspect

Police "overwhelmed" by amount of tips provided by local residents.
Heather Chapin-Fowler
Feb 10, 2014


For the first time in the New London Police Department's history, an arrest was made solely by tips received within hours after the suspect's information was posted on Facebook.

About noon Friday, Police Chief Mike Marko posted a request to the public in finding John Loyer, 20, who was considered a "former village resident," according to the Facebook post.

Feb. 6, Loyer was accused of shattering the front windshield of another village resident's vehicle, according to Marko's post.

"Attempts to locate him have been unsuccessful. If you know his whereabouts please contact the police department...Remember you can remain anonymous," the chief wrote.

Not even five hours later, Loyer was in police custody after being located at one of his friend's homes.

Loyer was expecting to be arrested and told police "he heard through the grapevine" that officers were moving in on him.

"He was interviewed by Sgt. Joe Hicks and confessed immediately," Marko said yesterday. Loyer knew why he was arrested and explained to police that he was talking to his former girlfriend and became frustrated.

"He was frustrated at the breakup and while talking to the young lady, he just took it out on the car. He punched the windshield (and) broke it," Marko said.

The incident occurred at the West Main Street bowling alley, Marko added. Part of the evidence in addition to witness statements included photographs of Loyer's hand that was still swollen from the impact against the glass, Marko said.

As far as the tips that came pouring in about Loyer, the chief never expected to get the number of responses.

"A tip of the appreciation hat to all who came forward with information," Marko wrote at 4:51 p.m. Friday as he announced Loyer had been located.

"We were overwhelmed," Marko said of the number of tips that came in. As the tips came in, the police department followed up on each of them until they had Loyer in custody.

This marks the first time in the department's history using Facebook as a tool to net an arrest, Marko said.

"I think it's a great tool to have. I'm just happy we had as many people with responses who came forward," Marko said, adding that he never expected the large number of people to help out the department.

"We were overwhelmed with the amount of responses. I think we have a very good working relationship with the community and our Facebook friends," Marko said.

Loyer was released after being interviewed and served with a summons to appear for a hearing in Norwalk Municipal Court.

He was charged by police with criminal mischief, a misdemeanor of the third degree which could result in not only a fine but also jail time, Marko said.

"We will be asking for restitution on the damages," the chief added.

Loyer has had minor run-ins with the local police in the past, Marko also said.



The reporter or the editor couldn't find a different picture from his facebook page other than him "flipping the bird"? WoW. Keeping it classy Reflector.


What does the "bird" mean. Does it mean the same as the Christian "Fornicate You"? Yep, it's small town classy fo sho.


This is john an just to inform everybody they came to my residence at 8:30 looking for me and they were told to come back in a half hour when I came back to eat super an didn't show up till 4 or 5 the next day an only questioned me I was never under arrest an yes I did go to court for criminal mischief an have to pay restitution no jail time. They made such a big deal about looking so hard for me when they was told I'd be back at 9 in the first place.


thats how they work. there is an old song called alices restaurant. give it a listen sometime when you got about a half hour, or at least find the part about the police busting them for littering. i knew a few police when i was young who were decent professional people. these days, most are power hungry zealots who break their oath every day. with the economy in the toilet, their job went from enforcing the law to generating revenue,at all costs, even if it means violating the citizens constitutional rights. that protect and serve thing is just a bunch of b.s. to try to gain your trust. police are legally allowed, and will lie to you & it's on you to know if they are giving you a lawful command. the best thing to do is remain silent. if they want you they will cook up some charges anyway so dont give them any rope to hang you with.


As John's 5th grade English teacher, I can attest that he was a much more careful speller and even used punctuation sometimes back then. Maybe this is bad because he's writing with his "good" other hand? Should have instructed him to never hit a windshield with his hand...and he finished 3rd in the class.


Good job dude, glass shouldn't have been talking s***!

Scranton Tibbs

Keeping the thug life real on the rough inner city streets of New London. Represent gangsta.


This paper is trash. Not one writer can complete a whole article without some type of major screw up. Its like having to read some piece of junk submitted by a first grader and now it comes with inappropriate pictures. How tasteless, tacky and disrespectful to the readers that don't feel like seeing the middle finger. I can't believe that any of you writers went to school for anything other than keg stands and bong rips.


5:59 am. probably before coffee..

Dr. Information

No wonder Huron County has issues. Trash like this has taken over.

Mayor Cochran

Reppin New London like a real studio gangsta


Its Ernesr T Bass!! "Its me, Its me its Ernest T!"


Even though Ernest T broke windows he was never classless enough to flip off a camera. And if he would have, the Mayberry Gazette had enough class not to post it.


At least he was smart enough to hit a window instead of the girlfriend. Unless she deserved it, then he should of left the window alone.


She did deserve it but I wasnt about to blast her in the face


If this is John then please get some help for your anger. This might all sound corny but please talk to a friend, a parent or a pastor. I don't know you but I know anger can be very dangerous if not harnessed correctly. Next time use the anger to motivate yourself to do better (and make better choices) in the future so you can avoid running into problems that cause you to get upset. By doing better you will improve yourself and your surroundings. Hitting anything will only result in hurting yourself, others and in this case bring on legal issues. You're young still and have a lot of life to live.


Let him talk so his low life piece of s**T a** wanna be thug can talk himself into a corner when he goes to court! Keep talking! Lawyers are to dumb to look at your comments in a public blog!!

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swiss cheese kat

Tough guy. See you missed out on an education.


That's messed up John, what did tha windshield ever do to you? I mean, I don't condone abusing women. But you could've pimp smacked her.


Education time;

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(B) It is an affirmative defense to a charge under this section, that the material or performance involved was disseminated or presented for a bona fide medical, scientific, educational, religious, governmental, judicial, or other proper purpose, by or to a physician, psychologist, sociologist, scientist, teacher, person pursuing bona fide studies or research, librarian, clergyman, prosecutor, judge, or other person having a proper interest in the material or performance.

(C) Whoever violates this section is guilty of pandering obscenity, a felony of the fifth degree. If the offender previously has been convicted of a violation of this section or of section 2907.31 of the Revised Code, then pandering obscenity is a felony of the fourth degree.


I guess I don't see it. It looks to me as if something is trying to dig out his left eye. I don't see a middle finger being flipped. but I have to agree with ladydye, that is the only pic they could find?


The Reflector removed the original picture that should NOT have been up to begin with.


Ah. Now I know why I couldn't see it! Thanks.


They didn't remove it, they just cropped the picture

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HEY, Mikeylikesit-
I agree 100%....my personal favorite is when they catch a guy (or at least arrest a guy) & then tell him to "man up" or "make it easy on yourself". Yes officer, I AM going to abandon my rights as an american and do your job for you by telling you everything. Seems like now-a-days you always get charged & then it's up to you to prove yourself innocent. Didn't read anything like that when I was in school. This kid messed up.....so what. If I were the chief out there, I would give the kid 1 week to fix the problem with the vehicle's owner & move on with life. I think that being personal with the youth out there should also be part of the job, not just filing the paperwork downtown. It takes a community to raise kids.


Should be "village idiot" instead.


...Orwell warned us about the 'thought police' ...we are the 'thought police' he warned us about


Good thing he didn't hit the windshield of the car with his head...any more mental damage and he'd need to be in a psych ward...and this mutant could possibly reproduce...very sad.


Seems like lots of folks from New London are in the news recently. Maybe there's something in the water over there?