Video highlights of Norwalk state of the city address

Mayor Rob Duncan shares highlights and visions.
Joe Centers
Feb 10, 2014


Enjoy these video highlights from Mayor Rob Duncan's state-of-the-city address delivered Tuesday in Norwalk.



Our house is trying to figure out how the city can afford a salary for a fulltime IT person when we can't afford road salt, or overtime for snow removal, or replace water lines or mosquito spraying in the summer or help with tax forms. Wouldn't it make more since to contract it out?


Re: "contract it out,"


A budget is set and then bids are requested.

IMO, the LAST thing Norwalk needs is another mouth for taxpayers to feed.

And once you give 'em health & welfare benefits - they never go away.


1) The city has to make a decision to hire an IT person or pay out more for a contracted person or have to replace equipment ever so often because no one on the city staff is equipped or trained to fix issues. The city's computer hardware needs attention.

2) It's not the city can't afford salt, the city is owed massive amount of salt (in the neighborhood of about 200 ton) from Cargill - per their contract. Cargill is also dropping the ball on other communities as well, we are not alone in this.


Thanks for the video NR.

It was however, rather torturous to the senses to watch Mayor Duncan gripping, stooping over & mostly staring down at the lectern, while also listening to him stumbling, stammering & haltingly reading his own (I assume) self-written speech.

IMO, the man should contact a local speech teacher and learn how to deliver a speech, since his style seriously detracts from his ability to deliver a meaningful message.

"Who you are (or how you say it) speaks so loudly I can't hear what you're saying."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson


@Ehovemom-Totally agree with you, and Contango-I thought the same thing about needing to improve on public speaking. You would think being a pastor, he would have a better delivery.

Really are you ...

It is time. A little less talk, and a lot more action.

Oops. Let me clarify this statement. Not Mayor Duncan, but this is what I need to do.


if mayor Duncan appoints a blue ribbon committee for a new fire station,said committee will recommend a new station because that's what blue ribbon committees do,make the recommendations that the mayor wants.
we do not need nor can this city afford a new fire station,we do not need bigger equipment to handle the existing or planed skyscrapers in norwalk.
this city is in crisis mode as far as finances and so are the residents

Cliff Cannon

@earlduck " this city is in crisis mode as far as finances and so are the residents " Extremely well put.

P.S. After I posted this last night, ( since I 'blog' under my own name ) I received a phone call asking " What if we can get a grant for a new fire station,what would your opinion be ? " Of course, despite federal money not being 'free money' that is a whole another question, isn't it ? So I for one,would say " grab the grant and build the fire station " Wouldn't you agree ?


Re: "What if,"

"If"? Calls for speculation.

Show me the facts and figures.

"If wishes were horses,
Beggars would ride.
If turnips were watches,
I would wear one by my side."

- English nursery rhyme.

Besides, don't most grants come with the need for matching funds?

H*ll, this town can't even get a school levy passed. Also, remember the backlash after the county real estate transfer fee was increased?

Cliff Cannon

" If " My personal favorite rhyme to this question is " if and buts were candy and nuts. Everyone would own a Fanny Farmer candy shop "

However, the Kipling poem " If " which you quoted from in the " Mayor: Bright days ahead for Norwalk " article and which I then included the entire poem. Remains the " If " I like best.

As such,since Mayor Duncan appears to me to be striving to be the man of Kiplings " If ". I for one, continue to be impressed by Mayor Duncan's optimistic outlook for our beloved city.

That of course,doesn't mean I think anymore than 'earlduck' does, that we are in good enough financial shape to build the station by ourselves. Still, 'if' one does not dream, one does not do, true ?


Re: "optimistic outlook,"

Have 'nothing' against optimism. However, at what point (for you) does it begin to appear more like a case of:

'Urinating' on one's leg and telling one that it is raining?

A saying which has continued to serve me well: Hope for the best, plan for the worst.

Also coming to mind: Show me the plan.

Gotta tell ya too: Mayor Duncan’s speaking style does not exude confidence. He comes across as being unsure. I heard too much 'hope' and little 'optimism.'

About the only time he looked up and spoke with 'any' confidence was at the end when he mentioned the IT person and the new fire station. The rest was read and essentially canned.


@earlduck-Absolutely spot on.


Maybe Duncan has another friend who needs a job or maybe its a boyfriend of a friends daughter? Things that make you go hmmmmmm


Mayor Duncan:

"But I will say in our uptown area, we’ve had people come to us constantly looking for buildings. So I have no fear that we’ll be able to fill those buildings and fill them quickly,”

Who are these people that are approaching this admin. "constantly"?

Fill them "quickly"?

When & with what?

More 'jobs, jobs, jobs' blue sky talk?


Mayor Duncan:

"We have a vibrant uptown. I don’t know how many uptowns, downtown districts that you drive throughout Ohio?

But not many of them are as vibrant’s as Norwalk’s"

"Many"? What does that mean? Compared to whom?

"Vibrant"? With all due respect, compared to even twenty yrs. ago, uptown is a ghost town.


Time for you to move back here Contango & run for mayor.


Re: "Time (snip)"

More nonsense, cyberbully?


You have all the answers to everything.


Re: "You (snip)"

Yawn...posting the same tiring, child-like nonsense over and over and over again eh, cyberbully?