Kasich postpones March 19 execution

There are lingering concerns about the drugs used in the lethal injection of another killer last month.
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Feb 8, 2014

Gov. John Kasich has postponed the scheduled March 19 execution of Gregory Lott because of lingering concerns about the drugs used in the lethal injection of Dennis McGuire last month.

Kasich on Friday afternoon used his executive clemency power to move Lott’s execution to Nov. 19.

While the governor did not cite a reason, Kasich spokesman Rob Nichols said he wanted to give the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction time to complete its internal review of McGuire’s Jan. 16 execution. “Gregory Lott committed a heinous crime for which he will be executed,” Nichols said.

During his Jan. 16 execution, McGuire, 53, gasped, choked and clenched his fists, all the while appearing to be unconscious, for at least 10 minutes after the lethal drugs - 10 mg of midazolam, a sedative, and 40 mg of hydromorphone, a morphine derivative – flowed into his body. The drugs had never been used together for an execution.

Attorneys for Lott, 51, are challenging his execution, complaining the drugs could cause “unnecessary pain and suffering” in violation of the Eighth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. A hearing has been scheduled for Feb. 19 in the U.S. District Judge Gregory L. Frost’s court.

Lott, 51, was convicted and sentenced to death for killing John McGrath, 82, by setting him on fire in his Cleveland-area home in 1986. McGrath survived in a hospital for 11 days before dying. Lott came close to execution in 2004, but the U.S. Supreme Court blocked it.

Kevin Werner, executive director of Ohioans to Stop Executions, praised Kasich for showing “leadership and careful consideration” by issuing a temporary reprieve.


By Alan Johnson - The Columbus Dispatch, Ohio (MCT)

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so I might sound harsh.. but justice was served.. he died.. so therefore execution was a success.. governor.. quit worrying about the bad guys..

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This is our cue to pray for this man! !!!!!!!!


Ah...right, let's sanction killing to show people that killing is wrong.

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no, not to show people that killing is wrong, but to punish this man for killing. if people do learn from it that killing is wrong, and if you kill you will likely face death, well, that's ok too..


If Mr Lott thinks that this new injection way is going cause to much pain and suffering, let's just set him on fire like he did the 82 year old man, that poor man suffered for 11 days ! Come on Mr Lott..ennie meenie mine moe....we care so much about your feelings , that you can pick..this guy was supposed to be executed 10 years ago... Times up man !


Lott gave no consideration to the pain and suffering of John McGrath.
Why should he expect any such consideration when he serves the penalty for that crime?


The death penalty is not a deterrent. We are not in good company with the death penalty, Iran, Yemen, China all have the death penalty, we are the only Industrial Westernized country with it. Ghandi said an eye for an eye makes the world blind. We have the highest rate of incarceration and one of the highest crime rates, something isn't working. Let's not continue doing the same thing and hope for different results, just because it makes us feel good.


So what do you suggest don't care ? I believe rhe problem is that our system stinks! Almost everyone gets a slap on the wrist and they know it. That's why crime is so high and so is the jail population...your right its not working. This guy has been on death row for almost 30 YEARS !!! Escaped death back in 04... I know in some countries, if your guilty your hung within 24-48 hours.. I bet if some of our criminals new that they would be killed in 24 hours if found guilty, they might think differently...then the prision population would be down..I know in some countries you get caught stealing they chop off your fingers.. Barbarak ?? Probably..how many people do you think would steal beer, shirts, cigs, knowing they will loose their fingers ?? Something tells me crime would go waaaaay down...but as long as we keep giving probation or a slap on the wrist, or community service, then we are where we are and I don't see it getting better..now is there something in between ??? I would hope so


You're absolutely right, lets bury them up to their necks and stone them death, and then let's complain about human rights violations in other countries.


Not really sure why anyone is worried if these people suffer from pain as the victims families suffer each and every single day. The victim themselves suffered, these convicts on death row have more rights then their victims! Bunch of BS


You're right lug...the victim himself suffered for 11 days, and the family of the victim has been suffering for about 30 yrs !! And we worry about this killer maybe gasping for air or clinching his fists ????? Complete BS !!