Troopers seize 56 pounds of marijuana in traffic stop

Seized pot worth an estimated $127,000.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Feb 8, 2014


Two men are facing felony drug charges after Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers seized 56 pounds of marijuana, worth an estimated $127,000, following a traffic stop in Muskingum County.

Troopers stopped a 1999 Ford Taurus, with West Virginia registration, for a marked lanes violation on Interstate 70 eastbound, near milepost 155, at 3:20 p.m., on Feb. 4. Criminal indicators were observed and a Patrol drug-sniffing canine alerted to the vehicle. A probable cause search revealed 56 pounds of marijuana.

The driver, Clyde N. Minter, 65, of Benwood, W.Va., and passenger, Ishmael F. Howard, 36, of, Martins Ferry, Ohio, were incarcerated in the Muskingum County Jail, and charged with possession of marijuana, a second-degree felony.

If convicted, each suspect could face up to eight years in prison and up to a $15,000 fine.



...whoa, big mistake here ...I think the stuff in the picture is what florists use to mount stemmed flowers


Yes,while occupied with this minor Herb,10 pounds of heroin and other poison probably passed them up on the side of the road.


They are just trying to get all the busts in they can before it becomes legal.


Marked lane violations? Criminal indicators. You troopers are the luckiest cops in the world. You guys have had more good luck than is possible. You guys have recently come under scrutiny for being fed information obtained illegally and I am beginning to believe it. Its huge bust after huge bust. You are pulling people over illegally and feeding us this line of s$#t about marked lane violations. I am all for getting drugs off the street but not at the expense of my constitutional rights. You shady cops are using illegal wire taps or getting info from a higher authority who is receiving thus info illegally ... this is bull and I hope you get exposed


The time has come to stop this intrusion on our rights. Pot relieves the pain of a chronic disease I have naturally instead of having to take addictive or damaging drugs. Big pharma, liquor and law enforcement lobbyists spread fear and misinformation. It is now legal in some states but we continue to arrest people and put them into a system that is far more damaging than the supposed crime itself. It is time for legalization in Ohio too.



J Cooper

I agree with AEversole, the OSP use any made up probable cause and the famous criminal indicators for their trumped up arrest from tips they receive from the feds who obtains the information by questionable means. The OSP only cares about their arrest stats and forfeiture money they receive from drug arrests. I support law enforcement and arrests for drug laws that operates within the safeguards of the constitution.

Brock Lee

wtf markd lanes

HS Sports Fan

I agree with all of the above. We have some intelligent people commenting on this issue. I think we all know what these guys are up to. Funny how the criminal indicators don't work on their fellow patrolman. It's nice to see that no one has tried to stick up for these scum buckets.


so this alone is a reason to keep it illegal and to spend millions upon billions fighting a loosing war get real alcohol kills way more people in crashes yet it legal


That article is total BS.