Norwalk woman arrested on drug charges

There were signs of prescription-pill abuse at local store where she works, deputies say.
Scott Seitz2
Feb 11, 2014

A rural Norwalk woman was arrested late Thursday on a pair of drug-related charges.

Gia Guerra, 41, of 1420 Ohio 61 E., was taken into custody by Huron County Sheriff's Detective Sgt. Josh Querin and Deputy Josh Kaufman, along with Erie County deputies at a Milliman Road residence.

Querin said the investigation had been ongoing since November.

State liquor control agents also assisted.

Guerra is an employee at an Ohio 61 business.

"At the establishment, there were signs of prescription-pill abuse," Querin said. "We were able to seize numerous prescriptions pills Gia did not have a prescription for."

Querin said deputies found Guerra hiding under blankets at the Milliman Road residence upon her arrest.

Guerra was transported to the Huron County Jail.

Liquor control agents are also investigating Guerra on several possible liquor violations at the establishment, Querin said.

Liquor control agents could not be reached for comment Friday.

"This was a good, collective effort by our agency and liquor control to curb this kind of behavior at this establishment," Querin said.



I guess this explains why nobody ever answers the phone when you try to order pizza... and why the last time they actually answered they were out of pepperoni and were not offering delivery.


I don't think she was the only one doing drugs there ! ! !


Yeah exactly what i thought when i heard they were out of pepperoni "pill problem" !!!! I have searched the web and learned what they are doing with pepperoni these days and how tightly it is connected to codone and herion..

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swiss cheese kat

Studies have shown pepperoni is a gateway to other, more hardcore things like salami.

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ha! love it!


Maybe when you donotlisten you donotunderstand... When you on drugs all the time you aren't too worried about taking care of customers or running a business. That used to be a great pizza place.


Where did she work?

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swiss cheese kat

Google her name.


Last week we ordered a pizza there and they put the 'shake' or spices on AFTER it was baked, I thought it was a one time mix up, maybe this has something to do with this charge.
The address is next to the store, so is she an employee because it may be a Corporation? I always thought she was he actual owner.


Oh my, a Gia pet.

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i think im in love again! i hope they spring my little gia pet in time for our valentines day wedding!


I see there is no mention of bond or if she's still in jail.


I heard she was in bed when they showed up with the warrant. I'm "hiding under covers" early in the morning too. I guess you could spin it that way for more sensationalism. "Oh look officer, THERE SHE IS....HIDING IN A 10'X10' ROOM UNDER A BLANKET!!!" Numerous precription pills is classified as more than 4. Liquor license violation is probably for selling vodka, mixers, & other light liquors with the wrong classification. Cops are awesome.


sorry shovelhead, you "heard" wrong. you can't blame the cops or the newspaper this time. it was in the evening, and yes.....she actually went to another residence to hide from the police, UNDER A BLANKET. lol. i'm not sure why you're defending her....if you know her, or maybe a fellow addict, but any of us not abusing pills would think that even having ONE in possession that is not prescribed to you would be wrong, so yes, more than 4 is definitely a problem. and i will also add that the liquor license violation was more that just wrong classification.


You must be right. I must be a "fellow addict". What I hear or say doesn't matter. Sorry I offended you, officer.


Is that new coating they put on pills safe for your nasal cavity? A guy has to watch his health these days.


I hope the business stays open. I thought she owned the place myself.


Pretty sure it's in her mom's name, but you better check with smarty pants....I'm probably wrong about that too.

ben castin

who knows what really went on.the cops and this paper try to turn a aunt hill into a mountain.i just hope chucks stays open anyway.


she touched food that other people ate..scary..has the health dept been there


No one looks good in these photos; I think its very unfair to attack her in such ways, have some sensitivity.

She was always nice to me and my family. This report actually surprises me, besides the one bad pizza that was totally messed up the food there has been excellent and we will continue to buy their food.


you must be friends with or are the owner. pill heads make bad decisions and thats why i said it would be bad for her to touch my food. like do they wash their hands, have they been up for 2 days without showering. I know people that live in a pill world and thats what they do


Then those are just unsanitary people. & what kind of pills are they abusing? That sounds a lot like amphetamine abuse, as opposed to opiate abuse, where they'd be more likely to pass out for a couple of hours, instead of staying up for 2 days.


after they take the downers they take uppers to stay up. I dont like that i know these things but i had a brother who lived that life. downers then uppers or whatever they can get their hands on


The way this is panning out, I'd say the pills were probably Tylenol 3.

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to be honest she looks younger than 41 to me. shes in pretty good shape compared to some who are much younger and abusing hardcore drugs when they make their photo debut in the reflector..


Sorry folks, The liquor violation in this case is not a classification problem. I was wrong, although I did say "probably". I've found that the violation was having a pre-opened bottle of flavored vodka in the kitchen area. Liquor control can't be reached for comment because they probably don't care....I hope anyone living accross the street from there doesn't get arrested for jaywalking.

Now I've Seen It All

This is Sad. She is a nice generous person caught up in bad.
Surprised it has taken so long to make an arrest there.
The situation has been common knowledge in the neighborhood for several years.
I have witnessed:
-Open Containers of all kinds by staff and customer at front counter and in back rooms.
-Another clerk with multiple un-labled pill boxes(5-6)in her possession, and distributing to a fellow at front counter.
-Family of some staff hanging around, drugged out.
-Some clientele are clearly drug abusers.
-People buying drugs in the back room.
-One former clerk told me she quit because of all the drug activity.
-Numerous are residents are aware, and have commented to me, "She's got a problem"
-Still, great tasting Pizza.


I've been going there for years, and never noticed drug activity, then again I'm not observant. I go in and out. No need to linger for me.

Good food, nice location. I hope it's somehow a misunderstanding of some sorts.