May 6 primary ballot finalized

Nine issues and a couple of primary battles highlight ballot.
Scott Seitz2
Feb 17, 2014


The May 6 primary ballot has now been finalized after candidates battled deadlines and the weather earlier this month.

The race for Huron County commissioner will feature a Republican primary between incumbent Joe Hintz and challenger Bob Morgan.

Democrat Dennis Stieber also has filed petitions in the commissioner race and will face the Hintz-Morgan winner in November.

Independent candidates have until May 5 to file, so they could throw a curveball into all races, including the commissioners.

The 13th Senate district race will also feature a primary, this one in the Democratic Party.

Eric Kaple, of Willard, will square off against Marcus Madison, of Elyria, with the winner facing Republican incumbent Gayle Manning in November in the 13th district.

The 57th House district might seem familiar and that's because it features the same three candidates who ran two years.

Republican incumbent Terry Boose, of Norwalk, Democrat Matt Lark, of Collins, and Libertarian Robert Sherwin, of Columbia Station, have all filed again.

Republican incumbent Judge Timothy Cardwell is the only candidate to file in the Huron County Juvenile and Probate Court race.

Democratic incumbent Roland Tkach is the lone candidate to file in the race for Huron County auditor.

"I'm very grateful and humbled," Tkach said Friday.

Tkach knows an Independent can still file.

"We all know that, that's for sure," he said.

"We still have many, many challenges before us," Tkach said, looking ahead.

"We need to encourage businesses to bring jobs to the area and we all need to work together to get this done," he added.

Nine issues will be included on the May 6 ballot.

Highlighting that ballot is a 4.95-mill, five-year additional tax levy submitted by Norwalk City Schools for emergency requirements.

The city of Norwalk will have two charter amendments on the May 6 ballot. The first would change city council terms from two to four years, while the second would adjust the replacement process for police and fire chiefs.

In Clarksfield Township, voters will decide on a 0.4-mill, five-year renewal levy for current expenses.

Also in Clarksfield Township, voters will consider a 0.9-mill, five-year renewal levy for general construction, reconstruction, resurfacing, and repair of streets, roads and bridges.

The Tri-Community Ambulance District has placed a 0.75-mill, three-year renewal levy for ambulance and emergency medical services. Voting on this issue will be residents in Greenwich Township, Greenwich village and Ripley Township.

Wakeman village has a 1 percent income tax renewal on the primary ballot. This is for general operating expenses and covers five years.

Willard City Schools has placed a 5.4-mill, five-year renewal on the ballot for emergency requirements.

Also, the Wellington Exempted Village School District is placing a 5.27-mill, 10-year renewal on the ballot for emergency requirements. Voting on this issue in Huron County is part of Clarksfield Township.



Until there is a salary cap put in place in our school systems I will vote no. I believe a teacher making $55,000 plus benefits is a stable cap. It is more than the average income in Norwalk, it is a comfortable living and stable wage that can provide a nice life-style. I will never vote yes on any school levy until the whacked out spending is controlled. Like the new sports complex. More money thrown into the fire...VOTE NO!!

former local

Teachers have a LOT more money tied into their education than the average person in Norwalk. How about capping administrative salaries first!!!


A salary cap for all needs to be made. Whether teachers or administrative...period...


Re: "Teachers (snip)"

Doesn't matter.

Not just in Norwalk, but increasingly across the country; those in the private sector with PT "McJobs," or those on fixed incomes are finding it difficult to be able to afford the wages & benefits of public employees.

Cliff Cannon

Re : " Not just in Norwalk, but increasingly across the country; those in the private sector with PT "McJobs," or those on fixed incomes are finding it difficult to be able to afford the wages & benefits of public employees "

And to think, when I suggested pay & benny cuts for every last government employee ( in order to hire more cops ) you called that idea " A non-starter " then laughed at me. I anxiously await your apology :)


Re: " A non-starter "

Still is. See: Unions.

For one: Been following the Detroit bankruptcy and the fight between debtors and creditors?

As von Mises has taught me (heavy paraphrasing alert): Either one practices austerity (when necessary), or one eventually has it thrust upon one. *

Also, as Billie Holiday told me: "God bless the child that's got his own."

* "What generates the evils is the expansionist policy. Its termination only makes the evils visible. This termination must at any rate come sooner or later, and the later it comes, the more severe are the damages which the artificial boom has caused."

Cliff Cannon

@Contango : Of course, even with out mentioning unions, we both know human self interest makes the government wide pay cut idea a " non-starter "

So personally, I believe that austerity will eventually be thrust upon us, in rather painful way's. Because only the willfully blind think the current system is sustainable,true ?

In fact, one only has to listen, to hear quite often, in our age group, the words " I am drawing my social security before it's gone " to realize how many people ---KNOW--- the government well at all levels, is running dry. Which means, they want to 'get theirs' while they can. So how many would think any differently about money, than that ?

P.S. Don't you remember Ron Paul said " The Austrian's are dead " during his Presidential run ? Looks like, one Austrian " von Mises " survived,at least in your house. :)


Re: "the current system is sustainable,true ?"

Essentially began under FDR when the Fed Resv. was used to manipulate monetary policy and artificially stimulate the economy.

The world's central banks are running on fumes.


Re: " The Austrian's are dead "

Would like to see the context since Dr. Paul is an "Austrian."

My understanding would be it's "dead" as a legitimate economic policy in today's bastardized Keynesian scheme.

Still a good primer:

Cliff Cannon

Re: " The Austrian's are dead " I was reading the Washington Post's economic columnist Robert Samuelson last week and he used that quote from Rep. Paul and said Paul had said it in Iowa during his Presidential run.

Which, I had no knowledge of. So I just tossed it in here for fun

The thing that Samuelson did make very clear, is that on order to pay for entitlements, welfare, etc. The Federal government is cutting back in big ways on infrastructure spending---- particularly in the military.

Mentioning for one example the air force is cutting out the " A-300 " a close range fighter bomber. That, plane has the capability's of saving the lives of our armed forces members fighting on the ground. Which means, lives will be lost,because we can not afford the plane.

Another cut in military is the size of the forces. The marines, who I watch like a hawk. Started downsizing from 212,000 people to 188,000 a few years ago and now they are falling to 175,000 members.

Obviously, as the percentage of payments rise in one area, they must fall in others. So who knows how many other basic infrastructure items will be eliminated as well ?


Re: "military."

i.e. jobs.

Few politicos want to go to their constituents and say: Hey! Look at all the jobs I helped us lose.

A carrier isn't being mothballed for this very reason:

Rand Paul is about the only politico who wants to restructure the U.S.' role as world policeman.

Cliff Cannon

It sure is going to be interesting to watch the shaking out of the vast changes that must come, as American come to grips with the fact that economically we are broke.

Obviously, there is no easy way to change our thinking from America having unlimited resources, to America having limited resources. Yet, is that not the truth ?

So political games will be played with aircraft carriers, American armed forces will continue to shed members, who knows what won't get done on our infrastructure.

Then top off these cutbacks by getting the stupidest, costliest, most ridiculous government program of my lifetime stuffed down our throats---'obamacare '.

Unbelievable, isn't it ? So maybe, I should use a word stronger than " interesting " to describe the changes coming our way.


Re: "America having unlimited resources, to America having limited resources."

Resources are 'always' limited.

Economics is about the allocation of those resources.

Austrian economics essentially believes in the decision-making ability of millions of individuals, i.e. free markets. (Adam Smith's "invisible hand.")

No centralize entity will 'ever' be efficient enough or know enough to make economic decisions for each and every single individual.

The Russians, who IMO are one h*ll of lot smarter than that crop in DC (and elsewhere) couldn't do it.