School delays, closings announced for Friday

Wind chill advisory in effect
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Feb 7, 2014


The following schools are closed today, Friday, Feb. 7, 2014:

New London Local Schools

South Central Local Schools

Western Reserve Local Schools

The following schools are on a two-hour delay:

Bellevue City Schools

Christie Lane School and Workshop

EHOVE Career Center

Monroeville Local Schools

Norwalk City Schools

Pioneer Career and Technical Center

Plymouth-Shiloh Local Schools

Seneca East Local Schools



There you go again Norwalk Reflector forgetting to put things in your articles. South Central was delayed 2hrs today. And not a peep from you about it. What a joke.


Pretty funny that after the two hour delay it is three degrees colder than when the delay started. So now at a negative 24 degrees out they are going to send the kids to school. All because of a basketball game! What's more important? Kids safety or a basketball game?


So, when did you move to the area? Clearly, you haven't been a life-long resident. This has been a joke for at least 20 years.


Lol. Oh I hear you. Just find it funny that he calls it for five other days when it is a couple degrees warmer but when there is a game on the line it's a different story!


Has nothing to do with a basketball game. They don't have a policy about not holding a sport event because of a school closing. We'd have had the game whether school was closed or not. It's up to the AD of each school regarding the game. I do wonder why the delay if you're going to open school two hours and negative degrees later.