Norwalk business closes, quietly sneaks out of town

Local warehouse vacated; employees offered jobs at other locations.
Scott Seitz2
Feb 9, 2014


The Batesville Casket Co. quietly closed its Norwalk warehouse at the end of 2013.

Officials said Thursday about eight employees were offered jobs at other locations.

The Norwalk building served as a small distribution center.

"I cannot speak for the company, but it is my understanding that they are consolidating some operations and offered employees opportunities in their other locations," said Ellen Heinz, director of the Norwalk Economic Development Corp.

Batesville Casket Company is a manufacturer of caskets and cremation urns. It is headquartered in Batesville, Ind.

In addition to Batesville, Indiana, there are factories in Batesville, Miss., Chihuahua, Mexico, Manchester, Tenn., Mexico City, Mexico, and Vicksburg, Miss.

A former outlet in Campbellsville, Kentucky, closed prior to 2000.



They may have quietly left, but it wasn't unknown.. heck i think i mentioned it back when Janesville made there announcement and everyone thought i was full of it.. i especially remember cliFF's comments.
(who DOES know what there talking about now cliFFy)
Most employees (atleast the ones i know) still retained there job and went ahead and relocated to Columbus..

See all you whiners.. Yes people do and will uproot and follow the work.. Alot of you on here are the one's who give every excuse and boo hoo about "home town feelings" just don't really want a job!

Company and employee taxes gone from this town.

swiss family

truckin....are you saying that iFFy could be WRONG?????? sorry but that is impossible!! just ask him!!!lol


Well all i can say..
Is yes Batesville was one of the higher pay scale warehouse employment in the area, and most workers have been there along time, but the workers were'nt making millions.. A job is a job, and so they said good bye to family and loved ones, sold or rented out there house and moved with job.. Many have done that with Ford GM etc..
So my theory on whiners instead of do'rs is right.. Even if the current job or previous was not ideal... MOVE... NEVER stop trying to improve on yourself.. So many in this area are the Boo Hoo's..and with that it gives them freebies...and that is enough for soooo many.


Like physical deserts, there are 'economic deserts.'

If over time, one sees desert-like conditions gradually destroying the cropland, what should one do?

I've often thought that the late Sam Kinison said it best:




I know a couple of the people there too and at least one got a better job than he had before. You must be talking about janesville

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Waiting for Obama to roll into Norwalk, talking about how great our economy is. He can give his long road ahead speech.


Years ago there was a sign just south of Norwalk which said, "Last one out of town, please turn off the lights." I thought it was funny at the time. Now I think it may have been a premonition.


Yep. U are now Monroeville. Next thing u know, ur extra curricular activities will stink and you'll have them really cruddy chromebooks that make ur kids use ur home computers to print with. Those chromebooks are a rip off and a piece of total junk. Look at the Sandusky article about the price Monroeville paid for them in a lease from Samsung or whatever. Schools that are bad in math and common knowledge, That's next for Norwalk..Enjoy


chromebooks are just fine.. that is what i use to seek loads and read the paper when out of town.. sure you can't print or use disc, but with only about $100 a pop after a few yrs get a new one and just sign in and it's like all the same stuff you had saved.. Makes switching devices very easy.


It may be ok, but it's weak. The fact is, my kids, 4 with Chromebooks, all have to use my computer to log into the schools chrome stuff, then print everything out. Last week when they were doing science fair projects, chemistry, and other things from the school, the last kid didn't go to bed until almost 2:AM. Oh yea I forgot, at 9:30, good ole dad had to make a Wal-Mart run for ink which would have been $46 plus (Epson). I ended up getting a new HP which uses cheaper ink. Not as good for photos. Plus Chromebooks don't teach them a thing about computer use they need for college. Both of my computer boys who went to BGSU (one now works at American Greetings and makes more than me and mom) both said that the deal Monroeville got for the product they received was a bad deal. Fact is, my kids say the other kids love them for facebook and games, hence the higher ratings. But the smart kids think they are cheap junk, and if they don't, they aren't the smart kids. To me, they remind me of the old Acer open 286's. Plus the thing with saving my stuff in "the cloud" just makes me feel like a huge virus is a coming. I want it all in my computer where I can save it to an external drive on my dresser. Last month, some creep almost got $497 from my bank using a hack in Pay Pal/E-Bay. Bad stuffs a coming in the cyber world. Target, Microsoft (through's a secret) Yahoo...better change the passwords and be careful. Seriously. And the kids on the uncontrolled Chromebooks...they'll bring the garbage home, even though the school says it's safe. Yea, so is Target and Capital One.


Batesville Casket Co. closed? H*ll, even the dead are movin' out.

The story was 'buried' at the bottom of pg. A-4 in the hardcopy.

Perhaps in the future, the NR should help to 'cover up' all mentions of business closings by 'plotting' them amongst the sport pg. stories.

Who knew in 2011, that when then mayoral candidate Duncan was campaigning on a platform of 'jobs, jobs, jobs,' that he was inferring that they'd be 'spirited away' elsewhere?


think of it more like this..
the same % die every year.. but..
families are electing for cremation (cheaper) versus traditional open casket funerals.
Makes sense in alot of ways..but also says alot of the current American economy.
When even the one's who service the dead are consolidating and die'in. (no pun intended) what does it say for the American Dream?
We have grown, built, and over tech'ed ourselves as a civilization.. others countries are now getting industry.. but after 20-80 yrs and tech kicks it..
Then what?
Great flood? Nuclear fallout?
Start from scratch?


Strange...Monroeville? Home to UUI, Jenatta & Herner, Homan's Milk Transport,The Bucket Factory & more. Home to a couple of American patents too. Those aforementioned organizations have repeatedly weathered the up & downs for decades. Not to mentioned UUI pays $25.00 & bennies. That thinking is why America is not dead.


No one is saying America is DEAD.. but the policies and actions of many are definitely heading down that path.
The businesses you speak of.. UUI ?? don't know anyone there or anything about it. but lets take the one's i know.
plastic factory, face it alot of tubs of all sizes are needed for numerous things especially at a low cost, which brings up employment cost?.. Most of them employees do work hard, but still meet every tax cut/rebate/full return/ and if have kids-so-called earned income (extra cash) so not a big contributor of revenue, except for sales tax and filling apartments.

Homan.. sure people got to eat and they have a nitch...Dairy.. and the investment has paid off with no real competition within a 75 mile radius so they not only cover local producers but have the opportunity to spread thru-out the country.... and drivers love to drive and are a breed that refuses to be a satisfied with anything but the best they can be. A trait lost by many in the work force. But i don't see that hanging on much more than 10-15 yrs.. when most of the trucking force are all well above 40 yrs old. alot not in the greatest health and the young just aren't wanting...either refuse to work/be gone from home for any length of time.
J & H.. good company, pay well but have to do a bit of extensive travel for jobs..along with every other local construction outfit..they TRAVEL
So that brings up my theory.. follow the work.
As with me.. I can live in this die'in community along side of family and raise my siblings in small safer than most, community..
i have a job that doesn't matter where i live...I have a CDL and people will always have to eat or wipe there rear's..spouse-nurse..anywhere find a job. so in time we will move away and TOTALLY encourage my children to do the same if i don't move them before they become of age and they possibly make the mistake so many have and sit around this area and wait for the jobs to come to them, always looking to government for answers...


Good post. One of my kids left to Cleveland. The next finishes college and goes probably to Nationwide in Columbus in July. the next will probably stay around here within 25 miles due to the fact that she's not the brain. The next will move far away for sure. He's already in high school and college and following his other two brothers in the brain world. Fact is, the only ones that will be close to me to watch me die are the ones that may not be as smart. But they will still help put America back together again because I am their dad and I will always remind them of how it WAS and how it SHOULD BE AGAIN.


I'm talking about the small businesses. Those you mentioned are great companies with wonderful home ties. But they don't sell hamburger. If it weren't for the Dollar Store with the winter the way it is, we'd be bumper-car-ing it all the way to Norwalk. But, Norwalk has a few more folks in their town and if they end up with the amount of businesses we have, they're dead. Heck, what is Norwalk's unemployment rate? Even Wal Mart finally realized that things in Norwalk are getting bad and actually lowered their Great Value milk to $2.99 after I complained for 3 years about it. It's been less than $2.99 at the Sandusky and Fremont Wal Marts all along. And America is not dead, just confused and sick.


Cocaine is a hell of a drug. Eastbound and down.


Well truckin once again you are wrong & here is why. Underground Utilities (edge of Monroeville on 547). Most want a job there. The pople there make more than those with degrees. It does involve work though. Many Americans are weak & disdain effort. Rollie Homan built that business & his son is doing a great job of keeping it viable - they built a NEW location & own ALL their equipment. They'll be around - milk has many uses. Sounds like you are the hired hand. Winners create & don't quit. That's the America I know. Along with Bores Mfg. too. Or Pete Sofios from Norwalk, that great man taught me much. Wish he was still here.


"Many Americans are weak & disdain effort." Right on statement. It’s like the Obama idea of raising the minimum wage so those that those who are less educated can have a decent paycheck. Well, I am one of those less educated people. I only went to the 10th grade. I had no home and to work instead of school. I learned at 18 at the Nashville Bridge Company in Nashville that there was no way I was going to spend my life scraping rust and welding flux out of the bottom of barges and towboats. So at lunch I’d grab a welding machine and slowly but surely broke an arc. Next thing you know I’m tacking for a fitter. Soon I’m asking him how the blueprint was compared to the piece he cut out of steel. He showed me, and soon I’m laying out the steel, cutting it with a torch, and holding it up and tacking it to the wall of the barge while he’s sitting there smoking cigarettes. Next thing you know I’m walking it Nashville across the Cumberland river from the shipyard and there’s this hooker looking for Friday business through the open door of a place called McMurray Steel. Next thing you know, I’m out of the hot barges and into a structural steel shop. A big raise and an easier cleaner job. Then came the Herrick Corporation in Hayward California where I was in the same type of business making oddles of money as a 1st class fitter/layout man/welder, then a lead man. Certified 1st class welder in steel designed for earthquake standards. Box beams with 6 inch walls. Now I work at a place where I take an idea from my boss, and create, out of aluminum or stainless steel, everything we need to help produce our product, with no blueprints. Sort of like being an engineer, job planner, fitter, burner, welder, and part estimator. Still can’t spell, but I can create like hades. So when it comes to poor poor pitiful me people, I’m living proof that you can be somebody who can come out of the streets of the SF/Oakland Bay Area’s streets and go from sleeping in bushes as a scared kid, to sending sons to college. So who am I? I’m an American. A U.S.A American.


Great... but dispute the future driver issue..
God you went all around the point.
You surely can not dispute the fact.. drivers getting older, many unhealthy, and with tighter regs.. less staying in the field. Transportation is a field i know quite well... Where are all these new drivers gonna come from ...Mexico? cuz the many driving or learning to drive or have ANY interest in driving are not American youth..
and these company employee's you speak of.. Heck i haven't made less than 50 grand for over 25 yrs.. with no degree.
I have owned many of trucks, drove and even spent some time as a trans.supervisor...I have had it easy.. I actually learned something,kept clean and didn't make a whole lot of mistakes..
Not everyone needs a degree to build something..SURE!!
but have to have the WILL.
and besides the generational wealth handing downs (businesses) Homan trk. Miller trk. Wensinck seed. I could go on and on also..
Were is the future for more than a few around here???
This area would dry so quick if the stimulus income/handout stops. Period


Once again I say, cocaine is a hell of a drug.


Wrong again. Those were built businesses without handouts. That's the real difference. Andy Homan works hard btw. imo trucking will get better for the driver also or there will be more O.O. People will have to be valued, its only a matter of time. (You proved you aren't from here)


GOD don't you read..
I know all businesses have been built by the WWII vets or close to age.. But all the businesses are now becoming hand-me-downs,, Fact.. which is fine.. just fact..
most offspring just don't have the will as there old man had.. just a generational thing.... fact.
I believe truckin will get better also but.
FOR THE ONE's who DO IT!! not many are or have the desire like from the 70's 80's and 90's.. just a culture of tech and keeping hands clean thing.
..and as far as O.O... of course.. that is why i own my own.. Make more $ or if anything the same with less hours and freedom/ flexible schedule and get taxed on about half.. which in return is actually more.. and if you've done things right thru life.. Your like me, at a point where you pay cash for the things you want so now that becomes even a more money gained aspect.
BUT.. one more factor.. ALOT of people don't have the cash or the credit to own a trk. or the brains to keep back cash for unexpected breakdowns.. That is why so many fail and so many companies have these escrow accts etc.
which my opinion if you can't save your own 400 for a tire or 1200 for a clutch.. you have no business in business.. your just a company driver with more headache. that's all... and
Heck most people can't save enough for a washer or dryer.. they have to charge it.
people/drivers are valued.. much more than in past.. but still doesn't change the fact that there are not as many getting in the business than that which are to be leaving!
.. Grew up my WHOLE life in this area..
BUT a BIG FACTOR.. i have lived else where also.. Years of the USMC.. then some Fl. Tx. and Mo. with that gain ALOT of what others and other areas offer and do..
and am only here now, since folks are older and retired.. and at a late time in my life i decided to have children and wish them to be raised in Mayberryville (MILAN) for the safe environment...
and other than the hand me down co's... (family businesses) (family land hand downs etc) if that is NOT a factor.. Not much to stick around here for.. PERIOD.
So where do you see this area getting BIG and STRONG?


Re: "So where do you see this area getting BIG and STRONG?"


Where & what is the economic catalyst?

I likewise was born & raised here, but have lived elsewhere.

To create and sustain economic prosperity, growth is needed.

Vibrancy; not merely subsistence survival living as some are professing.

The majority of the brightest youth, become educated and leave. Leaving the elderly & the poor behind. NOT a dynamic for growth.

Really are you ...

I am. I am tired of trying to find a place to retire from. Twice I have lost and am losing a job here in Norwalk. I am tired of all these factory jobs leaving. I am tired of high gasoline prices. I am tired of congresses inability to negotiate or compromise. I am tired of hearing about and talking about change. I am tired of everything negative that has been happening lately.

I will create quality jobs. I will turn this situation around. If Mayor Duncan can bring other jobs here, then great news for us. I am starting to take this heartache personal. I will make change for a better future.

If the government doesn't want to lose money from taxes on oil, then they can still keep that money press rolling. Change is coming.


Look in the mirror. That is where the riddle is solved.


You just don't seem to get it..
You think everyone is there own worst enemy..
I will make it simple.
Trucking and construction work has been able to sustain the tech world..
Tech has brought safer conditions but not replacement (yet).. Yet population has grown.. so do you see why the steady work.
Yet this area. It was first grown on hard farm labor during the Canal Days, then came the industrial period. Which required nothing but a body to push or press and show up. Then thru time with the push for higher and higher wages for there time.. Life and wages were good. But as tech knowledge grew, wages continued higher, people refused to do the same work , yet wanted more money, businesses came up with robots, machines that replaced the man quickly.. That is why retirements, pension plans and people lives are interrupted over and over again.
Now for this area if it wasn't for the growth in government workers (which will soon trim) a good base with Trucking and Construction. Assistance from government stimulus, through tax refunds for low wages or flat out welfare, the other "retail" sector of our area would sink fast. It all is a big circle.
Look around the country.
Stop asking WHY are they thriving and just become a part of it..
Heck our area is full of a bunch of Kentucky and W.V. families who moved away when the coal slowed for the rust belt jobs back in the 50's 60's. So once again people may need to migrant again.. Just back then American's
They didn't whine cuz Johnny has to move from his friends.
Just sayin'


Re: "Now for this area if it wasn't for the growth in government workers,"

Look at the stats: The largest employers in Huron Co. are govt. and not-for-profits.

NOT a foundation on which to build a prosperous, growing economic environment.


You could not have been in my Marine Corps. Attitude, attitude, attitude. That is how you move fwd.