City might consider hiring IT person

Right now, each Norwalk department "does its own thing" when it comes to information technology.
Scott Seitz2
Feb 11, 2014


Mayor Rob Duncan mentioned during last Tuesday night's state of the city address the administration will likely approach council at some point this year and request the addition of an information technology (IT) person.

Presently, each city department "does its own thing" when it comes to IT.

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It is almost always cheaper to have a sub contractor than an employee when you factor the cost of benefits. I suggest you interview IT people who you can contract with and have the contract make them accountable. Many issues can be resolved with a phone call or they can even access your system by remote.

The City of Norwalk cannot afford another salaried position with benefits. If we could, we could afford to add a police officer or a fireman or we would not have had to consolidate the street department with the rec department. We could continue spraying for mosquitos or have an annual trash pick up (not just an extra bag). Do we have a building inspector? That might be nice for those purchasing or remodeling homes.


Re: "request the addition of an information technology (IT) person."

1. No additions without attrition.


2. Hire an outside contractor. Privatize, privatize, privatize.


As a seasoned IT professional who has worked Salaried/Hourly positions as well as Contract positions Either way is fine but it depends on the environment and requirements. Without knowing the what the Cities IT infrastructure is like I cannot make that call.

It can also be beneficial to have a head of IT to help centralize and de duplicate services/equipment thus reducing IT expenditures.

However you also need to remember that Contract positions can be more costly because they generally have higher per hour rates or flat rate/hour requirements. I personally charge up to 150% more per hour than a salaried position or require a set number of hours per week/month dependent on the project/environment if I am working as a Contractor.

This is not geek squad level IT here either and some of the local shops that I know of here would not be up to the task of handling them either.

J Cooper

Less tax revenue from massive private employment loses paying income taxes, answer from the jobs, jobs, jobs mayor, create another public sector job funded by decreased tax revenues. At least put it out for competitive bid and attempt to lock the rate in with a minimum response time for service.

Dr. Information

Its really easy here. Add up the costs of having to call Jim the electronics guy over the last year, if its more than adding another person to the dole, then hire an IT guy. If its less, keep Jim around.