Drug dealer says she loves being sober

Local woman thanked judge for sending her to prison
Cary Ashby
Feb 10, 2014


Chelsey M. McCullough thanked the judge for sending her to prison because she said the experience taught her a lot.

The convicted drug dealer said she wouldn't have "gotten it" if she had been in a community-based corrections facility first instead of going to prison. A CBCF is a form of prison which focuses on substance abuse treatment and education.

"It did help me," the former New London resident.

McCullough, 25, was released early from prison Thursday and placed on three years of intensive probation. She will remain in custody at the Huron County Jail to be screened for acceptance into a CBCF.

"I was impressed by the letter you wrote to the court," Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway told McCullough.

The judge said he's impressed with her attitude and intention to succeed.

While in prison, McCullough obtained her GED and regularly attended church and substance abuse programs.

McCullough told the Reflector after Thursday's hearing about her plans after finishing her time at the CBCF, which includes going to college. She stressed she wants to give back to the community and other people with drug addictions.

"I know there's not a lot of opportunities here. I want to go out and speak to other addicts," she said.

In September 2012, a jury -- after two full days of testimony and nearly 2 1/2 hours of deliberation -- found McCullough guilty of two counts each of selling heroin and morphine to a confidential informant whom she contacted by texting.

Then in mid-May, McCullough pleaded guilty to possession of heroin. The conviction was for a March 30 traffic stop when Trooper Thomas Halko, of the state Highway Patrol, stopped McCullough for a lane violation when she was eastbound on Ohio 18. The court sentenced her to 23 months in prison -- six months for the possession of heroin conviction and 17 months for a series of probation violations.

McCullough admits now she had been denying her drug usage for many years.

"We all have to go through something to find themselves," she said Thursday. "Living sober is great."



So glad to see her beat the odds!Most have to hit the bottom to know the only way is up? GOOD JOB!!GOD BLESS CHELSEY!!


It can be done!God bless you girl!

Cary Ashby

Best of luck, Chelsey! I hope you'll be a success story.


Catchy headline

simply me

Way to go Chels! I'm so very proud of you! The only way to go now is up! See you soon mama!


She was just released from prison on Thursday, let's see how long till she makes the paper again!


I was thinking the same thing. They always go back to that heroin. It's the devil!


Can we start a relapse pool?


i mean i hope the best for this girl... but whats that saying dont count your chickens before they hatch??


@"coldasice " and "wildbunch3" ...negative pieces of crap like you are the reason many people do not do as well as they could. I will pray a prayer for your weak minds. Probably junkies yourselves... and a big hi five to chel. I will have her on our prayer list...


Sorry, I'm not a junkie. I have this thing called self respect, and a job! This isn't her first time getting clean, and I'm sure it wot be her last! Like another person stated, those freshly clean that want to go help others seldom succeed. She needs to worry about helping herself! It's a lot harder to stay clean outside of prison. I know many people that have family members that are on drugs and I've seen all the times they said they were gonna stay clean....the statistics speak for themselves!

simply me

They don't ALWAYS go back to heroin... I'm a perfect example. So shove one..


Just so you know ......id love to meet you and shake your hand. Lol


Best wish's! to anyone being happy bettering themselves..
How many overweight people were happy with the weight they once lost...then?
Quit smoking cig's and felt better..then??
with drugs.. i can NOT relate..just hope she keeps herself SURROUNDED by non-drug user's..PERIOD
Odd's of an ex cig smoker who starts to date a smoker? slim
Odd's of a fit lifestyle and starts to date a great baker? just sayin'

Good 2 B Me

Best of luck keeping clean. The best suggestion that I can give is to keep the right company. If you want to be successful, surrouond yourself with successful and positive people.

Hopefully we never see your name in the news unless it is for something great!

Best of luck Chelsey!


looks like she got out just in time for our wedding!

swiss family

I hope , for her sake, that she does "get it' I do worry though , when I hear someone who is just recently sober, talk about wanting to help everyone else get sober too.. Please just concentrate on your own sobriety for now, you are not in a good position at this time to try to help anyone else.. it is nice of you to want to help others, but usually the counselors will tel you to resist that urge for now, because trying to help someone and having them be unsuccessful , at this time could cause you to fail as well...I believe that we have all seen , too many locals who went through rehab and came out with that same "gung ho" attitude, and then fail so miserably, but secretly getting right back into trouble... please you need to work on you for now.. there will be plenty of temptations, and old friends who want to see you go back to who you were before, I pray that you are strong, and build up that strength every day..


Best of luck for much success!


Prove them wrong Chelsey! Realize many want you to go fwd. Best wishes.


All the haters leave her alone ,she's trying to better herself .


im a lover, not a hater..


Heroin addiction is one of hardest to defeat ,so I applaud this young lady ,may God lead you on a good path .