Salt scarce, overtime up in Norwalk

Street crews only salting bridges, hills and "bad areas" in effort to conserve dwindling salt supply.
Scott Seitz2
Feb 8, 2014


The winter continues to take its toll on Norwalk's salt supply and overtime budget.

Richard Moore, general services department superintendent, said Wednesday the city has about 500 tons of salt left.

The city has 160 tons on order, per its contract, but that salt "will get here when it gets here."

Moore said street crews are only salting bridges, hills and "bad areas" to try and conserve salt.

"This is one of the worst," Moore said, talking about this winter. Moore has been with the city since 1986. "The guys are tired. This is really hard on them."

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Kottage Kat

It has been difficult for all of us to some degree.
Ah, what the heck just blame it on the Mayor, everyone else would. Lol


Re: "just blame it on the Mayor,"

Why? Did he campaign on a platform of 'snow, snow, snow'? :)



swiss family

In my opinion, I think the guys have done an outstanding job of clearing thye streets ...I know that at times it seems like a never ending job, the more you clear them the more you need to clear them again..I know they are paid and compensated for the long hours that they need to put in to do the great job that they are doing, but I also know that at times, when they are the only people out fighting the never ending battle, while everyone else is safe and secure in their warm homes, the long hours and lack of sleep has to "get to them" Great job to everyone involved.. we are lucky to have such a dedicated team ... thank you..


The City workers are doing a fine job!

Fibber Mcgee

Wait a minute, that's what these guys get paid to do. Work long hours, avoid hitting cars that are parked on the road during a parking ban, Just smile when people give them a single finger salute when they plow their driveway shut, spend time away from there homes so we can be out on he roads when we really don't have to be. Yep, get paid to do.:)


Agree with the gist of your sentiment.

Aren't their wages also contractually frozen?

OT - only way to make extra cash.

Kottage Kat

Absolutely concur.
Applause to the street crews.


I'm sorry I must disagree with all of you. All of the surrounding cities keep their roads up very well but once you enter Norwalk it's like another country! You must not drive often, but I do, all over and Norwalk is by far the worst city! To me it is all an excuse, we are no different than other cities.... If we have guys on overtime working all of these hours there is a simple solution, hire more men to plow!! We are paying outstanding rates for overtime so I'm sure the budget will allow for it!!!!

J Cooper

I agree with TheLegend, I drive in many other cities of similar size and this year Norwalk has just not done a good job plowing the streets.


You two know it all's must not do any driving in Sandusky then like perkins ave and Monroe st. Always some people that have to complain, probably a couple pre-maddonas behind a desk.


Pre-madonna? Actually I'd be post-Madonna since she is much older than me!! I think you meant Prima Donna. We have both stated that we drive quite a bit, so whether we are "Pre-Madonna's behind a desk" or not isn't of your concern.....




There are always people in every town who think they have it worse than others. If you live in Sandusky, their town is the worse, if you live in Bellevue, their town is the worse, If you live in Fremont, it's their town. The truth of the matter is that all cities have had it rough this year. Because most city workers are covered by unions, the city cannot "hire out" snow removal. Not all city workers have CDL licenses, therefore there are only so many city workers qualified to drive a plow and let's face it, they have to be tired of all the ot. There are also certain streets that HAVE priority over others. Streets with hospitals, factories, schools, nursing homes, and state routes are usually done first. Instead of complaining, sit tight and let the guys do their job.


Inquiringmind, I understand what you mean, but I drive in all of those towns, and Norwalk is by far the worst. I'm just stating a fact, and I guess I am questioning the way it is being handled. City workers in the street dept. without CDL's? Why wouldn't that be mandatory? I do feel for the guys that put in the overtime, I'm sure it's rough on them, but I'm not blaming them! They must do what they're told, I'm questioning the people who are telling them.....


CDL's....It wouldn't/couldn't be mandatory...
There are way too many who work for the city that....let's just say couldn't cut the mustard,
Any actual qualifications would damper the good ol'boy hiring practices.
look around at any city office or dept. ???? one could easily connect the dots.

Brock Lee

snow sucks


If they need salt all they need to do is go to a fast food joint and shack the excess off the fries!
That'd probably provide enough for a couple years.