Cocaine co-defendants plead innocent

Pair of Norwalk men accused of selling coke.
Cary Ashby
Feb 11, 2014


A pair of men arrested in connection with the same suspected cocaine case pleaded "not guilty" to their charges last week.

Ruben R. Garcia, 47, of 2 Harris Ave., is charged with one count each of complicity to trafficking in cocaine and possession of cocaine. Both of the fifth-degree felonies are in connection with a Dec. 18 incident.

"They just gave it to me (Tuesday) night," Garcia told Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway, referring to his warrant.

A Huron County grand jury issued a secret indictment against Garcia on Jan. 31. Authorities issue secret indictments if they suspect the defendant might flee.

Garcia's suspected accomplice, Gregory A. Meade, 26, of 117 N. West St., is charged with trafficking in cocaine.

At 3:37 p.m. Tuesday, Norwalk Police Capt. Dave Smith responded to a Bouscay Avenue apartment, where Detective Sgt. Jim Fulton had Meade in custody on the warrant, according to a police report.

"They let me out of jail Friday," Meade told the judge about a different charge.

"The re-arrested me Tuesday. ... I was only out of jail three days," Meade added.

Huron County Public Defender David Longo, in discussing Meade's bond, said his office is representing Meade on a pending felony charge and when he couldn't post a $5,000 bond with a 10-percent provision, the court had released him on a personal recognizance bond. That means Meade signed a court document in which he promised to appear for future hearings without having to pay any money.

While Meade said they don't have any prior felony convictions and isn't on probation now, he said he was convicted of assaulting a police officer when he was a juvenile.

Meade, whose trial date is March 13, must post a $5,000 bond before being released from the Huron County Jail. Garcia is being held on a $5,000 bond with a 10-percent provision. His trial is set for April 22.

Each defendant is subject to random drug screens.



probably shouldnt mess with coke boys. you would probably just get a vacation for smack..


Greg is such a waste of space.


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Wow Gregory youve been telling me for years that the police been wanting you to work for them... Smh how does someone who is a known runner aloud out on an OR oh thats right its actually a snitch bond I knew it!! Also wherever the police picked him up at in bouscay that is his address so if he told you n. West st he lied.... It's funny how Gregory gets out of every single felony ive known him to at least get 5 in the last 2yrs dropped. As for Ruben he is an awesome great man! Would help anyone out! I dunno how many times hes had Gregs back since hes his son. Never once turned his back on him this comment might get deleted but oh well Good Luck Ruben! Greg you get everything you deserve if you get anything out of this at all that is...


Is this Stacy's husband? I hope not!


Yes it is


Wow...does this mean Stacy is a cokehead, too? Never imagined that from her. Such a pretty young lady to be doing this crap..


Did you really ask that? That's how rumors get started. No she's not.


Yes I did ASK that. Did I say she was a coke head? NO..Did I ask if she MAY be a coke head because HER HUSBAND got busted for coke? Yes I did. Simple question. USUALLY if the husband does drugs, so does the wife(and vise-versa). So there you go simpleton..explain it good enough for you? I knew Stacy many years ago and am worried she got cuaght up in something. So shut-up.I'm not starting any rumors. Just simple question that even you should be able to understand.


Ill keep it simple. Never said I didn't understand. And if you knew her and your worried about her, why not ask her?


WASP71....Obviously YOU Dont Know Ruben or Stacy very well. Neither of them DO DRUGS! If you really knew them then you would know the whole story not just the story in the paper. Judgemental people are hilarious.

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swiss cheese kat

So he only deals drugs? Thanks for clearing that up for the rest of us..


Hey d!psh!t..if you read my comments I was asking if this was Stacy's husband-so no I don't know Reubin. I also said I haven't seen Stacy in many years. So you're right- I don't know either of them very well. Him not at all and her I stated I haven't seen in many years. So I am going by the paper and saying that he is AT THE VERY LEAST a drug dealer. And to let you know- most dealers don't just deal. They use to get theirs free, etc. So before you say anything to make yourself look stupid make sure to read my comments. And I stick by mine. Is she a cokehead or along for the ride? And I guess by your reasoning he just deals. Thank god! I'd hate to see some low life user die from using his stuff! That's sarcasm if you didn't realize it...


Your very welcome swiss. Glad I could help u out with having no life besides sit on here and judge people. Your life must be very boring. Not saying he is a drug dealer stupid. But stacy isn't a drug addict. Maybe he is a pharmacist. ...lmao. pharmacists sells drugs and they are not considered a drug There u go I gave u something else to talk about.


Really? You're actually stating that comment about a pharmacist? Last I looked pharmacist don't deal in coke, crack, heroin, etc., etc. Boy that just made you look even more dumb. And if the family doesn't like any of us being judgmental then tell their family to not be drug dealers, addicts, etc. If they aren't on here being stupid, we won't talk smack on them. Pharmacist "deal" drugs legally, prescribed by a doc. Not by the dude on the corner with crack in his mouth.


I really think all news papers should take the comment part off of the website. I have seen so many people run their mouth about people on here. It's sad to see people try to be little people on here when it comes to drugs, death, suicide, car accidents, kids hit by cars, abuse of other people...ect. The sad thing is people have families that hurt by the stupid stuff people say on here. When u actually get off your lazy butt and buy a news paper there is not anywhere to post comments so why should it be a loud on the website? I feel bad for families.




See wasp7...I told you I would give u more to talk about. Duh stupid I meant for it to sound know sarcasm. oh wait you don't know what sarcasm is you only know what judgemental Enjoy your evening


Greg is garbage and deserves what he gets. Ruben has sold drugs for years....just flew under the question is....does he still beat his wife? Neither one will do any time...they will both squeal like pigs!


Couldn't of said it any better myself.