Heroin dealer pleads guilty

Brother, also accused of selling heroin, faces Feb. 18 trial.
Cary Ashby
Feb 11, 2014


An area man faces six to 18 months behind bars when he is sentenced April 16 for selling heroin to a confidential informant.

Jedidiah A. Wimer, 21, of Sandusky, pleaded guilty Tuesday to one count of trafficking in heroin. In exchange for the conviction, prosecutors dismissed two other charges of trafficking in heroin in connection with incidents on Sept. 25 and 26.

He has a tampering-with-evidence charge pending in Erie County. The Sandusky Police Department investigated the suspected May 10 incident and prosecutors filed the third-degree felony three days later, according to Sandusky Municipal Court records.

Wimer has entered a "not guilty" plea to the charge, which is punishable by nine months to three years in prison. A spokeswoman with the Erie County prosecutor's office said the case hadn't been forwarded to common pleas court as of Tuesday.

In the local case, the Norwalk Police Department coordinated a buy-bust after the Oct. 11 incident.

"This was the third buy off this guy, Jedidiah," Detective Sgt. Jim Fulton said afterward.

"The other brother, Jacob, had some marijuana on him. He was issued a summons. He didn't have a driver's license," he added.

Jacob A. Wimer, 23, also of Sandusky, goes to trial Feb. 18. He is charged with complicity to trafficking in heroin in connection with the Oct. 11 incident in which he reportedly was driving his girlfriend's vehicle.



Maybe by the time you get out, Jed, you will have a few more hairs on your chiny, chin, chin.

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Sometimes...I feel....lonely. I feel like I'm the only person in the entire firelands area, that doesn't do drugs, or abuse alcohol.
In reality, I know there is more of us out there. There has to be!


I'm sorry to here about these young men , I know there family and they are good people. Keep your heads up and use this time to grow as an individual. When you get out you have to make some tuff decisions on which direction you want your life to go... It isn't always the easiest thing to do , but with a good surrounding and dedication you can do anything you like.. Good luck

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swiss cheese kat

The neck tat shows what direction they are heading. Loserville.

ben castin

he needs to be real sorry and it will all go away.


Looks contrite to me...I'd give him a second chance...heroin will likely be ok for "medicinal purposes or personal use in small quantities" in the near term the way things are going.


He will be sorry in a day or 2 when he starts having withdrawals...and is stuck in county puking his guts up and no one to help him through it...must say a rehab then off to prison to think about what your doing wrong...my opinion why send to prison when they haven't got a clue as to why there in there...get there head out of the drugs..then make them face reality...with prison!!!