Convicted Norwalk drug dealer accused of furnishing alcohol to minors

Man remains behind bars as probation violation allegations are handled.
Cary Ashby
Feb 6, 2014


A Norwalk resident convicted of a drug-related offense admitted there is probable cause he violated his probation.

Christopher T. Cook, 24, of 152 1/2 Whittlesey Ave., was in Huron County Common Pleas Court on Monday.

Cook pleaded guilty to trafficking in oxycodone in early June. The conviction is for an Oct. 24, 2011 offense. As part of a plea deal, prosecutors dismissed two similar charges stemming from Oct. 25 and Dec. 6, 2011 incidents.

Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Daivia Kasper told the judge Monday the state dismissed a probation violation complaint in September, but Cook "tested positive for a number of drugs" the next month.

At the prosecutor's request, Conway ordered Cook be held without bond until his March 3 hearing. While in jail, he will be screened for possible acceptance in a CBCF.

During his pre-sentence interview prior to being sentenced in late August, Cook tested positive for undisclosed drugs.

On July 9, the Norwalk Police Department arrested Cook and four other suspects in connection with an underage drinking party. The other people were between the ages of 18 and 20.

Cook was charged with furnishing alcohol to minors, but it's unclear how or if the case was resolved.

He remains in custody at the Huron County Jail.



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HS Sports Fan

As the heroin problems escalates, the Kid Cops are out raiding underage drinking parties. This along with the traffic offences are surely crimes this force can handle. The people of Norwalk should be proud to live in a town that is now no safer than Willard or Sandusky. SO SAD!!


" no safer than Willard". Now? That's rich. Norwalk hasn't been as safe as Willard for a while. Norwalk has a crime index of 21 (100 being the safest). This means that Norwalk is only safer than 21% of ALL other Ohio towns. So 79% of Ohio is safer. 79%!!!!! How's that high horse feeling now, knowing its not so high? Willard has a crime index of 28 and Sandusky has a crime index of 8. Looks like Willard is still holding records over Norwalk and not just of the basketball type!

Norwalk's stats;

Willard's stats;

Sandusky stats;


Willard has done a lot to clean up and protect the town. You can't drive through the town day or night without seeing several police cars. Neighbors are watching out for neighbors. You don't have to worry about going shopping after dark on Woodland anymore. Maybe the problem just moved on but Willard sure feels safer---at the moment. Things can change overnight.


sportsfan sounds like u have a HUGH chip on ur shoulder.Our cops are out there in the middle of all this crap Do u know what else goes on at underage drinking parties? I didn't think so. besides these kids are driving home after Every town in America has a drug problem all the cops and see if u can ride along once. If u have the sports fan balls to play


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"An' crime index" ....wth is wrong with you? I see was not your teacher


"An' crime index" ....wth is wrong with you? I see was not your teacher