Mayor: ‘Bright days ahead’ for Norwalk

Focus on jobs will continue this year, Duncan says during state of the city address.
Scott Seitz
Feb 5, 2014


Mayor Rob Duncan delivered a spirited state of the city address at Tuesday night’s council meeting

Duncan began by saying “Norwalk has retained its stability in difficult times.”

The mayor added 2013 was a year of opportunities, but also a year of challenges.

The focus on jobs will continue in 2014.

The mayor said the extraordinary effort of the Norwalk Economic Development Corp. and its director, Ellen Heinz, has paid off, as evidenced by the city approving a job creation grant agreement with the Dan-Mar Company on Tuesday night.

More than 20 new businesses opened within the past two years in Norwalk, the mayor said, and a number of blighted buildings were taken off the market.

The mayor singled out ACE Hardware, which is 30 percent ahead of its sales projections.

Duncan also touted Patina46, a recent recipient of a Heritage Ohio Business Award.

The 2013 zoning report indicated $31 million in new construction and alterations.

“That’s the third highest since 1985,” the mayor said, adding a lot of that credit goes to Fisher-Titus and its expansions.    The mayor also noted the opening of Rural King, a $4 million investment at Shaker Village, nine start-ups in new housing and one new duplex.

“There are a lot of good things happening,” Duncan said.

The mayor thanked Mark Schloemer for his time as safety-service director and commended the addition of Bob Patusky, who replaced Schloemer.

“We have two quality schools systems,” the mayor said about Norwalk City Schools and Norwalk Catholic School.

“We also have a very vibrant uptown,” he said, thanking Kristie Wert, Main Street Norwalk program manager, for all her hard work.

The city entered 2014 with a $2.5 million general fund carryover, Duncan said, much to the credit of finance director Diane Eschen.

Looking ahead to this year, Duncan promised more tools will be added to the city’s economic development toolbox.

The mayor said the city should seriously consider adding an Internet and information technology person to the staff.

“We also need to plan for a new fire department,” he said.

“There are bright days ahead,” the mayor added.


Scranton Tibbs

Contango is lubing up the keyboard as we speak. This thread is gonna get longer than the line at the unemployment office.


Re: "the line at the unemployment office."

Say it ain't so!

So where are all the campaigned on 'jobs, jobs, jobs'?


Under the bus that rode outta town. Why that place is the county seat of Huron Co. still amazes me.


Re: "the county seat of Huron Co."

The ONLY municipality in Huron Co. that gained population for the 2010 census.

All others lost.


Please Mayor stop focusing on jobs they are almost all gone. No more job focus.


@ scranton tibbs,
You would think "Contango" would use her real name Letmepicyou!
Why keep changing screen names?
We can blame, blame, and blame all day long but at the end of the day its not going to help nor change matters.
We can take that argument back to the cross!
Being a mayor of any city in this country is a thankless job! its easier to break someone down rather than offer support or be involved in helping a situation!Its easier being negative or pessimistic!
If your not part of the solution then your part of the problem?
Gee i should blame my parents or god for that matter for bringing me into this world!
Everyone alive today wouldn"t be here if generations past gave up on the situation they were in!
When I was a much younger man the days before the internet i had met a vetran of ww2 who was in the battle of "iwo jima" i heard of it but really didnt know what it was at the time?
Years later I found out what that man went thru! 40 thousand marines died taking that island in the pacific! I feal so proud today of having met that man and the sacrafice he made for me to be able to comment on here.
I for one will do my best so that those who came before me will not die in vein...


As a Marine you need to become a little more realistic.. and not just go off of word of mouth.
over a 36 day battle 6-7000 American soldiers died at Iwo Jima around 25,000 injured. The battle of Okinawa, 80 some days with around 10-12,000 died.
WWII is a big part of my life as i am a involved with the Pearl Harbor sons and daughters group and traveled to the Island for a few reunion ceremonies.

As far as mayor, you have some valid points to the "thankless job".
But you must face the fact that the only reason our little city has even come close to funding programs and surviving is due to the fact of Federal Gov. stimulus programs and expanded welfare and unemployment programs. Which give people money to spend..
What is produced here??? what jobs but service industry.. but since there has been free, out of thin air, heavily debt cash flowing, the tax revenue can continue.
Time will come, flowing cash will come to an end. Then what do we have to turn to?? Look around a 20 mile radius.. What is there?
and not saying just a Norwalk problem... but the whole nation..
but a poor little town of Norwalk has but a small % of producers but alot of takers.. (include gov, local, county, state workers in that) Not that they don't work, but are ONLY funded from the tax flow..
What happens when the flow slows??


Re: "Being a mayor of any city in this country is a thankless job!"

Funny, a liberal backing a Repub.

Guess he ain't conservative.

As he's previously stated; Mr. Duncan intends to run for re-election in 2015 and lucky you can vote for him again!

Cliff Cannon

Hey Snoozer: How you been, my friend ? Tremendously, enjoyed your brilliant, straight to the heart of the matter commentary. ( Although, I doubt my buddy ' Contango ' changes, his user id. But..... )

Truthfully, I would love to be able to debate or add something to your central points. Yet, how could anyone with a grateful heart, who's eyes are open to the struggles of 'real life' they witness everyday be anything other than in agreement ?

It was a goose bump moment reading of your friend who fought on " Bloody Iwo " ( Jima ) although, I think the causality rate should include nearly everyone of the 60,000 plus people who stormed that island.

Why? Consider just these things. The Japanese captured who knows how many POW's yet, less than 5 survived captivity ( and how well do you think they did in 'real life ' after that ? )

Now consider the death of medal of honor winner " Manilla John " Basilone . Sgt. Basilone won his medal on that hell hole named Guadalcanal and could have sat out the rest of the war selling bonds.

Tiring of that, he returned to action and was virtually cut in two by a machine gun. Of course, being a bonifide hero Sgt. Basilone ( today part of the Parris Island marine boot camp is named in his honor ) would've been well known. So how many night meres do you think his horrible death led too ?

Maybe worst of all for those who fought almost 69 years ago to the day on " Bloody Iwo " is that there was no clear reason for attacking it. Still today 'political' reasons may well be the answer as there was serious Washington talk of folding the marines into the navy. ( " marine " means : My Arse Rides In Navy Equipment )

Of course, the legendary picture of the marines raising the flag atop " Mt Surabachi " secured marine corp. independence. Although, as recently as 2 years ago the question in D.C. was what do we do with the marines ? ( Current answer downsize them by 25,000 people )

I for one am truly grateful you brought up " Bloody Iwo " on nearly it's anniversary date, because those 60,000 plus causality's who lived out their lives with God knows how many night mere's need to be remembered.

Then no doubt, the wisdom of your words : " I for one will do my best so that those who came before me will not die in vein... " will resonate forever in the hearts of those who understand the cliché 'Freedom is not free'


Re: Iwo Jima

"God created war so that Americans would learn geography."

- Mark Twain


@cliff im doing better than ever thank you!
Im glad i could give you a "goose bump" moment.
I had no idea it was almost the anniversary of Iwo jima. I didn"t know that.
I did not know this man directly, was working on a residential construction job in cleveland ohio many years ago and this old man in a wheelchair told me about how he was in the war there.
He did not brag about it just said he was in "iwo jima" like everyone should know what he was talking about! I was like 20 yrs old then.
im over double that age now!
I cant imagine what he went thru or saw thru his eyes!
They don"t call it the " Greatest generation" for nothing!
I respect all service members old and new.
However i do know who "audie murphy" was. Now thats an american bad-arse right there!
Since were on the topic of ww2 cliff, Saving private ryan is probably the best ww2 movie ever made in my opinion! that film gives me that "goose bump" moment.
As always cliff you can add or debate anything i post on here!
P.S. sorry I don"t have 20 youtube links to what i write or refferences to mark twain or w.c. fields. I write on here from my heart, expieriences and emotion!....carry on brother!

Cliff Cannon

Snoozer : " I write on here from my heart " Yes you certainly do.

Got a quick Audie Murphy story for you. Murphy of course, was a very small man. Rather than allowing " little man's syndrome " to destroy him. He used his small body----yet, giant heart----to become of course our most decorated soldier in W.W. 2

Today, Audie Murphy's grave in Arlington ( which is right behind " the tomb of the unknown soldier " ) is the second most visited grave in Arlington after JFK.

Which testifies to 2 things; Thankfully, vast numbers of Americans are grateful to our hero's who gave so much for our freedom's. As well as the ----size of his heart, not the size of his body, is what makes a man, a real man.

Always write from your heart my friend. For the only heart speaks a language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see.


@ CC:

Since we're WAY off-topic:

The late Frank Lombardo was a B-29 flight engineer.

He once told me that Gen. Tibbets (Enola Gay/Hiroshima) who prior to his death lived in Columbus, would occasionally come to Norwalk and have coffee with him at Berry's.

I told him, "Man! I woulda loved to have met him and to have shaken his hand!"

We have lots of local WW2 veterans.

Sadly, they are dying nationally at an approx. daily rate of 700.

Read about Operation Downfall:

Had not brave men like Gen. Tibbets helped to end the war, thousands more Allied causalties would undoubtedly have occurred.

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango : What " way off topic " ? How could that be ? :)

I remember you telling me before about Gen Tibbets visiting Berry's I too share your desire to have met the man.

Even though, we are so far off topic,that it will take a boat to row us back. I for one am thankful " Snoozer " brought up Iwo Jima and the suffering of our forbearers on our behalf.

After all some suffering as well as short falls of resources wait for us all in the future. So it is good to remember, that we are neither the first nor last Americans that will be summoned to give testimony of our courage in those moments of challenge.


Re: "Gen Tibbets visiting Berry's,"

More to the story that I won’t get into here except to write:

Some Norwalkians' reactions to the Gen'l were 'less than' complimentary.

BTW: The invasion of Okinawa helped to demonstrate to the Allies, the ferocity with which the Japanese would defend their homeland.

Gen. Tibbets undoubtedly helped to save the lives of millions of Japanese as well.

Also, we may be 'gearing up' for another one:

Cliff Cannon

"Also, we may be 'gearing up' for another one " That was very interesting.

I do not doubt for one second Norwalk's reaction to Gen. Tibbets was any different than the one he received everywhere----some loved him,some hated him. Because he, quite obviously,( and rightfully so in my opinion ) was proud of what he did.

How many would have died on all sides in a full scale invasion ? Your number of " millions " has to be close. No matter, I continue to share your wish of having had the chance to meet that great American, who gave so much,then endured so much more.


Re: "Your number of " millions " has to be close."

The Japanese authorities were training men, women and children to potentially advance on the invading Allies ahead of their troops.

In all likelihood, the Allies would have had to have killed them.

Yes, it would have been millions.

From what I understand, Gen. Tibbets always saw himself as just 'doing his job.'

Emperor Hirohito also has to be given credit for giving the order to surrender against the wishes of the military and saving the lives of so many.

Cliff Cannon

Don't forget to add that thanks to that most debated treaty--- The Yalta conference. The Russians were induced to fight the extremely formidable Japanese Manchurian army. Which with out the Russians attacking them, could have aided in defense of Japan also.

So maybe a sick and dying FDR did know what he was doing at Yalta. No matter,what I know for sure is that I am eternally grateful that Gen. Tibbets 'just did his job'

J Cooper

He talks about 20 new business, most of them small, low paying. While under his watch we lost large employers paying higher wages. He was elected on his now famous "jobs, jobs, jobs" promise. Snow removal has become a joke under his watch, anyone but Duncan in 2015. "Bright days ahead" sounds like Custer, "what Indians." Did he boast about his administration giving out citizens SSN, probably part of his grand economic plan.


Ok snoozer I'm with Tibbs & here is why. Having done things with Norwalk's council years ago regarding business I get know-it -all Contango's mouth criticizing me. That old man moved away but blows his lips about any topic. He imo is typical of most Americans. We/I got involved. That is what it takes anywhere. We do get the government we deserve.government we deserve.


Re: We do get the government we deserve.government we deserve.(sic)"

Good to know that you support a Repub.


Mayor Duncan, SOTC, 4/4/14:

"Bright days ahead"

“Norwalk has retained its stability in difficult times.”

What is the nature of & when are these "bright days"?

What are these "difficult times"?

More vapid sophistry without any explanation from the purveyor of Norwalk's own version of "hope & change."


"The mayor said the city should seriously consider adding an Internet and information technology person to the staff.

'We also need to plan for a new fire department,' he (Duncan) said."

At what cost?

Where is the funding going to originate?

Fibber Mcgee

Let's use the person who handles zoning and such, he can't be that busy.
Again is everyone so busy at city hall that these duties can't be split?
How about the NEDC, for a couple more $$$, maybe they can do it or the SSD.


Re: "The city entered 2014 with a $2.5 (sic) general fund carryover,"

“We have two quality schools systems,”

$2.5M in the kitty?

Haven't many public employees agreed to a wage freeze?

Perhaps it's time to re-open negotiations?

H*ll, Norwalk schools can't even get a levy passed!


Sorry, but the only way that Norwalk will have "Bright Days" is if Mayor Duncan resigns and Norwalk finds a Mayor who will spend his/her time dealing with Political Concerns-not making hollow, empty promises about "Jobs, Jobs, Jobs", Thumping his/her Bible, or Preaching to Anyone who can't walk away from him/her fast enough.


Are we talking about Obama here??, or just Duncan?? or ALL who want part of the citizens hard labor wages for there means of wage..?


The Obama admin. blamed CGI Federal for the rollout snafu.

(NOBODY launches a major site without Beta testing!)

And the Duncan admin. essentially pointed the finger for the SSN mess at Shamrock.

(No 'proof' prior to mailing was possible?)



Knew I'd smell ya. I support any that try to serve the populace. People like you got to label things & cry. Do something besides *itch .


Re: "Do something (snip)."

And you know I don't how? 'Cause I don't brag about what I 'once' did like you?

Got those meds adjusted yet kookie kurtie (kk)?