Defendant accused of probation violation

Area man previously forfeited $910 seized during a traffic stop.
Cary Ashby
Feb 7, 2014


An area resident convicted of a drug-related offense admitted there is probable cause he violated his probation.

Former Willard resident Jessie R. Gonzalez, 27, most recently of Attica, was in Huron County Common Pleas Court on Monday, appearing on a summons.

On July 30, Gonzalez pleaded guilty to possession of oxycodone. As part of a plea deal, the state dismissed one count of receiving stolen property, which related to the same Feb. 17 incident.

He was placed on three years of probation in mid-September. Judge Jim Conway ordered Gonzalez to spend four to six months in a community-based corrections facility, a form of prison which focuses on substance abuse treatment and education. Also, the defendant was fined $500 and ordered to forfeit $910 seized during the Feb. 17 traffic stop by the Willard Police Department.

Gonzalez earlier served a 150-day jail term for one count each of aggravated menacing and criminal trespassing. The sentence ended Sept. 20.

The misdemeanors were for the defendant making threatening comments during a Feb. 22 incident investigated by the Plymouth Police Department. Norwalk Assistant Law Director Scott Christophel said earlier that Gonzalez made the threats while holding a gun at his side when he "forced his way into the apartment while the occupants were present." Authorities handled the case as a burglary at first.

Gonzalez's next probation-related hearing is Feb. 24.


swiss family

Is there any way, if a person has had a Plea mdeal, and had their charges reduced thus reducing the punishment as well, and then they are in violation of the reduced sentence, can the punishment for the entire original charge be reinstated??? that to me seems like Justice, but because it seems to be sense able, it is probably not possible...unless it is specified at the time of the sentencing for the plea deal, that the entire original charge and punishment were to be carried out if they were to violate the probation....


@Swiss-it ought to be, period.


hey! it's Bubba! prison hasn't been the same without him. there were even rumors that he didn't exist. send him back..


...for a moment there, I envisioned him with a Harry Potter wand up his nose...