Accused sex offender pleads innocent to 12 charges

Crimes involving 15-year-old girl.
Cary Ashby
Feb 6, 2014


A Norwalk man entered "not guilty" pleas Monday to 12 suspected sex crimes involving a 15-year-old girl.

Stephen Erwin, 23, of 104 E. Seminary St., goes to trial April 22 on 12 counts of unlawful sexual conduct of a minor. According to his indictment, the fourth-degree felonies are in connection with incidents on May 26, June 3 and 9, July 7 and 21, Aug. 3 and 18, Sept. 1, 15 and 29 plus Oct. 13 and 27.

Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Richard Woodruff told the court Monday no family members are involved.

A Huron County grand jury issued a secret indictment Dec. 13. Grand jurors often issue a secret indictment if authorities suspect the defendant might flee. Huron County sheriff's deputies arrested Erwin at 4:43 p.m. Friday at his home and booked him into the jail shortly afterward.

Greenwich Police Officer Aaron Smith handled the investigation. He said the girl's father came to the station after he looked at his daughter's Facebook page and "came across some information." The officer didn't elaborate on what the father saw online.

Smith said the suspect lived in Greenwich and police had been looking for Erwin ever since he moved. The officer said there was a suspected sex offense which took place in Willard, but it's unknown if Erwin's indictment reflects that allegation.

"Erwin was cooperative. He had confessed to all 12 counts," Smith said, referring to offenses in Greenwich.

If convicted, Erwin faces six to 18 months behind bars on each count. He also would be classified as a Tier II sex offender, which would require him to register his address for 25 years.

Erwin must post a $10,000 bond before being released from custody. He is prohibited from having any association with any non-family members under the age of 18.



Any time he gets is better than a parent handeling this p.o.s..... and antone to feel bad for him well. Birds of a feather !!!


he should plea insanity, tell em he's just crazy about that young'un..


In some cultures, a 15 and 23 year old could get married, but not ours. Notice it was the father who discovered it and was upset by it (which is understandable). The 15 year old girl may have given her consent the whole time, never told her age (or maybe she did) and then the father discovered it all. Okay, society wants to punish the man because he is supposed to know better (?). The girl should also be held accountable, otherwise a double-standard. The legal system is flawed. There is no proof of rape at this point (maybe it will come out later), yet on the surface it appears it was consensual. If it was and had both of them truly been Christians (i.e. followers of Christ) this would never had happened in the first place. They would have waited until they got married which would have been what, one year or three? Note Ohio state law: "The legal age of marriage for men is 18 years of age, but the legal age of marriage for women is 16 years of age. A woman under the age of 18 years, but over 16 years of age, must obtain the consent of both her parents to the marriage in order to enter into a valid marriage with a man."