Boil alert on Norwalk's west side

Mayor says there have been ‘a lot’ of water main breaks recently.
Cary Ashby
Feb 2, 2014


Norwalk resident Daphne Nelson woke up Saturday to find there was no running water at her house.

“We get up about 8 (a.m.) and we didn’t have any water,” said the woman who lives on Carriage Court, a cul-de-sac located off Valley Park Drive on the city’s west side.

Between 30 minutes and an hour later, her water was back on.

“But (there are) signs outside on our corner (that) say we are under a boil alert. Still trying to figure out what happened,” Nelson wrote to the Reflector.

She discovered the wooden sign when she was coming back to her house. Otherwise, she said it’s possible she might not have seen it.

The sign about the boil alert indicated it covered Carriage Court to the corner of Jefferson Street.

Firefighters were called to 214 Jefferson St. at 4:34 a.m. Saturday after a resident heard a noise, and they determined a water main had broken.

Nelson did some research by checking the website for the city of Norwalk and Huron County. However, neither of the sites indicated any boil alerts.

At the request of the Reflector, Nelson checked to see what the status of the sign was.

“The sign is still sitting out there,” said the woman, who checked just before 3 p.m. Sunday.

The Norwalk Police Department hadn’t received any information about boil alerts in the city. A dispatcher, after being alerted by the Reflector, sent an officer to the area Sunday, but he didn’t see any signs of construction.

Norwalk Mayor Rob Duncan confirmed Sunday there was a boil alert, which was caused by a water main break.

“There have been a lot,” he said. “When you get this kind of weather, that happens.

“We’re going from one to another. They’re getting to them as soon as they can,” the mayor added.



Hmmm. Probably would be a good idea to break in on the cable and let the citizens know before they get sick. Isn't that one of the reasons that they have that?


And to also use Huron County's Everbridge system that can send out messages to those who have signed up for things like this and guess what is can do it based on locations as well! Someone dropped the ball!


If a water main broke, you don't lose water and get it back in an hour! The city has to dig up the street and fix the break, several hours. The Police said he saw no signs of construction, yet the mayor said it was a water main break. WTF?


She got up at 8 and it was off, an hour later she had water. That is NOT to say they were not working on it long before she actually got up to find NO water. As for no signs of construction, that I have no answer for.


True, my bad. Construction to open the stree to fix a main is loud too. Everyone on the street would hear it. Still wonder..WTF? Lol!


It could have been off since 430 in the morning. However I did not get up until 8. I couldn't find any information as to why it was off. I checked it about an hour later and it was back on. However by the time I left my home at 12 and saw the signs I had already drank water from the tap. I am signed up for emergency alerts however none came through. All I want to know is when will it be fixed and when will the boil alert be up?


I has been handled very poorly. I would be just as pi$$ed.


This administration is really dropping the ball. The citizens really need some answers. Why are you sending out our social security numbers and why aren't you notifying us of problems like this when you clearly have the means to. YOU are dropping the ball! Remind me of the Broncos!


No alert on the city's website?

Reads like further incompetency from the Duncan admin.

Also, why is the mayor making a statement? Why does he want the focus to be on him?

Shouldn't this be the purview of Public Works?


Yea the boil alert has been lifted