Man in middle of divorce smashes house with pickup truck

Deputy: "He doesn't want her to have the house."
Cary Ashby
Feb 2, 2014


A rural Wakeman man who is in the middle of a divorce was arrested Friday after he repeatedly smashed his pickup truck into the side of his house.

Jared L. Welch, 27, of 2215 Chenango Road, had a minor hand injury. He initially was charged with obstructing official business and possession of marijuana and booked into the Huron County Jail.

"We'll be consulting the law director about the damage to the home," Huron County Sheriff's Chief Deputy Ted Patrick said.

(NOTE: To see pictures of the damage, click HERE.)

Deputy Shannon Lyons and the Wakeman Fire District responded to Welch's home after a neighbor reported hearing a loud banging noise.

"We received a call that a male subject operating a vehicle, striking the side of the house, causing damage to this home here on Chenango Road," Patrick said.

"Just before arriving on scene, (Lyons) saw a male subject walking down the roadway. As he approached that male, that male took off on foot. The deputy told him to stop and the deputy ended up getting in a foot pursuit with the individual," he added.

Lyons caught the man and determined he was Welch.

"He (Welch) apparently is going through a divorce. He took the pickup truck and was smashing the house, trying to knock it over," Patrick said.

No domestic relations/divorce case involving Welch is listed in Huron County Common Pleas Court. Patrick said according to Welch's wife and information deputies received during the investigation, the couple have been married for about four years, but Welch hadn't lived at the Chenango Road residence since November.

"From the information we received, the wife had filed for divorce. ... He's upset it about it," Patrick said. "He caused the damage to the home because of the pending divorce and he doesn't want her to have the house."

The red Ford pickup truck was towed from the scene Friday. Authorities don't believe the collisions with the house knocked it off its foundation.

"According to one of the neighbors (who) heard a loud banging noise, this was going on for about a half-hour to 45 minutes when he was taking the vehicle and repeatedly smashing the side of the home, trying to knock it down," Patrick said.

"He (Welch) also went inside his house. He resided here. He was inside the house and damaged the interior of the house as well," Patrick said.

Welch's wife wasn't home at the time of the incident.

"No one was home at the time. He (Welch) has a small injury to his hand; other than that, there's no injuries," Patrick said.

The sheriff's spokesman said he's never experienced something similar to Friday's incident.

Wakeman Fire Chief Dave Wilson wasn't at the scene Friday, but he also said the circumstances are unusual.

"This is the first time we've come across (something like) this," he said.

Six to eight firefighters were at the house until the truck was towed away. The crew was at the scene for as long as 90 minutes.

"According to the officer (who) was out there, the front porch was knocked off," Wilson said.

Patrick, who was asked if Welch has any mental issues, said the suspect wasn't intoxicated Friday.

"He made some statements to Deputy Lyons, so we made an appointment for him to be seen by a mental health (professional)," the sheriff's spokesman said.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Reflector managing editor Joe Centers contributed to this story.


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This is sad.
I hope they get the help they need.


I can only hope these people do NOT have children.


No kids thank God


fool. he should have kept his cool. so many doors open up after a divorce. i highly recommend a good divorce for everybody!


He was making doors. Pragmatic if not cathartic.


So thankful that his wife wasnt home cause who knows what he would have done to her! I feel for. Cant imagine what she is going through. Prayers that he gets the treatment he needs and prayers for her...


Not saying right or wrong.

Just stop with all the physical abuse stuff, sometimes a man just wants to smash things..
i can relate to this, as so could many of men (and women) now or thru there lifetime.
I am sure i am not the only one who got a little chuckle.
as with this,
he did what he set out to do and one would bet if she was home he would have waited and struck another time.


'Not saying right or wrong?'
Are you kidding me? This jerk destroyed a house he wasn't even living in just so his wife, or anyone for that matter, couldn't have it. He destroyed everything inside the house too. You act like you know the whole story from one article in the paper. Well guess what you don't. He is a monster. He has been physical and he has been on drugs and he IS unstable! So, yes, while you are 'chuclking' his soon to be ex wife is fearing for her life when he gets out of jail. Oh but I am sure he is harmless right truckin? He just wanted to smash up stuff? Yeah you are real smart...probably one of his idiot friends that thinks it's cool.


I agree with you on this. Unfortunately, Truckin always comments on things that he knows nothing about. As a man, I never find the need to go around smashing things. When I do get hot headed, I find a different outlet than hurting things.
I am hoping for the best for his wife.


Yeah yeah. blah blah. As a "MAN". always hear "how a perfect man is to behave".
Kinda like when a lady is looking for a "real" man. she is oversized. and has this illusion that only real men like plus size?? never understood that logic.. some like skinny chicks and some got controlled but none the less.. tempers..

so yes. beyond the fact no one got hurt..
this story is a little funny.


How about going to the gym & hitting a punching bag?? Then he wouldn't be in jail!


But that wouldn't have been so funny.


Built Ford tough.


He needs more than rehab, mommy will bail him out like always, in and out of rehbs for the past year sure didn't help, I feel sorry for his wife!

Really are you ...

Yes! This is news! There is only so much BS a person can take before that person snaps. Head games by his soon to be ex? Did she invite men over in front of him? Call other men on the phone in front of him? Was she texting and online chatting with other men? Some people can do some evil things to other people, just because they can. I wouldn't pass judgement onto this guy as the only wrong doer, unless his soon to be ex was miss do no wrong.

O and to why I was cheering in the very beginning. The mental anguish almost everyone is feeling in Norwalk, Ohio right now. Such an uncertain future, people's lives wasted in a company that feels the need to leave. Not many career type jobs available in Norwalk. People who lost their jobs are going to have to settle for a part time hours just over the government's set minimum wage hourly rate.

Hope I am lying. But this is just the beginning, as people reach that breaking point.


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He is right where he belongs,jail! He called himself a husband, but yet did work,couldnt support his family, was high on drugs all the time,came & went as he pleased.... Please, hes def where he belongs! He needs help & lots of it!!!!


Since there is no divorce filed I really wonder what the crime might be. It is not unlawful to injure your own house.


Seems most of Wakeman's nut jobs are on Chenango Road. Im sure the property values drop after each report.


So this was his home that he owned? Not renting correct? So if I want to destroy my home that I own for whatever reason, ill be arrested? Hmmm...... there's got to be more too this story




According to the Auditor's records he does own the home.


And what was the reason to tow his truck? It's they're truck on they're property, Let them pay to get it pulled off the house.


"It's they are truck on they are property" ? Really?




I know the snowball effect of gossip! I once myself tried to put a garage on my porch. it turned out about the same. A bunch of rednecks feeling higher on the pole for not making my mistake. Then i learned a little about how weak pieces of human compare theiselves to lessers to feel higher rather climbing the rungs


That was painful to read!


I love these feel good stories.

The Answer Person

I don't blame him. A man builds and PAYS for a house and then someone who thinks they are "owed" for giving up something "special" think they are going to just take it. What has been shared is no different than any other.