Ohio sheriff indicted on 25 counts

Special grand jury investigating allegations against Athens County's top cop issued the 25-count indictment Friday.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jan 31, 2014


Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine today announced that an indictment has been issued in the special grand jury investigating allegations against Athens County Sheriff Patrick Kelly.

Kelly, 63 years old, of The Plains, has been indicted on 25 counts, including 23 felony counts:

    Three counts of Theft in Office, a fourth-degree felony
    Ten counts of Theft in Office, a fifth-degree felony
    Four counts of Theft, a fifth-degree felony
    One count of Engaging in a Pattern of Corrupt Activity, a first-degree felony
    One count of Money Laundering, a third-degree felony
    One count of Tampering with Evidence, a third-degree felony
    One count of Tampering with Records, a third-degree felony
    One count of Perjury, a third-degree felony
    One count of Failure to Keep Cashbook, an unclassified felony
    One count of Obstructing Official Business, a second-degree misdemeanor
    One count of Dereliction of Duty, a second-degree misdemeanor

DeWine also announced that his office, as required by Ohio Revised Code Section 3.16, would request that the Ohio Supreme Court initiate proceedings for “suspension of a local official charged with (a) felony related to official conduct.”

A copy of the indictment and charts explaining degrees for Theft in Office charges and possible sentences can be seen by clicking on the link below.

Kelly posted the following the following comments on his Facebook page Friday afternoon:

"By now you have heard the grand jury has issued a twenty five count indictment against me.
Thank you for all your calls of prayers and support.
Truthfully, I am fine. Deb, not so.
I will not step down as your sheriff and will continue with the same strong leadership and professionalism I have served you with for the past five years.
I am surrounded by a very strong family, friends and have the support of my staff and employees.
The staff and employees Athens County Sheriffs Office have been instructed by me to continue with the same mission and vision of professionalism that I have demanded for the past five years."

Below is the official press release Kelly issued:

"Sadly, the attorney Generals obsession with following a political agenda suggest that their leadership is not up to the kind of honest investigation and oversight that would lead to a clear and just assessment of the facts presented .

I have not committed or attempted to commit a criminal act nor have any of my employees.

After two years of accusations and suppositions in an attempt to overturn the results of this past election, in which which the majority of Athens a County voters cast their confidence in me, we will discuss this injustice in a court setting where the facts will be presented."


Ben Crazy

Apparently they have some kind of proof !

Kobayashi Maru

Too bad that press release is wrought with mistakes. That's the real crime here!


If you read the indictment you'll find that it's all about who gets the money from the sale of property seized that was used in the illegal drug trade...the sheriff's office, the county, or the state of Ohio. It's all about the money, and the state is going after the money!