Local residents make lasting impression on out-of-state trucker

Man said he used to avoid Ohio because it has a reputation of being tough on truckers.
Scott Seitz2
Feb 16, 2014


Norwalk residents made a lifelong impression on a Tennessee truck driver who was stranded here for a bit recently.

The man, who only wanted to be identified as a truck driver from Tennessee, said he was in town hauling a trailer for a delivery in the Norwalk-Milan area.

When the man was pulling his truck and trailer on to U.S. 250 near the area of Kmart, he heard what sounded like one of the vehicle's air hoses brake.

"Trying to drive without an air hose is like trying to breathe without oxygen or walk with only one foot," the man said. "If an air hose breaks, you're really not going to go anywhere."

After talking with dispatchers from his company, he learned there was a place in Norwalk that could fix the air hose. This place was Northern Ohio Truck Center, 132 Akron Road.

The man knew he had to let his truck build up air so he could maybe move it a little bit at a time.

The vehicle headed north on U.S. 250, but he said he had to stop in a center lane.

A man came out from a local business, who realized the trucker was in a tough spot, and ended up drawing the out-of-towner a map leading to Northern Ohio Truck Center.

But, the trucker went a bit off course and ended up crossing Main Street and got himself wedged in the area of Benedict and Norwood Avenues, near Dave's Food Mart.

A customer from inside Dave's assisted the trucker.

"This didn't take five or 10 minutes to get my truck turned around," the trucker said, adding it was more like 90 minutes.

"This man gave up all his time to help me," he said.

The Good Samaritan then got in his car and motioned for the trucker to follow him to Northern Ohio Truck Center.

The police also showed up at the scene.

"I was sure I was going to get a ticket," he said.

But, that never happened.

The trucker built up enough air pressure to follow the local resident to the repair shop. The police officer also followed along to make sure the trip went smoothly.

"It took about 45 minutes to fix the hose," the trucker said, adding he ate lunch at the Star Diner while waiting.

The trucker said he used to avoid Ohio because it has a reputation of being tough on truckers.

"This day changed everything," he said. "All these people went totally out of their way to help me. I just wanted to find a way to say thank-you."




Glad that people showed this man that there are still good folks around. This was a feel good story.

Cliff Cannon

@ inquiringmind : Extremely well put. Totally agree with you " that there are still good people around ". Further, out doubt,I for one,totally agree, 'good folks ' make for 'feel good story's

Correct me if I am THE best part of this whole story, is not that the traveling man now knows we have more good folks here in Norwalk than a small town should be blessed with,nor is THE best part, is that he knows, what we take for granted----N.P.D.--- is a very classy police department

No, THE best part is that he now knows, what already, we know, Star Diner food is a local taste treat to be treasured.

This article, reminds me again just how blessed we are to live herein Norwalk. Thanks again for pointing it out to us.

Bill Hilly

He's lucky he didn't get mugged by a heroine junkie.


Last October there was a film crew from Stockholm, Sweden that spent a week with me here in Greenwich while they were filming a documentary. They were really impressed at how friendly the people were around here. "Greenwich"? I can't wait to see the replies to THIS comment. Haha!


Its obvious he didn't run into State Patrol-creep Officer Vitte who they won't investigate for masturbating to porn with a 5 year old !


Story makes for a good plug for NOTC. fast, quick, reliable service.


Later on.... near Bellevue the trucker got out of his truck and hit a woman's car with his fists and yelled.


i wondered if i was the only one who made that connection..