Sex offender gets 20 years in prison

Sex offenses committed by 20-year-old Norwalk man involve girls who were younger than 13.
Cary Ashby
Jan 29, 2014


A 20-year-old Norwalk man who was "very young" when he began committing sex offenses will spend the next 20 years in prison.

Justin D. Collins pleaded guilty Wednesday to three counts of sexual battery. The convictions cover incidents in late March and mid-April and between December 2011 and March 2012.

Collins also was convicted of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor for a mid-June offense.

"The victims of the (sexual) battery were less than 13 years of age," Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler said.

The girls' mother was in court Wednesday. She declined to speak at the hearing or be interviewed.

Leffler and defense attorney Nancy Jennings jointly recommended the 20-year prison term.

Once Collins is released, he must register his address every 90 days with the sheriff's office where he will be living for the rest of his life. The Tier III sex offender will be on five years of mandatory parole.

The sex offenses involve licking, touching and other sexual conduct, Leffler said.

"Mr. Collins was very young when he got involved in this," added the prosecutor, who said the defendant came from a dysfunctional family and a "bad family situation."

Leffler said the family members probably wonder how this "horrible situation" got to be this bad.

"There are really no winners in this situation," Leffler told Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway.

Jennings, the defendant's attorney, called the case "a very unfortunate incident for everyone involved, especially the victims."

Collins, who didn't speak on his own behalf Wednesday, isn't the only defendant in this sex case.

In mid-October, Jason P. Wooten, 36, was sentenced to 15 years to life for raping a child who was younger than 10.

Collins was arrested in July after Wooten brought two daughters of his live-in girlfriend to the Huron County Sheriff's Office to report ongoing sex abuse by Collins and a boy who was 11 at the time.

Leffler said Collins had committed some sex offenses when he was a juvenile. However, Leffler said his office decided only to pursue the crimes the defendant committed as an adult.

After Collins complained about Wooten, investigators determined Wooten also had been sexually abusing the girls over a four-year period in Norwalk, Bellevue and possibly Lakewood.

In the late 1990s, Wooten served three years in prison for felonious sexual battery. The conviction is through Cuyahoga County.

Wooten was taken into custody a few days after Collins was arrested. It's unknown how the boy knows the adult defendants.

The boy, now 12, pleaded guilty Oct. 22 to three charges of gross sexual imposition. The delinquency admission is for three incidents between June 1 and July 18 involving three girls, who were 6, 8 and 11 years old at the time.

He is on electronically-monitored house arrest in the temporary custody of an aunt. Chris Mushett, Huron County Juvenile Court administrator, said the boy isn't allowed to make any phone calls and can't use a cell phone, the Internet or any social networking.

The juvenile defendant is under 24-hour adult supervision and must undergo a sex offender assessment. Mushett said the boy cannot have any association with any females under the age of 18 -- with the exception of three relatives. His disposition hearing is scheduled for Feb. 21.



Why do we need to be so explicit in the tag line?


This is a sad, sad case. Those girls are messed up for the rest of their lives. But in reference to the tag line, I think the ages of the boy and victims are important. I didn't think that was too explicit.


They've changed the tag line. Originally it said licking and touching.


Maybe schools need to educate more about this sort of thing. They talk a lot about drug abuse but not a whole lot about sexual abuse and it's consequences. There are so many people hurt in this case.

swiss family

Matt......I understand what you are saying, But, once again "we" are wanting the schools to do what is really the parents job. Sadly, as we have seen , even locally, sometimes it could be a school employee who is the predator... so to expect the school to do this, is expecting a lot..

From my own experience, we were taught in school, about sexual predators in about the 4th grade, they gave us what were probably expected to be coloring books that dealt with a serious issue.. in it the predator was a raccoon in a trench coat who basically waiting in opportune places waiting for their next innocent victim...I know it seems stupid now, but for years I was watching for this raccoon, and knew to avoid him,now looking back, the sad irony was that there were adult sexual predators in authoritative positions who were abusing many children, and none of them looked like the "monsters" that they taught us to be aware of..

It is up to Parents, not the schools to make sure their kids are safe, and feel comfortable enough to tell their parents about anything or anyone who does inappropriate things... in my opinion..


I agree with what you say....I just wish all parents were responsible parents


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Now its on the Regector too.


The real culprits or all of this is all the sex and pornography that are being produced and are readily available on the television and internet that many kids are watching. It's getting worse. It seems as though everything today has sex attached to it. Just look at some of the Super Bowl ads. Really sad!

Sitting In The ...

If that was the case wouldn't everyone who viewed pornography be one ?


The media is not responsible for sociopathic behavior, look at all of the regular nudity in mass media in other parts of the world, Europe isn't over run with pedophiles and rapists beciase of this. The blame lies in the family, in my experience this sort of thing is generally a "family tradition" in which the children are brought up in this sort of environment and therefore believe that this sort of behavior is regular and normal. That being said, this is all very sad, I hate to agree with Russ leffler, but there really are no winners here. My condolences go out to those kids and their families.


The sex offenses involve licking, touching and other sexual conduct, Leffler said.

I don't think we as the readers needed to know this much of the charges, I think someones above and beyond their reporting.


I had originally assumed it was penetration til I read the whole article. It doesn't change my opinion either way, just saying I was informed by the article. This is a terrible story all the way around, but facts are facts. When someone gets killed, they don't just state that someone was murdered. They say how they were killed, what they were killed with, and sometimes, who killed them. It's reporting, it's not all puppies and kittens :-(


Kill him. Period.


The last name gives it all. all collins are messed up