Willard teen charged with drug possession in Norwalk city hall lot

Suspect told police he was waiting on a friend who had an appearance in municipal court.
Scott Seitz
Feb 5, 2014


A Willard man was charged with a drug-related offense after being found asleep in a vehicle in the Norwalk city hall parking lot recently.

City hall employees alerted police officers to the possibility of a man being asleep in a vehicle in the parking lot.

When officers responded, Caleb Hale, 19, told police he was waiting on a friend who had an appearance in municipal court.

Upon further investigation, officers discovered Hale was in possession of marijuana. He later was issued a summons to appear in court on that charge.



way to knock out those hardcore criminals..


Wow try to be a nice guy n take a friend to court and now he's gonna be needing a ride himself. Figured it was a junkie that nodded out from the headlines. Not a stoner that was catchin a weed nap while waiting for a buddy. Congrats on bringing down one of the biggest distributors of heroin to this area!!! (Sarcasm?)

so sick of stup...

well if you only really new....lol..


What now you can't sleep in your car ? ?


Sure you can! But if a public official checks, you better not have drugs or be intoxicated. I seem to remember in the Sandusky Register blotter that the police checked on a person sleeping in a car... The driver was sober, no drugs in the car, and explained why he was sleeping.


Wow there is a shock, a Hale from Willard arrested. The Hale clan is nothing but trouble. 99.5% of the Hales are nothing but trouble, druggies, thieves, and bad news all over. Don't go easy on any of them.

Yall Make Me Sick

Don't forget his brother likes young girls and then does 4 years in prison. But not all people with the same last name are like this. Its ones like these that gives the good ones bad reps.


WhT reason did they have to search him? Probably none! I would blow up of I was resting my eyes and some pig tries to search me and MY property. This country is a joke. No more freedom.


The fact that the city workers were alarmed about someone sleeping in the car...on city property in which he probably pays his city tax on, after coming back from their 2 hour lunch's. This is a shame that someone can't snooze in the car waiting for someone. Hell I do it all the time when I go to the mall.


Well if you want to take a nap next door to the police department be smart enough to wait to get high and hide your weed better.


(Sorry for writing a book)

How does someone get a summons to appear after being issued a minor misdemeanor? I also thought there had to be probable cause in order to search the vehicle or the person? Either parts of this story are missing or it seems like they have a good system figured out that bends the law but doesn't break it.

Marijuana Possession

"It is a crime to knowingly or intentionally possess marijuana in Ohio. Penalties vary according to the amount possessed, with increased fines and jail time for second and subsequent convictions, and for offenses committed within 1,000 feet of a school."

For offenses involving more than 100 grams of marijuana, the judge will suspend the defendant’s driver’s license for at least six months(and up to five years). (Ohio Rev. Code Ann. § 2925.11.)

•Up to 100 grams (or up to five grams hashish). Ohio has decriminalized possession of small amounts of marijuana. Violations are considered minor misdemeanors, which incur a $150 fine but no jail time, and do not become part of the defendant’s criminal record.

The harshest part of any of it is becoming ineligibility for public benefits, public housing, student loans, and various forms of employment.

If you plea not guilty and are found guilty however you can face some other pretty serious punishments. Like if you own or want to own a gun. A guy in Cincinnati ran into this a couple of years ago.

In Ohio v. Robinson, 187 Ohio App.3d 253, 2010-Ohio-543, 931 N.E.2d 1110 ¶ 23, the Hamilton County Court of Appeals ruled that “a conviction for a minor-misdemeanor violation of R.C. 2925.11 [possession of less than 100 grams of marijuana] creates a disability prohibiting the possession of a firearm,” even though the minor-misdemeanor conviction does not even constitute a “criminal record” for the purpose of background checks conducted for licensing. A violation of this statute is a third-degree felony, subjecting the offender to a potential prison sentence of between 1 and 5 years. In Robinson, the trial court imposed, and the court of appeals upheld, a 1-year prison sentence for the mere possession of a firearm after being convicted of a minor-misdemeanor drug conviction.

This is what a lot of people don't understand. Is that when legalizing marijuana for medical or recreational, all of the laws like this need to be amended. And there are a lot of dumb marijuana laws out there. So it takes time. This is why it wasn't on the ballot in 2012, the verbiage was off on some of the amended laws.

The courts attach all kinds of crimes together, drug related and not. The reason is so that if they charge you with one, they can charge you with more. That is why plea deals work out for the state and never for the people. The courts may charge someone with 3 felonies and 5 misdemeanors. Knowing that the felony ones will result in jail time (and not standing before the judge again for awhile), the charges will get dropped to only the misdemeanor offenses. Smaller offenses still make the courts money, puts the person on probation (that's job creation for probation officers) and lets them free (job creation for police officers). Knowing they are just going to come back again. Why? Because the judges and courts know they wont get help in our area. Where are they going to go? There are NO successful rehab facilities in this area. Look at all the people that get kicked out of the one they send them to now. Its all about the money here and not about the help. That's why the heroin junkies get off so easily and keep coming back. The courts look at them as a pay check until they overdose.

If anyone gets charged with something like this in the area please call the Columbus Criminal Defense Lawyers at 614-454-5010, the Richland County Bar Association at 419-524-9944 or contact Ohio legal aid providers at 866-LAWOHIO.


I'm curious why someone at City Hall felt it necessary to call the police for someone sleeping? And then why the police felt it necessary to "investigate" someone sleeping? What would have happened if he didn't have any pot on him? would he have been arrested for loitering? Give me a break.


Why have someone check a "sleeping man" in a car?
They would have had the police check to make sure he was alright.
The kid was probably obviously under the influence of something and that is enough to warrant a search.
Caleb Hale should not have been getting high before going to or at the parking lot. Had the police waited till he left they could have gotten him for driving under the influence. Then what trouble would he be in?
To put it in simple terms Hale was STUPID.


Foodforthought - Your comment is ignorant and based on your limited knowledge. You completely slander my family name because of one group/family of Hales. I am sad for my kids as they will most likely have to deal with ignorant judgements and stereotypes being taught to todays youth by simple people such as yourself. My grandfather is a preacher, my parents are the hardest working straight laced loving people I know (with out even a speeding ticket to their record). My brother moved from Willard to raise his 4 kids while working full time and even adopting his niece. I, myself, have 3 seatbelt violations (I'm a rebel) to my credit, and I didn't even taste alcohol until I was 25. My wife and I both work to support our two children. All of that said please explain how 99.5% of the people in this town that share me last name are as you describe. (I guarantee that my family consists of a much larger percent of this equation then 0.5%, and I am in no way related to the Hale family in which you are refering to, nor am I related to the Hale mentioned in this article.)

Everyone is fam...

In case you haven't noticed, these small towns breed ignorance and small mindedness. Gossips galore. They get their kicks out of other's misfortunes and when there aren't any misfortunes, they make things up. Many around these parts have pathetic, sad lives, and this is all they have to look forward to. Try not to let it get to you. Just feel sorry for those that fit the description.