Secrets revealed: Things could have been different at airport

Former Norwalk councilman reveals why city severed ties with Huron County Airport
Scott Seitz2
Jan 28, 2014


After more than 25 years of silence, former Norwalk city councilman Lynn Szabo spoke to the Reflector about the city's past involvement and eventual severing of ties with the Huron County Airport.

"There was an unwritten agreement between the city and county that the city would help fund the airport," Szabo said. "The amount the city would contribute would vary from year to year depending on the upcoming projects. The amount would be $15,000, $20,000 or $25,000 a year. The city would match what the county put in."

During the 1980s, Szabo said city officials believed the Norwalk-Huron County Airport had much potential for development.

"The city felt the airport was an asset," he said. "It was one more way to attract businesses to the area."

Norwalk officials believed in the 1980s that annexing the airport property into the city was the answer to increased development.

"Then, the airport could receive water, sewer and other city services," Szabo said. "The city could also collect income taxes."

So, city officials, including Szabo, started the annexation process by meeting with township trustees and county commissioners. It was during the process that things went south, and Norwalk stopped funding the airport.

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“The county commissioners appeared to be on-board and city council even set up a legislation schedule for annexation,” Szabo said. But, things went south at a subsequent council work session. “The county commissioners came to the work session and said they would not support annexation,”
This brings a couple questions to mind.
Who was on the board of trusties for the township the airport is in at that time?
Could Silcox have been involved?
The first thing I can think of for the apparent sudden change would be the commissioners getting complaints from the township trusties.

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swiss cheese kat

Does the city own some land near Runway 10?


They own 2 acres though I personally am not sure exactly where. According to the article they obtained thos acres at the time they were looking at annexing the airport.


The city made the right choice.


The city leaders didn't trust the Huron County Commissioners back then either. The HCC's legacy of deceit and corruption continues . . . .


Yes they did, then the county commissioners screwed them like they are the citizens.