Another Arctic blast hits area

Coldest temperatures since 1994 predicted.
Scott Seitz
Jan 27, 2014


Someone needs to tell Mother Nature, “Enough already!”

For the past three weeks, Mother Nature has kicked around the Firelands area as if she’s preparing for this summer’s World Cup.

Local residents have been pummeled with Arctic temperatures and more snow than they’ve seen the past two winters combined.

Back on Jan. 6 and 7, the polar vortex even visited this area, stopping by to say hello for the first time in 20 years. The polar vortex didn’t arrive empty-handed, bringing record-low temperatures with it.

Norwalk hit minus-13 degrees on Jan. 6, eclipsing the former mark of minus-10 set in 1924.

On Jan. 17, about 8 inches of “surprise” snow fell in Norwalk in four hours.

On Saturday, 6 more inches of snow hit the ground.

Then on Sunday, just for good measure, 2 inches of snow were recorded.

Don’t forget the wind, which has seemed to blow steadily between 20 and 30 mph for about three weeks. On Friday night, wind gusts reached 40 mph.

Most local schools are either at or have passed the amount of permitted calamity days.

Many counties in northern Ohio on Saturday issued Level 2 snow emergencies, under which authorities discourage nonessential travel.

Huron County was under a Level 3 Saturday morning, meaning motorists are ordered off the roads and can be ticketed if they disobey. Sheriff Dane Howard reduced it to a Level 2 Saturday afternoon. It remained at that level Sunday night.

Snowy, windy weather contributed to widespread traffic accidents across northern Ohio over the weekend. The Huron County Sheriff’s Office alone handled about 19 traffic crashes Friday and Saturday.

Get ready for the next dose of good old-fashion Ohio winter weather.

An Arctic cold front that moved across the area Sunday night is ushering in some of the coldest temperatures of the season. The frigid conditions will last through mid week. The overnight lows Monday night and Tuesday night will be in the minus 10 to minus 15 degree range, with wind chills around minus 30. These will be the coldest temperatures since 1994.

Tuesday’s high temperature is forecasted at 1 degree.

Wednesday could feel like a heat wave to local residents as the high temperature hits a predicted 12 degrees, with a low of 9.

Thursday is calling for snow showers and wind, with a high of 25 and low of 15.

The normal high temperature for this time of year is 33 degrees, with a low of 19.

So far in January, three days have seen the temperature dip below zero, while nine days have shown a recorded temperature of less than 10 degrees.

The 10-day extended forecast is calling for no days warmer than 30 degrees.

Norwalk has received nearly 25 inches of snow in January. However, the city still has a ways to go pass January 1978, when 34 inches of snow were recorded.

Lynn Szabo, a retired Norwalk science teacher, discussed what's causing the local snow and deep freeze.

"Obviously, something has jerked around the jet stream," Szabo said. "That is disrupting that normal weather pattern for this area."

There's been much talk lately about the polar vortex, which recently had a piece break off and head south, causing record-low temperatures and brutal wind chills.

"The polar vortex is really just swirling wind," Szabo said.

Szabo said the jet stream is affecting more areas than just Ohio.

"Things are balmy in Alaska while they are brutal here," he said. "Temperatures have been in the 30s in Alaska."

Szabo said the part of the jet stream has moved up north, taking warmth up with it, while another part has brought cold air down from the north to the United States.


Brock Lee

wtf move to alaska were it warmer

Cliff Cannon

@ Brock Lee : Are you setting down ? I've got something surprising to tell you. Despite loving all the snow, I too, would like the temperature 20 to 25 degree's warmer today. ( Hope you didn't think, I was going to quit loving winter :)

Here's hoping and praying we get through the next few days with no loss of life, nor serious injury's.


International Falls,Minn -23


IT sure is nice having our Ace hardwhare!! old P&R back!for all the busted pipes!

Dr. Information

This winter completely sucks.


Yep, it's cold.


To think in a 100 years it will be 1 degree warmer (so say the global warming nuts). Who can tell the difference between -15 and -16? And our government will tell you that spending trillions of dollars to fight that degree is worth it.


The Farmer's Almanac says that this winter will be slightly warmer than normal.

Cliff Cannon

Windy : Excellent timing ! Thanks for the belly laugh.


From the "Just when you thought that you'd run out of things to worry about" file:

"Forget global warming,"

"The Earth's climate would change drastically. In fact, a recent Danish study believes global warming is directly related to the magnetic field rather than CO2 emissions."

Cliff Cannon

Contango : I found your link very interesting. As usual, with science, the could be's /would be's make the debate very lively and filled with conjecture. ( Can you imagine the arguments if scientists' blogged ? :)

One thing is beyond question Mother Earth does a fantastic job of changing the climate by her self without man's help.

At the top of any climate changing list one will always find volcano's. In fact, the summer less year of 1816, when the 'Tambora ' volcano of 1815 did it's best to freeze mankind, stands alone as the best example of what a truly riled up Mother Earth can do.


What about all those who said "Bring it on".

Well are they sick of it , yet?

Cliff Cannon

@starryeyes83 : I for one am a "Bring it on" guy. So to answer your question: No I am not sick of it----I am loving it ! Because let's face it, this historic winter will be talked about the rest of our lives, won't it ?

However, I must confess, I do wish we were about 15 degree's warmer today, as obviously, that would make life a heck of a lot easier on everything and everybody.( Pray for no utility grid problems )

Great day to you !

Dr. Information

People talk about the biggest crap of their life for years. This winter is about as comparable to the same talk.

Cliff Cannon

@ Dr. Information: So do tell us 2 things all knowing great one: What kind of crap do you talk about with friends, if not the monumental moments of your life ? (Particularly, when those moments are shared-- like the great " Winter of '14 " )

Then, I am curious as to why you have 2 different user names ? ( I realize it is none of my business, of course, just asking.)