Postage stamp price to increase 3 cents this weekend

Price of first-class “Forever” stamp is now 49 cents.
TNS Regional News
Jan 26, 2014


The price of a first-class postage stamp went up this weekend.

The price of first-class “Forever” stamps increased from 46 cents to 49 cents starting today, said Rich Hibbard, supervisor of the Mount Royal post office.

That’s for letters up to an ounce; the price of each additional ounce will increase one cent, to 21 cents. Postcard stamps also will increase a penny, to 34 cents.

The rate increase was approved by postal regulators last month. It’s supposed to last no more than two years, to allow the U.S. Postal Service to make up financial losses stemming from a reduction in mail volume.

This year marks the third consecutive January in which first-class postage prices have gone up. In 2012, those stamps went from 44 cents — a price they held since 2009 — to 45 cents. In 2013, they increased to 46 cents. This year is the 26th time postage has gone up since 1885, according the USPS website.


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Learn to deliver the mail to the correct address, in a timely manner, without dropping it on the ground or leaving the mailbox door open, and maybe more people will trust the US Postal Service enough to use it. Keep raising the price without improving the service, and the USPS will become nothing but a channel for junk mail. Oh wait . . . it is now.


"First" class is now third class (5-7 days) behind "Express" which is 1-2 days (the old First class), and "Priority" which is 2-5 days. So the class that is really first costs anywhere from $20 to $40, second class (Priority) costs $6-$9 and third class, which is now called first class now costs 49 cents. Forever stamps...guess how long they take to get delivered. Marketing genius.

Brock Lee

it run by goverment what do you expet


I will just pay all my bills online it is free. Next thing you know it will be $1.00 to send a Postcard. Inflation is really getting out of hand. Propane is $4.00 Gal Rightt Now. What a Rip.


It's cold out, they gotta pretend to run out so they can get their money. Can't have the gasoline guys the only ones screwing America over.

Dr. Information

The push toward a dollar for a regular piece of lettered mail will come before we know it. Yup, just another example of a failed government run business.