Real estate transactions

Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jul 24, 2010




Wells Fargo Bank N.A. in care of Chase Home Finance to Jason and Cindy M. Michel or survivor, 821 E. Main St., $65,000.

Wells Fargo Bank N.A. as trustee to Louis Ralofsky, 400 E. Main St., $3,000.

Paula Jean Wagner et al to Paula Jean Wagner et al, 297 South West St., $24,500.

Paula Jean Wagner et al to Chad Welfle and Rachel Solander, 297 South West St., $30,000.


Frank Whitaker to Adam F. Whitaker with life estate of Frank Whitaker, 29 Tilton St.


Shawn H. Martin to Janice Y. and Marlene E. Smith or survivor, 4 Labeau St., $85,000.

William H. and Rita A. Schild, trustees to Rita A. Schild, trustee, 20 Hamilton St.

David A. and Etta G. Hamons or survivor to Etta G. Hamons, 18 Hamilton St.

New London

Norma aka Norma J. Cunningham to Patrick A. III and Jennifer L. Taft or survivor, 169 New London Ave., $135,000.

Edith L. Schmidt, trustee to Richard C., Jr. and Natalie M. Bowers or survivor, 120 Park Ave., $151,500. n North Fairfield

William D. and Lynne D. Ray or survivor to William D. and Lynne D. Ray, trustees, 13 E. Main St.


Charles Holland to Robert Charles and Charity G. Holland, co-trustees, 35 Fruen St.

Jodie L. Lynch to Glen D., Jr. and Kimberly D. Merritt or survivor, 260 E. Main St., $121,900.

DLJ Mortgage Capital, Inc. to Larry L. Ours, 11 Rule St., $84,900.

Aaron J. Boes to James D. Case, 54 N. West St., $63,600.

John M., Jr. and Nina R. Kovesdi or survivor to Christopher B. and Lisa R. Shirley, 12 Hampton Way, $146,000.

Judith L. Loughton to Susie J. Loudy, 14 Deer Track Trail, Unit D, $131,000.

Thomas C. and Lorraine E. Bleile to Leonard P. Blair, Bishop of the Toledo Diocese, Republic Street.

Russel A. and Robin L. Larson or survivor to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, 63 Woodlawn Ave., $55,000.

Traci J. Jackson to Amber M. Smith, 15 W. Chestnut St., $68,000.

Maple City Ice Company an Ohio Corporation to David M. and Wanda R. Conway or survivor, 11 Leander Way, $172,000.

Araceli Wisenbarger et al to Araceli Wisenbarger et al, 15 Ford Ave.


Larry Porter to Venus Porter, 16 W. Broadway St.


Marilyn R. Cooley to Sherry and John McAnallen or survivor, 12 Thome St., $82,212.


Vern W. Hurst to Vern W. Hurst, trustee, 324 Myrtle Ave.

Ruth E. Sukola to Yvonne R. Reed, 202 Crestwood Drive, $95,000.

Jeffery S. Ousley and Elish L. Rapson Ousley or survivor to Gregory A. and Dawn L. Ousley or survivor, West Avenue.

John Thomas and Pamela K. Danhoff or survivor to Rachel A. Stanfield, 529 S. Main St., $93,000.

Robert D., Sr. and Donna B. Poland or survivor to Rafael N. Martinez, 737 Euclid St., $72,100.


Greenfield Twp.

William Glatzer to Tim Williams, Lakewood Road, $2,200.

Hartland Twp.

Pauline E. Bedford with life estate of et al to Pauline E. Bedford with life estate of et al, 1700 Derussey Road, $93,000.

Lyme Twp.

Shane A. and Dana I. Sattler to James H. Shirley, Jr., 4077 Sand Hill Road, $108,000.

New London Twp.

Steven E. White to Steven E. and Rebecca B. White or survivor, 4720 New London Sectionline Road.

Norwich Twp.

Ann M. Schloemer et al to Stephen H. and Mary A. Schloemer or survivor, Niver Road, $29,700.

James M. Hahler, trustee to James M. Hahler, trustee, 6185 Greenfield Sectionline Road.

Peru Twp.

Kyle M. Appeman and Hollie J. Martin or survivor to Shawn H. Martin, 3761 Peru West Sectionline Road, $135,000.

Anthony J. and Antoinette G. Barman to Kyle M. and Hollie J. Appeman or survivor, 1573 Remelle Road, $215,000.

Ridgefield Twp.

Norbert O. and Geraldine A. Wilhelm, trustees to David G. Wilhelm, Williams Road, $80,000.

Sherman Twp.

L. Andrew Skinn to Joshua A. Miller and Shelly J. Canode or survivor, Pontiac Sectionline Road, $27,560.

Wakeman Twp.

James Curtis and Ann M. Todd or survivor to Justin Robert and Elizabeth Anne French, 6467 Ohio 303, $168,000.