Don't forget about us

Official says JobsOhio needs to focus more on rural districts.
Scott Seitz2
Feb 6, 2014


What can JobsOhio do for Ohio's 57th House district?

"That is the right question to ask," State Rep. Terry Boose (R-Norwalk Township) recently told the Reflector.

JobsOhio, the public-private economic development entity created by Gov. John Kasich, has a goal of retaining and expanding business in the Buckeye state. "The function of JobsOhio is to persuade companies to locate and remain in Ohio," he said.

Most of the time, the big cities, such as Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus, benefit more from JobsOhio than the rural areas, Boose said. "I'd like to see JobsOhio do more in our area," he added.

Boose is organizing a meeting this month to bring JobsOhio representatives to this district to meet with local economic development personnel.

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Not to worry....the farm bill passed.


Re: "Boose is organizing a meeting this month to bring JobsOhio representatives to this district to meet with local economic development personnel."

And you no doubt support Rep. Boose because he's trying to help the people right?


Why doesn't contaco give Boose flack. Just because he didn't campaign on jobs jobs jobs? Either way I'm voting for contaco


"Why doesn't contaco give Boose flack"

Because Boose has an R behind his name. That makes those Hundreds of thousands of Farm Bill payments (welfare) magically disappear.


Re: "Because Boose has an R behind his name."

As simplistic a stupid remark as: You're against him because he's a Repub.

Your puppet masters appreciate you continuing to view the world of political ideas in glorious monochrome Sport.


That's funny coming from a guy that is totally against the working man. He is ten times more of a joke than the major. Also was a supporter of SB5 and right to work. Time doesn't make people forget.


Rep Boose supporting SB5 and Right to Work is one reason he will get my vote again! :)


Well that right there shows you aren't to bright! :)


"too bright", not "to bright". :)


Talk about forgetting,I get a flier in the mail from a new candidate that is running for commissioner. He is not only going to be a Double Dipper. Before the 2008 Presidential he came out and said,"Now is the time you have to watch Those Lieing Cheating Republicans" He didn't have any trouble taking his pay check from them, for many years !I guarantee you,I won't forget him.