Lefty Grove community mourns second death in two weeks

One dies at age 64, the other at 56.
Aaron Krause
Jan 24, 2014


In a span of just about two weeks, the Lefty Grove youth baseball league has lost a pair of esteemed and involved individuals.

Bob Zinn, who performed maintenance duties for 35 years as equipment and field manager, died Jan. 9 at age 64.

Wanda Finch, Lefty Grove's administrative assistant, a former member of the board of directors and coach, died Friday evening at age 56.

"I'm almost speechless about it," Lefty Grove Commissioner Scott Ford said about the two deaths in the short time span. "It's hard to understand how these things happen, how you lose two really good people in that sort of space."

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Cliff Cannon

Never having met Bob, all I know is he, like me, loved baseball with all his heart. Thankfully, I can say I knew that spunky, warm hearted, beautiful baseball loving soul named Wanda.

So knowing what I know. I couldn't agree more with Commissioner Ford's description of these uncomprehend able losses for 'Lefty Grove' and the children of Norwalk : " I'm almost speechless about it "

Thanking the almighty for these souls who cared