About 25 new businesses have opened in Norwalk during the past two years

Here's the list.
Scott Seitz2
Jan 24, 2014


Mayor Rob Duncan said this week there's much good news to celebrate in the Norwalk business community.

The mayor noted about 25 businesses which opened in the past two years.

"These businesses are mostly in the service sector," Duncan said. "But, we've been fighting hard to get more manufacturing jobs here."

The mayor singled out two businesses on his list: Ace Hardware and Rural King.

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The following is a list of new businesses in Norwalk in the past two years: Little Caesars, B & N Automotive, Pink Pixie, Hohler Furnace & Sheet Metal, Edward Jones (Apple's Plaza), CDL Testing facilities, Dirtsandwich Music Company, 2nd Chance Auto, C&R Variety, Main Street Barber, When Pigs Fly, Anytime Fitness, Willoughby Supply, Rural King, Stine Dental, Yankee Biotic's, Alliance Solutions Group, Mary's Electrolysis, Marjie's Mutts, Attorney Heather Niedermeier, Ace Hardware, Vacationland Federal Credit Union, Havana Cigar Outlet, MicroCharged and Tammy's Hair Salon.


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swiss cheese kat

Service sector jobs. And combined total full time employees add up to?

Estrella Damm

I did not realize that Rural King was within the city limits. A few of these are replacement or relocation from adjacent townships.

Really are you ...

Maybe now in crunch time my plan doesn't sound so bad. I had talked with SCORE when I first conceived the idea. When SCORE was at they fairgrounds for the job fair the representative said don't give up on your dreams.

I have talked with SCORE, SBA Mansfield, SBA Rise/Glide Erie County, Huron County Chamber of Commerce, sent an email to NASA Plum Brook, NASA Glenn, Depertment of Energy, and the President Of the United States.

Maybe I should drop a bug in these agencies ears again. This time I am two components short of a working prototype instead of going to these agencies with just a vision.


Re: "I have talked with SCORE,"

Have often found SCORE to be very helpful. 'Course not all members are created equal.

What did they tell you?

Really are you ...

I have had a few meetings with them, a while back. An engineer who works with them said, "wow this is like rocket science." At my last meeting, they said, "they help people start or help people whose businesses are failing. Like starting a mechanics garage, or a flower shop. This is over our head, how about talking to..." SCORE had me draw up a business plan, a net profit/ loss spreadsheet, and a pros vs cons T chart. This part was all guidance, I still think my business plan is a little messed up, but everything else is golden.

Seems like everytime I had talked to a new agency, there was a follow up with an engineer. I had to watch what I said to them, just as I limit what I say on here in these blog sites.

I can bring a manufacturing business here. I can bring about change. But I will not sell out to a big corporation or a big company. As I am sure that they will keep business here in Norwalk. Right!


Re: "business plan,"

The 'brains' of the endeavor.

Few if any will lend you money (capital) for an enterprise without a solid business plan.


Re: "But I will not sell out to a big corporation or a big company. As I am sure that they will keep business here in Norwalk."

How do you know that Norwalk is necessarily a good fit?

Go for it. If it's 'right' and 'meant to be' it will fall into place.

You could always make a fortune and become a philanthropist or local angel investor for other entrepreneurs.

IMO, don't put too many obstacles in your path - focus on the 'prize.'

A lot of creative, inventive people are lousy business managers. It’s a whole different task/talent match.

Really are you ...

Having been born and raised in Norwalk, I believe in the good people of Norwalk. Despite all of the negative news in the Reflector and the Register about some people, it only a small portion of the local population. Norwalk has a strategic location between Toledo, Cleveland and Columbus. Norwalk also has access to major State Routes and the Turnpike to the north. There are multiple light manufacturing buildings to choose from. So to me, it makes sense to stay here. These are my people, this is where I come from.


Again: Focus on the 'prize.'

Until accomplished, all else is unnecessary and wasteful mental distraction.

Focus, focus, focus.


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Gotta wonder how directly instrumental Mayor Duncan and the NEDC were in securing those mostly service businesses?

Like the national 'hope & change,' Norwalk's version seems to take credit for the "good news," but little to no responsibility for the bad, i.e. lack of the promised large employers and 'jobs, jobs, jobs.'

Reads like he's feeling engulfed, while grasping at any and all flotsam and jetsam available.


Duncan would have little to do with new service businesses opening, and
his lip service of "jobs, jobs, jobs" was just.. well.. just campaign lip


Where's the manufacturing jobs???


The days of a high school graduate getting a manufacturing job and entering the middle class are history. Get over it.

Kottage Kat

What would it take satisfy you? Just curious.
Thank you in advance for your reply.

J Cooper

What would satisfy us, a mayor who promised jobs, jobs, jobs, not trying to take credit for low paying service jobs while losing higher paying manufacturing job, and failing to lure good paying new jobs. Admit it he made promises to get elected that he doesn't have a clue how to make them occur.

Kottage Kat

I was asking Contango
Thank you for answer.y


Re: "What (snip)"

Did he or did he not campaign on a platform of 'jobs, jobs, jobs'?

Do you believe or not believe in holding politicos accountable for their campaign promises?

“'These businesses are mostly in the service sector,' Duncan said. 'But, we’ve been fighting hard to get more manufacturing jobs here.'” - NR, 1/24/14

Reads more like a case of Mr. Duncan 'damning with faint praise.'

Also reads like CYA as opposed to actual planned & thought out results.

Believe that your emotional attachment to the man is clouding any rationality.

"Politics ain't beanbag." - Finley Peter Dunne

In all my yrs. in sales, the big scores were made by working the phone and banging on doors (ask, seek & knock); not sitting around waiting for the phone to ring.

Your thoughts?


Agree. I think we can all sit around waiting for the jobs to magically appear, but what has Duncan done to pursue them? What doors has he knocked on? With which company executives has he spoken? What is his marketing plan for the city? These are all basic questions that Duncan should have answers to 2 months into the job. Instead we are now two years into a reign of incompetence.


It's not just the mayor. The Huron County Development Council is also guilty of not attracting manufacturing and "shovel-ready" jobs to this area. http://www.hcdc.net/


All a bunch of bull... is this supposed to make the people who lost their jobs feel better... give me a break!


Really are you, I too talked with a SCORE rep. Didn't glean much from the conversation. Maybe you could/should talk to the mayor regarding your venture.


When I was in undergrad I was required to read "The New World Order" by Robert Reiche (not sure if the last name spelling is correct) Written in 1988 fairly good preview of today's situation ... Unfortunately Hurons Co proves the prediction correct ...


Interested in your thoughts. I've read a book or two of his also.

However while checking, no book by Robt. Reich shows up by that title.

See list:



Shame. Making a Joke out of the job situation in Norwalk. Come with something stronger than that Mr. Mayor.

swiss family

I don't think it does any good to blame anyone past, or present about the job situation in Norwalk.. I do however think it is time to annex all of the industrial park into the city limits, so when a company actually does come in, all of the tax money does not go to Edison schools.

I think we are certainly in a tough position, if we choose to blame anyone for this , we are losing sight of what is really important, and that is to get companies that will provide jobs, into our midst, So I would say, that although lately it has become politically correct to hold fast to party lines, if anyone has any ideas that would help our situation, now is the time to say something..tomorrow might be too late,

I do think that one place to start , is to communicate better with the local merchants that are here now.. I heard that at a recent city council meeting, ther were discussing and looking for answers to the Uptown parking situation.I think that is a good place to find out why they keep ticketing the same business owners and employees over and over.. what I then heard was that council were looking for ways to "humiliate, embarrass, and shame" them into not using the parking spaces they even discussed putting their names into the paper to shame them to the community. My question is, is this how out city council and perhaps city administration wants to treat the businesses that we currently have?? wouldn't having a more open communication with them be a better solution ??? and if this is the way and the feeling that is given off by council and possibly the administration, is it no wonder that we can not draw big employers here???

Then we seem to have a local guy who buys up old dilapidated buildings in town, and who then puts a lot of time and money into refurbishing them... good for him, but at the same time he feels he can then do anything he pleases, he is a bully and pushes other surrounding business close to him around, to the point where they start to question if it is worth the aggravation, and the torment that this guy puts them, through.. so ask yourself.. do you really want all of the old time, well established main street businesses to shut down and leave and create more empty buildings in the path of this bully who thinks he is above the law...I think the way to attract people to town, is to treat our merchants better, and when someone is being a bully, the city administration or the Uptown organization that is supposed to be there to promote downtown, and our merchants, make sure that everyone is happy and that their neighbors are not tormenting them...

hit the road jack

Who's the bully?

former local

You CAN blame someone present when he was elected on a "jobs" platform.


Duncan can't deliver the "jobs, jobs, jobs" and he knows it! He has shown
no leadership or any direction for the City of Norwalk. There seems to be smaller communties in the county that have better leadership.

J Cooper

Being inside the city limits does not change the school districts, parts of Gallup and US250 presently in the city limits are in the Edison School district. The property owners would have to agree to be annexed, and why would they?


The industrial park is in city limits.

The uptown business owners are the worst of the whiny owners. They can't solve their own parking situation so they want the police to do it for them, taxpayers be darned.