South Central bus driver cited in crash

Students were on way to school sporting event when crash happened.
Scott Seitz2
Jan 26, 2014


A South Central Local Schools bus driver was charged with failure to yield Tuesday after a minor traffic crash on the way to a school sporting event.

Tracy Shepherd, a 15-year employee of the school, was charged after the accident at Ohio 13 and 603 in Shenandoah, which is located in Richland County.

Shepherd was driving a bus filled with the junior high girls' basketball team which was on its way to Crestview for a game.

"It was a very minor accident," South Central Superintendent David Brand said.

"Obviously, the safety of everybody, both in and out of school, is the top priority," he added.

"There was very minor damage to the bus and no one was injured," Brand said.

Brand said the bus could have continued onward to Crestview, but per school policy, a second bus responded to the scene and transported the students to Crestview, after all students were checked to make sure they were OK by "proper authorities."

The students did not miss the game.

Brand had high praise for Shepherd.

"She's a great driver and one of our very safest drivers," he said. "She's been driving for us for quite a long time and has an outstanding history. She is, by far, one of our best employees and very good at what she does."

Shepherd also drives a normal bus route for the school.

"Her record is impeccable and she is a model employee," Brand said.




one of our safest drivers ? her record is impeccable ? thats funny, this is her second "major accident" this year ! i wonder if south central school board will do something about this or just sweep it under the rug and forget about it. maybe the reflector could interview Mr.Brand again and ask him about the first accident.

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I don't know what happened but it doesn't sound "major" and with the weather we've had lately failure to yield could mean she slid thru an intersection? I know I did the other day and almost hit a car, and I've never had an accident, lucky for me I don't drive a bus, but accidents happen, even to bus drivers. How about being thankful no one was hurt instead of stirring the pot...or is that what "letitbeknown" means? "I'm going to "letitbeknown" every little piece of gossipy crap I know and stir the pot as much as I can because I have nothing better to do?"


"accident" number one... she missed a bus stop, put the bus in reverse and backed over the front of a car that was behind her. "accident" number 2... she was headed south on 13 turned left onto 603 into the path of an on coming truck. was weather a factor ? no, conditions were fine, roads were clear for both accidents. were they both accidents ? yes im sure they were, but should this be reviewed and looked into ? yes they should be! and yes i do have something better to do, i have to worry if the kids that ride the bus are safe. how would you feel getting a call from your child saying we were just in a bus wreck on the way to our game ?

whats up hometown

Accidents happen its a part of life If you feel that way you should wrap your kids up in bubble wrap take everything sharp, pointy or heavy out of there rooms and lock them in that way you will never have to worry about accidents.

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If you are "sure" they were "accidents" then why are you using so many quotations? Sounds to me like the officer ticketed her. If you still have a problem take it up with the school board, not the message board. Sounds to me like it was handled and you just want to embarrass this woman further...small minded and petty.


"If you still have a problem take it up with the school board, not the message board. Sounds to me like it was handled and you just want to embarrass this woman further...small minded and petty."

Shouldn't you be saying this to the Reflector for running the story?

Stevie Renee

The other driver involved was taken away in an ambulance & the vehicle towed. Also one of the students did go to the hospital & is wearing a brace on her wrist.
This article is downplaying the accident & doesn't even mention anything about the other vehicle or why the bus driver was cited.

whats up hometown

I have two kids that ride her bus every day and would not want to change that she is good to our kids.Accidents happen every day south central should stand by her I know she has mine and my kids support. There are people that we should try and get away from our kids but Tracy is not one of them she would do anything for anyone of those kids anyone who knows her knows I am right. We have your back Tracy

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JakeMac25, the Reflector reported a story...did not go on a witch hunt. I think I made my point.

Stevie Renee

I don't know the bus driver but just because she's a wonderful person doesn't change or excuse the 2 driving accidents. Your bubble wrapping comment makes no sense. Indeed accidents happen but she has a seat belt the children don't! How can you honestly feel your child is safe on her bus, when she was at fault for both accidents. I'm sure parents wouldn't feel safe if a school security guard accidentally discharged their weapon around children ( I do believe those are comparable situations) We trust these drivers with are children, we need to trust in their ability to drive safe. I bet if your child was severely injured in a future crash she caused you'd be singing a different tune.

whats up hometown

My bubble wrap comment was just making the point you can't protect your kids from everything life is going to throw at them I get your point we all want to think our kids should be safe even when we cant be right beside them but I don't agree with the guard comment that accidentally fire a gun off... two completely different situations.One of her accidents was her backing up Don't buses clearly say stay 500 feet back when a car gets right up on a buses rear end they cannot be seen I don't feel that one was all her fault yes the other on may have been her fault but one time in 15 years it happens we should be happy no one was seriously hurt.And your right I'm sure If one of my kids got hurt I would be the first one flying off the handle but thats not how it happened every one is home and safe and thats all that matters


Well if some of the commenters think they are such awesome SAFE bus drivers....go ahead and try. I have seen how many people drive a MINIVAN, can't wait to see how ya'll drive a big yellow school bus.


Good one,Dye !


sorry, but I also think this accident needs to be looked at more thoroughly. I have followed bus drivers who think that because their vehicle is big and painted yellow that they don't have to use caution. They ignore the speed limit, change lanes without a signal and other things. If the lady missed her stop and backed into someone, then she was backing up on a roadway. This is illegal. And I have seen more than one bus pull into an intersection thinking they had more time than they do.