Norwalk mayor: 'This is fantastic for our community'

Council gives OK to job creation grant program.
Scott Seitz2
Jan 25, 2014


Norwalk city council adopted a job creation grant program at its most recent meetingt.

"This is fantastic for our community," Mayor Rob Duncan said after the meeting. "This allows us to have another tool in our toolbox that we can use to attract businesses in this area."

Duncan said this program gives the city an advantage.

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"Fantastic"? Reads a bit high on the hyperbole scale.

Read more like a case of wishful thinking as in:

If we legislate it, they will come.

J Cooper

"This allows us to have another tool in our toolbox that we can use to attract businesses in this area." Now if we only had someone with "mechanical ability" leading the city that understands how to use the tools.


Time to step to the plate boys. I`m from Kansas "Show Me"


Re: "Time (snip)"

A red herring.

'Born and bred' Norwalkians wanna know:

Where are those 'jobs, jobs, jobs' as campaign on by His Honor?


Re: "Red Herring"
A perfect perception of oneself. Just another comment from the cheap seats.
'Talk,talk talk.


Its Missouri. I'm from Missouri "show me". Contaco just likes to bit-ch. He's got it all figured out. Just one lil problem though. No balls. What a pity. Talks a mean game tho. He's a fruitcake sport.

Really are you ...



It's Missouri that has the motto of being the Show Meat state,not Kansas


Now if we could use this new tool, to retain the business we already have.


"The proposed legislation states the city may offer an eligible company an annual grant payment based on a percentage of the annual payroll withholding taxes generated from new employees to the city of Norwalk."

- NR, 1/24/14

Yet, the legislation specifically 'excludes' retail, which the Mayor recently so glowingly noted was the source for the majority of the new business creation.

Unless there's some manufacturer sitting at the city limits chompin' at the bit on this one, it reads like more of the same ol', same ol' 'feel good' 'hopium' legislation.


with all the drug problems we have here the only business would be body bags and caskets!


I think I will try to stay positive. "The world will always belong to the do'ers and not the doubters.

Cliff Cannon

@ 2sense: Amen


“'As I’ve always said, government doesn’t create jobs, businesses create jobs,' the mayor said. 'We will do everything we can to create that atmosphere for them.'”

- NR, 1/22/14

As a member of the 'supposed' party of smaller govt., the Mayor should also be schooled in the historical perspective that govt. is a lousy predictor in deciding business winners and losers.

Better a broad based tax abatement and/or grant programs that benefit ALL current and prospective businesses rather than a potential chosen few.


I support the idea and think the people commenting against it should have to serve them! FYI ...most of the chubby checkers using the rec could pass as homeless!


Agree 100% 2sense. Try. Ya you might lose but don't stop. It takes an effort.

JMOP's picture



I really do not understand some of the comments and the people who make them. You complain that he was praising about bringing retail jobs to the area and not manufacturing, then when they go and do something to bring manufacturing and not retail you don't want that either. If this plan brings even 1 manufacturing job to the area it is a success in my eyes. Blue Collar jobs are leaving because everyone wants to be white collar/skilled labor, but a state CANNOT survive on just one type alone, it needs a healthy mix of both to survive.

Retail is different, you generally do not need to provide much incentive for a retail establishment to come to an area because of demographics, if the need is there, it will come.

Manufacturing needs incentives to come to an area because of their very nature, they are not retail, they usually have very little to no local support for their bottom line/profit and the local demographics has nothing to do with it. They rely on companies outside of the area to purchase their products. The only incentive that is free to manufacturing and the local tax base is the employee cost, our area generally has lower rate of pay/benefit package for employees then say California or North Carolina.

yogi bear

Word is, this is to help the gun manufacturer that is supposedly coming to town.

J Cooper

Ruger, Ithaca and PTR all has already gone to the Carolinas, why would they come here when they can relocate to right to work states and pro Second Amendment states?


Did he or did he not campaign on a platform of 'jobs, jobs, jobs'?

Do you believe or not believe in holding politicos accountable for their campaign promises?

“'These businesses are mostly in the service sector,' Duncan said. 'But, we’ve been fighting hard to get more manufacturing jobs here.'” - NR, 1/24/14

Reads more like a case of Mr. Duncan 'damning with faint praise.'

Also reads like CYA as opposed to actual planned & thought out results.

"Politics ain't beanbag." - Finley Peter Dunne

In all my yrs. in sales, the big scores were made by working the phone and 'banging on doors' (ask, seek & knock); not sitting around waiting for the phone to ring.

The NEDC and the mayor need to show us their 'call lists.'

Who have they been talking to? What have been the results? Why didn't they close?

A little more transparency and much less 'feel good' politicking would be appreciated.