Bitter cold on the way

Four local schools closed
Scott Seitz2
Jan 20, 2014


Mother Nature continues to wallop the Firelands area with every weapon in her arsenal.

Just a couple weeks removed from a powerful polar vortex and only a few days after 8 inches of snow fell in a few hours, the deep freeze has returned.

This winter has dished out record-low temperatures, lots of snow, some rain and enough freezing and thawing to keep every road crew in the county busy patching pot holes.

Four local schools — Norwalk, St. Paul, Edison and Monroeville — are closed today.

Wednesday will feature a high of 14 and low of 11.

Thursday's high temperature will climb to 15 degrees and then plummet to minus-5 degrees.

The low Sunday is predicted to be minus-4, while Monday's low is set for minus-3.

Presently, there isn't a lot of snow forecast for the next week, but local residents know that can change in a minute as they witnessed Friday.

The polar vortex, which crept into the U.S. on Jan. 6, provided a record-low temperature of minus-13 in Norwalk, eclipsing the former mark of minus-10 set in 1924. The polar vortex brought with it as a bonus Arctic winds, causing wind chills to reach as cold as minus-40 on Jan. 6 and 7.

Norwalk's low was minus-12 on Jan. 7.

Meteorologists are talking "polar vortex" this week, but that doesn't make it any warmer. Some forecasters traditionally call this third week of January in northern Ohio "the coldest week of the year."

This latest cold snap is courtesy of an Alberta Clipper, dropping through the Dakotas and Ohio Valley.

Portions of the East Coast, especially in the mid-Atlantic area, could see anywhere from 6 to 12 inches of snow.


Brock Lee

how meny days to spring

Cliff Cannon

Brock : Your kidding right ? You really do love winter, don't you ?


It was 70 here in SC!!!! Bwaaaaaaahahahahahahahahaha

Brock Lee

got a room fogr rent lol

Brock Lee

no i like swet

Cliff Cannon

@ Brock lee : Believe it or not my friend. I just looked at the 10 day forecast--- which has some extremely cold days waiting for us.

So , I am starting to think like you. How many days till spring ? Because, this much cold, is starting to make me want to sweat too.

JMOP's picture

Is this for today's Monday 1/20 or next Mondays 1/27?


I think they mean Monday 1/27

Kottage Kat



Living in Chicago, I learned to seldom complain about the frigid weather.

'Cause in about six months, most would be b*tchin' about how hot it was. :)


I'm getting tired of this weather.
Friday evening it took me 1 1/2 hours to go 37 miles.
A lot of drivers I was behind were not driving cautiously, they were driving totally paranoid. 15 -25 mph then slowed to 10 -15mph when a car was coming the other way.
40 - 45 was the safe speed for the conditions.
If you are that scared stay off the roads or better still learn how to drive.

Fibber Mcgee

That is known as a Level AARP Snow Emergency. :)


Re: "Friday evening it took me 1 1/2 hours to go 37 miles."

I call it: Spending quality time with my radio.


Well gee, it must be winter in Ohio again. In a few months peeps will be b**chin' about the heat. The beat goes on.

Cliff Cannon

By far winter is my favorite season. Why ? Simple winter is Da'Man of the 4 seasons. As it takes no prisoners nor offers quarter to anyone not prepared for it's onslaught.

In short, it constantly tests you. Then once you pass the test it rewards you by showering beauty upon you in the form's of snow, ice & clear skies. All the while allowing you to taste air, that darn near beats Grandma's cooking for deliciousness.

Winter,does one other really cool thing. After making it's presence felt. It leaves one with life long memory's of great winter's Like '66 ( tons of snow) '77 ( very cold & snowy) the blizzard of '78 and obviously, this winter will soon take it's place on the mantle of our memories as well, won't it ? So we may as well enjoy it,while it lasts,true ?

P.S. I also admit to being a major hypocrite here as well. Being a former over the road truck driver, I find playing in this weather awesome. However,I would not want to be out driving around the country this winter and as such thank all the folks : police, mailmen, truck drivers, farmers, etc who earn their living, keeping our society going in this weather. You folks are the real heroes of this historic winter


Re: "I would not want to be out driving around the country this winter,"

As a kid, when they called off school, we used to go driving around the country. The worse the blizzard - the better.

Tell me that you NEVER did that. :)

Also, we used to sometimes walk or ride around town, helping people who's cars were stuck, etc.

However, in all frankness as an adult: I can 'take it,' but I certainly can 'leave it.'

Cliff Cannon

Without doubt, my childhood memories of winter are the same as yours. As my buddies & I could barely wait for the high excitement & fun of 'snow days'

One of our favorite things to do was 'bumper ski' where you would hang onto the bumper as someone drove. In fact, I was doing that with a buddy once, when he hit a dry patch, then went tumbling down the street at who knows what speed.( Which of course,we thought hilarious at the time)

Just last Friday as the whiteout blizzard was hitting us. My beautiful bride & I were out walking in it and I even asked her if she would drive me around, so that once again I could 'bumper ski' ( She politely refused)

I also have put quite a few miles on my truck doing 'donuts' this winter in parking lots. However, mostly, I've just got out walking in it, all the while always on the lookout for the deepest snow drifts I could find to get into. ( Found a couple after the very 'deep freeze' that went waist high )

Still, the way I used to tease my boss rings true:' Pay me double for driving in the winter, because that is where I earn my money. Then cut my pay for summer. Because, once again I will simply be a paid tourist looking at our beautiful country'

Again, I praise & thank those who have to work outside in this weather. And reiterate , I am thankful I get to play, not work in it