State of the city address set for Feb. 4

Mayor Rob Duncan to discuss Norwalk's current situation and outlook.
Scott Seitz2
Jan 26, 2014


A number of officials are scheduled to give detailed presentations to city council involving their respective departments during the next month.

First up is Joe Lindenberger, parks and recreation superintendent. He is scheduled to talk about his department at 7:30 p.m. Jan. 28.

Mayor Rob Duncan will give his state of the city address at the city council meeting Feb. 4.

Fire Chief John Soisson, along with representatives from North Central EMS, are on the council agenda for Feb. 11, while Police Chief Dave Light will give his presentation Feb. 18.

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@ NR:

As in the past, will you webcast the SOTC address?

Looking forward to potentially hearing what the definition of his use of the term “devastating” meant.

J Cooper

This should be story time fairy tales.


I just got to talk to Rob DUNCAN at a meeting for the first time. And this guy really does care about our city!All these companys leaving have been in the works for years because of our NAFTA!! Our boys in the white house changed in the 90s


Duncan can blame NAFTA but it was in place long before his campaign. His comments to you indicate his campaign promise of jobs was just puffery. Only 7 of all 363 metropolitan areas in the US will not experience growth this year. Our economy is growing but those who can only ask why it isn't like before rather than grasping what it is becoming, should not be entrusted with our future.

Really are you ...

The White House formed NAFTA in the 90's. Why can't the White House make changes to it now? To make the economy of the United States, in every community big and small, stronger now. Give me a break. They are attacking our Constitution, but are unwilling to change NAFTA.

Change it from Free Trade to Fair Trade. Tax imported goods at a higher rate to minimize outrageous profits, a redirection of wealth. Instead of profits going straight to the top, profits would be applied to the National debt. It would create a logistical nightmare, the top will bring jobs back. Who does the top have in their best interest? Money and third world countries or their roots here in the States?

Sorry this is more of a State Of The Union problem than a State Of The City problem.
Good luck to Mayor Duncan, hopefully his ambitions bring good news to the City of Norwalk. I still think my SPEG Device would save the City of Norwalk. How can there be change if we continue traveling down the same road expecting different results?


That's a simplistic plan that ignores the fact that the NA in NAFTRA is North America. What about developing countries like China and Brazil? High tariffs would increase prices on goods people are already struggling to afford and slow our retail economy. What about all the jobs lost when other countries retaliate and our $1.5 trillion dollars of export business declines? Tax reform, ending corporate welfare and incentivizing repatriating capital, would do more than trade wars and isolationism.

Really are you ...

North America Free Trade Agreement, just a quick skim, was between The United States, Mexico, and Canada. How fair is it? Mexico is taking our jobs and Canada is controlling the price of perscription medications. Why worry more about developing countries? Shouldn't we be concerned more about the People of The United States? We live here not there.

Something has to give before The United States Dollar collapses and the only thing we will be is a World's Police. Importing and exporting taxes should be on a level playing field, not like our inflation to weekly net pay ratio.

J Cooper

I can understand the mayor using NAFTA when the companies are leaving to go to Mexico or Canada, but we are losing jobs to other states, he was the one who ran on jobs, jobs, jobs,..


Maybe he was referring to more "jobs, jobs, jobs" for moving van companies?

Really are you ...

I am sorry, this is not the place, but this is the time. In tonight's State Of The Union address by the President Of The United States. Every time he mentions energy, carbon pollution, fossil fuels, or energy independence. Laugh, chuckle, or shake your fists at the television. I know I would be if I weren't working. Because right here in small town Norwalk, Ohio I can make that change. For years I have been trying to find a solution to this problem, when it really was not that big of an issue. The best way to avoid carbon emissions, and the possibility of nuclear contamination is by not combusting fossil fuels or using nuclear power plants. If you will, I have been wandering a path off the regular road traveled in electrical generation. Is there some kind of smoke signal that the City of Norwalk can set off to attract Obama's attention? I will bet that when the wind turbine and the solar panel were introduced, people were saying, how are you going to use the wind and sun to generate electricity. You can't do that. Yeah I have found a way to generate electricity that does not use those forms of generation either.

Sorry for ranting, starting to get tired of being the transparent guy with a solution.

Again, best of luck to Mayor Duncan in his State of the City address.