Accused rapist pleads to amended felony

Defendant released from electronically-monitored ankle monitor, can remain free until sentencing.
Cary Ashby
Jan 19, 2014


An accused rapist pleaded guilty Friday to an amended fourth-degree felony and was released from an electronically-monitored ankle monitor.

David Barnum, 38, of Willard, was convicted of aggravated assault. He told Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway he understands that since he has a prior felony conviction, he's eligible for a prison term of six to 18 months when he is sentenced March 5.

Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler said his office had a lengthy discussion with the victim, who is "satisfied with this agreement." Defense attorney John McMahon, after Friday's hearing, said he thinks the plea deal is a fair resolution.

The June 15 assault happened near the restaurant and lounge in the Holiday Lakes area in Willard. Barnum was an employee there, but now works at a different location with the same name.

After misreading "some signals" from the victim and drinking alcohol, Barnum assaulted the woman, Leffler said.

"She suffered some physical harm," Leffler said, referring to the Willard victim, who mostly sustained psychological harm, which could be cause for hospitalization.

The Huron County Sheriff's Office arrested Barnum soon after the assault. In mid-August, a Huron County grand jury indicted Barnum on rape, which was punishable by three to 11 years in prison, a $20,000 maximum fine and a lifetime address registration requirement.

A prosecutor had referred to the incident as "a fairly violent rape." Barnum's attorney said earlier his client planned to claim the incident was consensual if the case went to trial. The defendant's trial was scheduled to start next week.

Barnum, who earlier posted a $75,000 bond, was on the ankle monitor for several months. He is prohibited from having any contact or association with the victim and isn't allowed to be on the premises of the business where the assault happened.



Can't rape the willing !


Did you read the article? The victim was physically assaulted and had injuries. They are calling the incident "violent". This was not a misunderstanding. He got drunk and "misunderstood"? What kind of excuse is this? The only reason he is getting away with this is because the victim is so traumatized, she can't testify. I cannot a believe an employer would "transfer" this employee to another location. Would you want him working with your daughter or wife or mother? It makes me sick to my stomach.


I read it....I also know the "victim". This ain't her first rodeo....I'll leave it at that !


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swiss family

Please make it stop!!! I am so tired of seeing hard core criminals, especially the ones who already have felonies on their record, getting plea deals, and having the 3 stooges (Leffler, Conway, and whatever defense attorney is looking out for themselves and less work involvement) let these hardened criminals get such easy sentences. I believe that when a woman has trauma after a sexual encounter, it petty much says that it was rape, or at the very least, she enjoyed for awhile then wanted him to stop, but he forced himself onto her.I am insulted that they think that a plea deal in cases like this are acceptable, especially after talking it over with the victim... it is NOT. The victim is probably scared to inflict the Maximum sentence on him, because of retaliation from his fellow criminals, and family members, so of course she wants it to just go away... how about talking to other parents, especially parents where he now lives, and let them know the monster that will be released onto their community in 6 top 18 months,, ask them if they feel safe and comfortable with that information.. I can tell you already ,, they are not..Personally, I am sick seeing what Huron Co. deems as "Justice" and that these "officials" take our safety so lightly..I think we have had enough of Leffler, and Conway... they are helping to make the dangerous conditions that have infested our once safe community..

Ben Crazy

Then run for judge!


Ummm not just anybody can run for judge.You have to have a law degree.

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swiss cheese kat

Nowadays one can get a law degree online. How bout it swiss family? You spend much time online.

swiss family

hang on... I am just 8 credits away from a law degree.... and who uses the term..."nowadays"?????


And he is telling everyone in Willard he is "FREE" ! The county dropped the charges. Who is telling the truth ? I guess we will have to see !