Doughty proposes state-wide open enrollment at Norwalk

Norwalk schools gains $5,800 per student.
Cary Ashby
Jan 26, 2014


"One way to increase revenue is open enrollment."

That was one of the messages Norwalk City Schools Superintendent Dennis Doughty recently gave the school board -- amid talk of inevitable cuts if a proposed emergency operating levy fails in May.

Norwalk schools gains $5,800 per student who comes into the district for open enrollment. If a student leaves, the school system loses that same amount.

Currently, Norwalk accepts open-enrollment students from "continuous" or adjoining school districts: Edison, Monroeville, South Central and Western Reserve.

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swiss family

Thank you... It seems as though you are finally understanding what the people want... thanks for not threatening to cut busing routes and impliment a pay for play system... I m applaud you for finally thinking outside of the proverbial "box".. please continue along these lines... thank you...


You should really educate yourself so you don't look so silly when you post. Norwalk has had a pay for play system for several years.


I wouldn't say norwalk has ever had a true "pay to play" system. We pay sports fees. Our programs are not completely funded by student fees. A few short years ago students paid $40 to play, then it increased to $80, now it's up to $150. It's a lot, but a true pay to play is several hundred dollars. I have no doubt it will increase again.


How far away will people send their children to The Norwalk School System and why? Just asking !


What is so special about the Norwalk School System? Unless they're going to provide free transporation, I highly doubt parents are going to drive their children any great distance just so they can attend the Norwalk Schools.

Ralph Wiggum

For academics I agree with you but sports are a different thing. A few years ago I had neighbors that told me they drove over 70 miles round trip a day so their son could play football at a "powerhouse" school when they lived in southern Ohio. They had a daughter that went to the neighboring district for volleyball and the youngest child was in their home district. People can be nuts.


What a joke, parents are not going to drive to send their student's to Norwalk City Schools. Hahahaha Just another tactic to make it look like they are in such dire need of more tax payer money. Eliminate a few of the high paying jobs.