Deputy: Uncle looks for money to buy heroin, leaves 4 small children home alone

Four children left in local man's care are under the age of 6.
Cary Ashby
Jan 17, 2014


A Huron County sheriff's deputy discovered four children under the age of 6 at home by themselves Wednesday while the uncle reportedly was tracking down money to buy heroin.

Deputy Shannon Lyons went to a home in the 1100 block of Peru Olena Road to serve a civil paper about 12:30 p.m.

"A 6-year-old (boy) answered the door," Chief Deputy Ted Patrick said. "(He said) 'My uncle is watching us, but he is not here right now."

The boy also said his uncle had gone to a grandmother's house. It's unknown whose grandmother it is.

After Lyons heard noises inside the house, the boy who answered the door said three other children were: Two 1-year-olds and a 3-year-old.

The deputy stayed at the home while the sheriff's office notified Huron County Children Services and the children's mother.

"About 20 minutes later, the uncle arrived back at home. Deputy Lyons questioned him. He gave a couple different stories (about why he was gone)," Patrick said.

"He was out trying to borrow money to buy heroin," the sheriff's spokesman added.

The sheriff's office forwarded a report to the Norwalk Law Director's Office for the consideration of filing child endangering and possession of drug paraphernalia charges against the 24-year-old uncle.

"The children's mother was reached at work," Patrick said. "The children were released to the mother."

Patrick said he didn't know about any earlier drug-related investigations about the Norwalk man, but he said deputies found suspected drug paraphernalia inside his vehicle Wednesday.

"There was one spoon with suspected heroin on it. The bottom of the pop can ... had suspected heroin on it," he said.



Grooming the next generation of losers ! Hopefully these kids go to someone that can care for them and give them a chance at a future.


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How many Lyons are in law enforcement? Are they all related?


It must be a typo.....he isn't a man. A real man wouldn't do this.


Does this skuncle have a name? Why would it not be published? He's 24.

Seen it All

Not published because he has not been charged yet.


Irrelevant, the publish plenty of names of people who have not been charged.


Agreed. They publish names all the time. I can only guess it is to protect the mother and children? Not that they do that all that often either.

so sick of stup...

why would the mother leave the kids with a junkie?????? county has daycare providers they pay for if ya cant afford a sitter...


Leaving these children alone, was very dangerous. So glad that the Sheriff happened to stop at that home for other reasons. I feel bad for the mother, she was at work, (thats good news), and probably didnt realize this Uncle would do such a stupid, and dangerous thing. Im sure Children's Service will be keeping contact with this family,


Hopefully mom was asked why she would leave children with someone like this.


Very sad!
Praying for these babies.


Un.......Be.........Lievable!!!! What is going on around here???? Where is the accountability? Responsibility? Don't give this idiot a second chance, stop giving everyone second chances for crimes like this CONWAY!


Give the mother a break. She was WORKING. The children were released to the mother. Maybe she didn't know this person was on drugs. I am sure that most of us would be surprised by some of the people that we know whom we would never suspect as being a user.


Sounds like congress debating an issue !


this sounds like a young, probably single mother with 4 kids,reproduction habits of a feral cat


So if she only had two kids it would've made it okay? You're an idiot.

so sick of stup...

your right at least she is working..just hope she gets a better sitter next...he need to pay dearly...this could have turned out alot worse than it did...thank god kids are ok...


Why isn't the purp named?


methodman,naw I'm not an idiot and i didn't say it would be ok with any number of kids.


Poor mom, she must be beside herself with guilt, don't let your babies be cared for by junkies, drunks, men you don't know well. A fire or gas leak , or choking on a toy or food , getting accidentally locked out of the house, predators watching the house, all possible horrible outcomes for the kids .


wth!!!!!! that man should of been arrested right then and there are you kidding me this is worse then all the people indicted on drug possession.Any Crime involving children should be punished to the fullest. I don't understand how anyone could leave babies alone and not be arrested on the spot. WOW!!!!


Did the mother not know the kind of man her brother was? Should she be brought into this?

Brock Lee

their be a new uncel by next week


There will be a new uncle by next week.<----- See how easy not typing like a window licker is?


Hmmm, I didn't think of that. Is he really the mother's brother or just a live-in boyfriend that the kids call "uncle"?