Huron County won't fill county mechanic position

Instead, county commissioners to create fleet manager job.
Scott Seitz2
Feb 14, 2014


The Huron County commissioners have scrapped the position of county mechanic.

In December, the commissioners fired former mechanic Lon Burton after a number of violations of the county's personnel policy manual.

"We are not hiring a new county mechanic, but we are hiring a fleet manager," Commissioner Tom Dunlap said recently.

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yogi bear

So what does a fleet manager do? Keep track of the cars and send them out for service? I wonder what friend the commissioners have in mind for the job?


Fired the mechanic after some violations of the county personnel policy manual? Did he set the policy too? Did they need a mechanic? Was he competent and productive? Who did he report too? Was his supervisor reprimanded in any way? Seems to me that his job is to keep the vehicles on the road. No real deep administrative tasks usually involved. Sounds like there's more to this story than what is being reported.


The "Three Stooges" will probably put their crony Essex or their buddy Silcox in that newly-created, cushy position. Wait for it . . . .

yogi bear

It will probably be Silcox


They both would be perfect for the job.
Neither of them have ever got anything productive done.


There was a help wanted ad in the reflector for a county mechanic. Did someone get promoted to the new position?


I think the department heads should be able to keep track of there own vehicles. Give them a budget and make them keep within it. This isn't that hard to do. They all knew when to take it to Lon right? I personally think its a bad idea not to replace him.


And Lon is such a good mechanic. Too bad he just was'nt a member of the "Good ol Boys Club".

former local

First of all, we have no idea what the violations were. Second of all, reprimanding the supervisor has nothing to do with it. Thirdly, will this new position pay more then the old one. It's public information.


Lon, quit using that orange spray tan ! Spray some on Howie !