Huron County grand jury indicts 18

Charges range from heroin offenses to unlawful sexual conduct with a minor.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jan 13, 2014


A Huron County grand has handed indictments to 18 suspects. The grand jurors met Friday and the results were made available this morning.

Those defendants who were indicted include:

Ashley A. Amos on possession of heroin.

Kane M. Ortman on two counts of abuse of harmful intoxicants.

Kreg K. Brady on possession of heroin.

Jonathon Stover on one count each of possession of heroin and possession of criminal tools.

Brad A. Todd on three counts of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor.

Jeffrey Lee Patton on tampering with evidence.

Timothy A. Brant on breaking and entering.

Donald R. Patton on breaking and entering.

Jason J. Taylor on one count each of trafficking in heroin and trafficking in fentanyl.

Daniel M. Legg on possession of heroin, tampering with evidence.

Jared M. Hale on possession of heroin.

Raymond Caudill, Jr. on possession of heroin.

Nicko Del Leon Ramore on one count each of trafficking in marijuana and possession of criminal tools.

Jason R. Grosswiler on possession of hydrocodone.

Emily Ann Hoffman on possession of amphetamine with a vehicle specification.

Kimberly D. Slone of theft of checks, forgery.

Robert B. Catania on felonious assault.

Randy C. Johnson on driving under the influence of alcohol.

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Let's take a vote. How many will snitch there way out of there charges?


If law abiding citizens get lucky, they will all snitch on the others, and repent.


Gee- why can't I get indicted once in awhile- everybody else seems to be having all the fun...


Turn yourself in. You will love the publicity and we will get you off the streets.

Whiskey Tango F...

11 out of 18 for drugs... Three (breaking and entering, and tampering) are probably related. Is it time yet Judge? If I were a cop I would not even bother with arresting anyone. Just give them a stern warning and send them on their way. That's all the court does anyway. We also need to make the accommodations at the Huron County Hilton. Heroin County continues to let the drugs run the system.


I agree 100% Whiskey. Why keep arresting them when the judge keeps letting them go with a stern slap on the wrist?! Especially thses repeat offenders. If I was a cop I'd be pi$$ed!


Keep in mind that if we throw all these people in jail that people always want to put in jail, our taxes will have to go up to support them (and their medical expenses) while in jail, and we'll have to add onto the jails. There has to be a middle ground between letting them go and paying higher taxes.

Whiskey Tango F...

Let me run the jail... They will not be trying to go back. Nether will their friends. No one will want to go to jail. It is very simple and I'm sure there will be some casualties. No lawsuits, no healthcare, no rights... Once CONVICTED you now forfeit those rights until your crime is repaid to society. No money for fines? No problem! Re-hab? We will gladly dry you out. All at a huge savings to the current system. We can't make them follow the law, but we can sure make them wish they had.


And yet again,I will explain-IT'S NOT CONWAY'S FAULT! Gov. Kasich decided to overhaul our criminal justice system and put in certain guidelines for sentencing-if you do not have a prior felony, you cannot be sentenced to prison-you have to be offered alternatives.


Governor Kasich has nothing whatsoever to do with the Justice System.


Well a mr Kyle Reed was just picked up, lets see what he gets for stealing from people to feed his drug habit. Or will mommy and daddy try to get him out of this one like all the others. Why should honest hard working people continue to be robbed by this worthless druggie? GEE could it be because they continue to let him off? Worthless justice system we have!

Call Me Crazy

Kreg Brady has more than 9 lives I tell ya. I hope he can get some serious help.....Get it together people.

Whiskey Tango F...

I think they should make a board and sell chances on who gets out and when. Everyone loves to gamble!


It saddens me that Judge Conway is so worthless and he's an elected official with pretty much no "boss". Can someone please run against him?